Top 100 Poems About: GIRL

In this page, poems on / about “girl” are listed.
  • 1.
    Dark Dark Girl

    Dark girl so filled with strife
    Dark Dark girl she'll take your life
    Dark girl stay for a while
    Dark Dark girl she makes me smile read more »

    kyle potter
  • 2.
    This Girl

    This Girl In The Dark
    Has a beautiful face without a name
    And a beautiful smile to hide the pain
    This Girl In the Dark read more »

    Julie Bond
  • 3.
    A Girl Like You

    How did I get a girl like you?
    A girl that's smart, pretty, and true.
    A girl that I can hold tight.
    A girl that is ''just right''. read more »

    Claude Davis III
  • 4.

    Baby Girl, Glamour Girl, Strawberry Girl struts
    Candy Girl, Sexy Girl, Bossy Girl fuss
    Gansta Girl, Dream Girl, Independent Girl shops
    Virtuous Girl, Glitter Girl, Hot Girl pops read more »

    Brie Carter
  • 5.
    I wanna a girl..!

    I wanna a girl,
    A girl with Brave Heart,
    A girl with an Winning Smile,
    A girl who will make me laugh, read more »

    (c) Vish.. Vishnu Gupta
  • 6.
    Normal Girl

    Shy Girl Wont show her face,
    Sexy girl dressed in lace,
    sad girl she'll blow her sorrow
    Atractive Girl, The guys will follow read more »

    Ruby Coll
  • 7.
    Gone girl

    Detention girl,
    Suspension girl,
    Lives off a pention girl. read more »

    Kaycee Anne
  • 8.
    beautiful girl

    beautiful girl, beautiful girl
    you are so powerful
    beautiful girl, beautiful girl
    i should have drawn a line read more »

    Rigzin Namgyal
  • 9.
    I am

    I am the girl who u call when everything goes wrong
    I am the girl who u come to for advice
    I am the girl who u tell everything to
    I am the girl who’s heart is breaking read more »

    lindsey kidd
  • 10.
    A Girl Like Me

    A girl like me will make your world better
    A girl like me will make you happy
    A girl like me will make you smile everyday. read more »

    Kimberly Santistevan
  • 11.
    The Girl Inside

    the girl inside has a fear,
    of what the girl inside holds so dear,
    far from reality, but always in dream,
    the girl inside is screaming althought it may not seem, read more »

    Michelle Guza
  • 12.

    Baby Girl, Glamour Girl, Strawberry Girl struts
    Candy Girl, Sexy Girl, Bossy Girl fuss
    Gansta Girl, Dream Girl, Independent Girl shops
    Virtuous Girl, Glitter Girl, Hot Girl pops read more »

    jennifer carranza
  • 13.
    The girl in the mirror

    She's the girl in the mirror
    The girl in the glass
    She is just trying to last
    She's the girl in the mirror read more »

    Lillie Ellis
  • 14.
    Romance Never Dies

    a boy and girl walking home from school one day.
    girl-so what are we doing tonight
    boy-i dont know want to watch a movie
    girl-sure what are we going to watch? read more »

    Lynn samantha
  • 15.
    All Different Girls

    All Different Girls
    By: Sabrina Smith

    Pretty girl, who is to blame read more »

    Sabrina Smith
  • 16.
    i am no longer

    i am no longer the girl who sits alone
    i am no longer the girl without a friend
    i am no longer the girl with the knife
    i am no longer the girl who looks at sorrow read more »

    megan watts
  • 17.
    all the pretty girls

    all the pretty girls
    their matching bags
    & expensive footwear read more »

    chelle santos
  • 18.
    Who Will Cry For The Little Girl?

    Who will cry for the little girl
    the little girl that sleeps
    Who will cry for the little girl
    the little girl that weeps read more »

    Shaneka Taylor
  • 19.
    Go Girl

    Go girl you're in the business world now;
    you have a career, children, and a husband. You've come a long way girl—from woman suffrage.
    You can be head of house girl—and
    your man may be house-husband if you choose. Go Girl, Go Girl, Go Girl . . . You may be head of state hold any job of read more »

    Fay Poole
  • 20.
    I Am The Girl

    I am the girl who is always in the way
    Who no one wants to listen to what i have to say
    The girl who sits alone
    Without one friend to call my own read more »

    Laura Hollan
  • 21.
    Without You (I Need U)

    Without you girl the sun does not
    Without you girl my heart will surely
    Die. read more »

    ManYo Da BayB Prince
  • 22.
    Your Perfect Little Girl...

