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Top 100 Poems About: GOD

In this page, poems on / about “god” are listed.
  • 1.
    God It Hurts

    I said 'God it hurts'
    And God said 'I Know'
    I said 'God I cry alot'
    And God said 'That's why I gave you tears' read more »

    Amy Louise Kerswell
  • 2.
    God Bless the Freaks

    God bless the freaks
    And the deranged,
    The ones who are
    Violent and strange, read more »

    Alexander Shaumyan
  • 3.

    I love god
    and his HUGE rod
    he is so hot
    and i sold him pot read more »

    Paris Hilton
  • 4.
    ♥ ♥ ..GodS MADE..♥ ♥

    GoD crEAtEd HeAveN,

    GoD CrEAted EarTH, read more »

    jade MOnteScLArOS
  • 5.
    My God's Better Than Your God...

    My god’s better than your god,
    My special book tells me so,
    It tells me how to think, who to love,
    And how my life should go. read more »

    Tina Louise
  • 6.
    *God Why? *

    God why do people die?
    God why did you make pain?
    God why weren’t you there the day my grandfather died?
    God why are there earthquakes? read more »

    Broken Hearts
  • 7.
    Can God? Will God? Has God?

    Can God? God can!
    Can God? God can!
    Can God? God can!
    Do the impossible. read more »

    Elizabeth Skerencak
  • 8.
    God Wears Black

    God was on T.V. today
    Never a special moment
    for he’s the news everyday
    Kabila was shot but God lived read more »

    Wicked Mike
  • 9.

    S-USTAINING-GOD read more »

    marsha surles
  • 10.


    leticia sanchez
  • 11.
    My God Is

    My God is as the gentle spring rain
    My God presents itself again and again. read more »

    AHO Speaks
  • 12.
    Change Me O God

    Change my heart O God
    Make me a righteous person like You
    Change my mind O God
    Let me think wise in everything I do read more »

    Jennie Nguyen
  • 13.
    My God and Your God

    Maybe you're curious
    If I have no religions
    So who is my Lord?
    Because in your mind one can only be good and have morality read more »

    Nur Meiyati
  • 14.

    God, God, God!
    From the depth of slumber,
    As I ascend the spiral stairway of wakefulness,
    I whisper read more »

  • 15.
    God's Protection

    Each of us has a course to follow,
    God knows every cross I bare,
    God knows the battles brewing,
    He protect me with His care. read more »

    Silent Prayer
  • 16.

    God when is my time
    God i said and did so many mistakes
    God but it ain't mean anything
    God i love you the most read more »

    Satanson Nathoam
  • 17.
    God is..

    God is with us ever where we are,
    God is with us ever where we travel,
    God is with us when we are in school,
    God is with us when we are home, read more »

    pamela nikkole white
  • 18.
    The Grace of God

    She makes herself look strong outside
    When she’s falling apart within
    She picks herself up and carries on
    After falling down again read more »

    Nathan Good
  • 19.
    I am arghavan

    I am alone
    god is my father
    god is my mother
    I am Arghavan read more »

    tabandeh heidary bafghy
  • 20.

    God is like coca-cola
    He's the real thing

    God is like Pan am read more »

    mary mcgarity
  • 21.
    your gone

    God gave me one heart

    but its broken read more »

    stephanie beasley
  • 22.
    What You Should Know About God

    God will never lie
    God can never die
    Those whom God cherish
    God wouldn't have them perish read more »

    Richard Ikolo
  • 23.

    God send me an angel
    From the heavens above
    God send me an angel
    To keep my heart from bracken read more »

    Sean Hurrell
  • 24.
    Can you see God

    Do you see God inside the rain,
    Or when the sun shines on your face,
    When birds are singing songs of praise,
    Or only if you start to pray read more »

    Nathan Streango
  • 25.
    what god made

    God made coffee~
    ~God made tea~
    ~God made boy's~
    ~Just 4 me! ~ read more »

    nicole jackson
  • 26.
    When You Wake Up

    When you wake up
    Walk with God,
    Desire to love God,
    Desire to live and know God read more »

  • 27.

    Give god your sorrow.
    Give god your pain.
    Give god your shame.
    Give god your soul. read more »

    sri devi
  • 28.
    Glory be to God

    When you look up to the blue sky,
    and you see the birds fly,
    Glory be to God,
    Glory be to God, read more »

    Please Share
  • 29.
    Oh My God

    Did you know...

    God is in church today
    God wears expensive yoga pants
    God likes beads read more »

    Summer Shaw
  • 30.
    thank god

    thank god thank god thank god thank god
    thank god thank god thank god thank god
    thank god thank god thank god thank god
    you are in love with me read more »

    delora sewap
  • 31.
    God Is Wonderful

    GOD Is Wonderful, God is light the one who can save your soul bring you light
    God is wonderful the best man there is the power and authority of all his chidren he created to live

    God is wonderful the best person there is, God is amazing read more »

    Katrice Massey
  • 32.
    Leading lambs by the promises of erroneous faith

    Jesus Christ the son of God, as such are we all
    This figure now so prominent with crossed wood rising tall
    Through your sacrifice, many now believe
    But off the tracks unto deception, stray these humble sheep read more »

    K C Jackson
  • 33.
    God Created Poetry

    In the beginning God created the rules and the principles

    That would govern His metrical composition. read more »

    Dr.Michael Brown
  • 34.

    My God is the sun
    My God is the tree with the bird
    My God is the summit and the sky
    My God is the grand array read more »

    Rob Francis Parsons
  • 35.
    To Know The Word of the Spirit Original 01 16 2011

    Original 01 16 2011 read more »

    Lee B. Mack
  • 36.
    In GOD I Trust

    In God I trust
    That everything is gonna be o.k.
    In God I trust
    & all my worries go away read more »

    Tania Hernandez S.
  • 37.
    Poem: Will You Travel With Me To Heaven?

    When you wake up in the morning
    From a dream you think is okay
    You see your spouse and family
    Get ready for another day read more »

    Miriam Mababaya
  • 38.
    God Alive -new-

    Some worship wood, some worship stone
    No trust in the God that gives
    They put faith in a god made by a man
    Christians serve the God that lives read more »

    S. I. Rednow
  • 39.
    Don't Forget who is your Father

    God is Great
    He created you and me so ladies and gentleman
    he is the only person to praise and pray
    Cause some of us we pray Alan people you pray him read more »

    Ruvimbo Daisy Matsika
  • 40.
    Living As God Favored

    As I walk I feel the presence of God
    No matter how uncertain I may feel at times, I know he is with me
    When you have blessings coming from all places, that's the favor of God
    Looking back, when I could have and should have lost my way, I had the favor of God read more »

    Coker George
  • 41.
    Thankful to God

    I am thankful to God for this roof over my head.
    I am thankful to God for the clothes upon my unworthy back.
    I am thankful to God for the food and water that I push through my mouth.
    I am thankful to God for the sunlight that strengthens the beauty of nature. read more »

    Kayla Daley
  • 42.
    How God?

    How God?
    I fell in love and can't fall out
    How God?
    How God do I fall out? read more »

    Leigh Parham
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