    Your perfect little girl dropped a grade on her report card.
    Your perfect little girl yelled at you last night.
    Your perfect little girl painted her nails black.
    Your perfect little girl lied to you all her life. read more »

    Gabriela Valoy
  • 23.
    Loser Girl

    Sat alone in a corner,
    Not quite being anyone,
    Watching from the shadows,
    Hidden from the sun, read more »

    Amber Millar
  • 24.
    Im just a girl

    I am just a girl
    I don’t have to be perfect
    I am working on being myself
    And I’m not going to change for you read more »

    Alexandra Puddle
  • 25.
    In the Dark

    This girl in the dark
    Has a beautiful smile too hide the pain
    This girl in the dark
    Has cuts up her arm read more »

    Fangs Amie
  • 26.
    I have a girl

    I have a girl
    I have a girl, a good one
    a girl who looks after me read more »

    Matthew Holloway
  • 27.

    Baby Girl, Glamour Girl, Strawberry Girl struts
    Candy Girl, Sexy Girl, Bossy Girl fuss
    Gansta Girl, Dream Girl, Independent Girl shops
    Virtuous Girl, Glitter Girl, Hot Girl pops read more »

    Top Notch Glamorous Thick Chick
  • 28.
    The Girl Who Is Me

    A simple word
    Yet at the same time
    Complicated read more »

    Tuna Fish
  • 29.
    I wish for this girl

    I wish for a girl that her smile makes everything okay

    I wish for a girl that laughs at the funny things i say read more »

    ashley roberts
  • 30.
    A girl like me

    a girl like me
    loves me for who i am
    a girl like me
    loves people for who they are read more »

    Kayla LeBlanc
  • 31.

    Im that kinda girl
    that has big dreams
    Im that kinda girl
    that have friends that believe in me read more »

    Passion Davis
  • 32.
    Who am I?

    Sad girl, who cries at night

    Desperate girl, who sees no light read more »

    Kachan Esposito
  • 33.
    I Know A Girl

    I know a girl who,
    knows your favorite song
    likes your favorite chocolates
    and cries all night long read more »

    Emm Hall
  • 34.
    The girl and the guy

    Guy meets girl
    girl likes guy
    guy loves girl
    girl hates guy read more »

    Robbie Pham
  • 35.
    Waiting... For My Dream Girl

    Who is my Dream Girl?
    Who is my Dream Girl?

    Who is made just for me, read more »

    Akash Agrawal
  • 36.
    The Girl I will be

    I know im not the girl you think i am
    and i know im not the girl you say i am
    But I am that girl who will be your mystery
    the one mystery you will never figure out read more »

    Peyton Boyer
  • 37.
    Let Me Love You - Ne-Yo

    Much as you blame yourself, you can't be blamed for the way that you feel
    Had no example of a love that was even remotely real
    How can you understand something that you never had?
    Ooh, baby, if you let me, I can help you out with all of that read more »

    Mizah Hosea
  • 38.
    A girl...

    A girl.
    I met this girl with a beautiful personality, but had a lot to hide.
    A girl with compassion.
    A girl with sorrow hidden deep into her heart, that only a key can open it. read more »

    Shannon Monroe
  • 39.
    Lonely Girl

    lonely girl why do you cry?
    lonely girl why do you sit when you can fly?
    lonely girl all I ask is that you try read more »

    Carla Kitts
  • 40.
    Who Will Love The Little Girl In Me

    who will LOVE that little girl with the smile
    and heart of gold
    who has put the past
    behind her and whose secret remains read more »

    Nahjee' Wes
  • 41.
    I’ll Always Be Daddy’s Little Girl

    I’ll always be daddy’s little girl
    I’ll always be daddy’s little girl even when I have boyfriend read more »

    Lexus McCleery
  • 42.
    The girl who used to

    The girl who used to look
    in every mirror, window, glass...
    to find a reflection of herself
    to see if she still looked good read more »

    Jessica Hastings
  • 43.
    Smart Girls

    boys don't like
    smart girls

    they like read more »

    Casey Renee Kiser
  • 44.

    Once there was a girl
    Once she fell in love

    Once she got hurt read more »

    Alexa Allender
  • 45.
    Girl Education

    Education should be given to all girls,
    whether she urban or rural.
    Girls are not less than boys,
    Education will take them up away. read more »

    AYUSH golu
  • 46.
    Pretty Girl

    Pretty girl, in her beautiful dreams
    Hatred girl, her world full of screams
    Lonely girl, wanting to fit in
    Fake girl, with a plastic grin read more »

    Grace Angelia
  • 47.
    she is

    shes the girl hiding her depresstion
    shes the girl hidding in the dark
    shes the girl with the blood running down her wrist
    shes the girl waning to be dead read more »

    miranda sarlund
  • 48.
    Christmas Eve

    One christmas eve night
    a girl was sitting on the street
    see this girl was homeless
    at the young age of sixteen read more »

    Charity Buckley
  • 49.
    Was Once A Girl

    There was once a girl
    A girl with the sweetest of smiles
    A girl with a crown of pitch black ringlets
    She woke everyday only to be torn down read more »

    Tanya Sanes
  • 50.
    Young Girl

    Young girl Abused and broken
    Young girl Alone and Frightened
    Young girl Worthless and Ugly
    Young girl feels so alone read more »

    Jasmine Kayleen
  • 51.
    A Lucky Man

    A genuine girl
    One who is smart
    A sincere girl
    She's true from the start read more »

    Jose Chavez
  • 52.
    I, m the girl

    The names Rebecca but there call me Becky
    I'm the girl running out of places to put my books
    I'm the girl who can't spell to save my life
    I'm the girl sitting in the middle of nowhere eating a double Decker read more »

    Rebecca lucy Smith
  • 53.
    i am who i am


    Im the type of girl that can make you smile
    Im the type of girl that can make you laugh read more »

    ana cristina perez
  • 54.
    Dark Little Goth Girl

    Dark Little Goth Girl
    What have you become?
    You used to be so strong
    But now you get pushed around read more »

    Shaughnessy Turner
  • 55.

    I'm a girl

    Nobody understand me read more »

    Jasmine B...xStarXme07x
  • 56.
    When She Was Lost

    On the most sunniest day of the year,
    On the most brightest day of the month,
    On the most hottest day of the week,
    A little girl was in the middle of the park. read more »

    Andrea Szyhowski
  • 57.
    That girl

    That girl that sits alone
    That girl that everyone stares at
    That girl that nobudy likes
    That girl is me read more »

    Alejandra Isabel Ocampo Alvarez
  • 58.
    smoke and choke

    riverside dope
    greens read more »

    cory howells
  • 59.
    A girl

    A girl that always laughed
    A girl as happy as the sun
    cried read more »

    hiyam alshiblawi
  • 60.

    Pole state

    Secret of paradises read more »

    Moh. Ghufron Cholid
  • 61.
    You are

    read more »

    That nice guy who wants love
  • 62.
    Dont Cry, Dont Cry

    dont cry
    dont cry read more »

    Ashley Turney
  • 63.
    Elegantly Drowning

    She stands so eleganty,
    she stands so pretty,
    pretty girl is suffering,
    pretty girl is drowning, read more »

    Amanda Swindahl
  • 64.

    I'm not special.
    I dont plan to be important or remembered.
    I'm the girl who looks at the world wondering where I fit.
    I'm the girl who makes myself sad to see you happy. read more »

    bridgette Overdose
  • 65.
    Me in the Dark! ! ! ! ! ! !

    This Girl In The Dark
    Has a beautiful face without a name
    And a beautiful smile to hide the pain
    This Girl In the Dark read more »

    Veronica Hall
  • 66.
    Little Girl

    Written by: Amanda Swindahl

    Little girl with dark hair, and freckles. read more »

    Amanda Swindahl
  • 67.
    That's My Girl

    She scored a home-run

    That's my girl read more »

    Mike Gould
  • 68.
    my girl

    my girl is cute
    my girl is sexy
    my girl is crazzy
    my girl is hot read more »

    jencelyn marin
  • 69.
    helpful eyes

    You are my russian girl,
    don't need blond hair accent,
    you are my italian girl
    full of round tomato kisses, read more »

    John Rolland
  • 70.
    The Other Girl

    The Other Girl says all men are dogs
    LaCicely has begged to differ

    The Other Girl has a man at home read more »

    LaCicely Nicole
  • 71.
    Daddy Died Mommy Cried The Little Girl Laughed

    Daddy is dead
    Mommy shakes her head
    They say Mommy poisoned him
    And all the little girl can do is laugh read more »

    Ark Angel Of Shadows
  • 72.
    the bullet

    im the girl who you look at and say she a freak
    im the girl who wear black
    im the girl who hanging from a rope that no one helps
    im the girl who with a rose read more »

    jessica schreurs
  • 73.
    Girl is future generation and nation

    Girl is a power,
    Girl is a future,
    Girl is a generation,
    Girl is a nation. read more »

    Mahi chaurasia
  • 74.
    Pretty Girl

    Pretty girl, oh pretty girl
    You think you've seen the world
    Prancing around, and dancing around
    With your bright long curls read more »

    Brittany Miles
  • 75.

    Who’s that girl in the mirror?
    The one trying to look pretty,
    The one that's trying to hide the guilt and pain,
    Who’s that girl in the mirror? read more »

    Tiff Murphy
  • 76.
    The Bright, Sparkling Girl in the Yellow Checkered Dress

    I see a bright, sparkling girl in a yellow checkered dress
    I see a bright sunny girl in a yellow checkered dress
    I see a smiling sparkling girl cutting banana leaves for tamales who is full of life
    I see a sparkling pretty girl who asks to borrow my pocket knife read more »

    David Quarles
  • 77.
    funny poem about girls

    Girls dont need boys
    we have our own toys
    boys heart hearts
    girls flirt a read more »

    kirsty coleman
  • 78.
    A Girl With

    A girl with two eyes,
    having attitude in them like liner
    A girl with two ears,
    ever ready to hear others feArs read more »

    Gaurav Lodha
  • 79.
    The Kind of Girl I Am

    I’m not the girl who’ll put out
    I’m not the girl who’ll give in
    I’m not the life-sized barbie doll, who’ll just let you have her & transform her as you wish
    I’m not typical or “normal” read more »

    Alyssa Lynn
  • 80.
    Loving Is Dying

    Days passed, the Sun is gone away forever,
    The Rain of Sorrow is left in me.

    Girl, I still remember the day read more »

    Akshay Bbb
  • 81.
    Marie (unattainable love)

    When I wake up in the morning my first thought is of Marie,
    She’s the girl I think of all the time, she’s the girl I want for me.
    Her smile is so inviting, her eyes of full of glee,
    She’s the girl I think of all the time, she’s the girl I want for me. read more »

    Stuart Rae
  • 82.
    Poor Little Girl

    Poor little girl
    Poor little girl
    She's crying on the floor
    What is she doing it for? read more »

    Samantha Bones
  • 83.
    My Girl

    Oh, this girl whom I have,
    The girl who fills my heart,
    The girl who keeps me smiling,
    The girl who picks me up when I am down, read more »

    Momo Momo
  • 84.
    The Girl With A Tattoo

    The girl with a tattoo
    Was cool and witty
    She was fun, she was hot
    She was so pretty read more »

    Unnati Xs...
  • 85.
    i am

    i`m the girl that stands tall
    im the girl that never had it all
    im the girl no one sees
    im the girl others want to be read more »

    Ashlie Bouie
  • 86.
    That Girl

    That Girl I can't get her outta my head
    That Girl I think about her when I go to bed

    That Girl she is driving me so insane read more »

    Chase Dryden
  • 87.
    the perfect girl for me :)

    the girl i want in my life is...
    a girl that would love me...
    a girl that would never leave me...
    a girl that is sweet... read more »

    Tim (Timmy) Woodard
  • 88.
    There Was A Girl

    older than me
    but young in life

    there was a girl
    with clear skin read more »

    Francesca Rose
  • 89.

    Just cause i`m a girl dosn`t mean I can`t fight
    I don`t need a boy to protect me I can protect myself
    because a girl can be strong a girl can take on a fight
    don`t worry about me hurting my pretty face cause I don`t care read more »

    Anime Teen 4ever
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