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Top 100 Poems About: GOLF

In this page, poems on / about “golf” are listed.
  • 1.
    Why Do You Love Football?

    Why do you love football?
    What do you see in it?
    Why not watch another sport
    Like Rugby, Golf, or Cricket? read more »

    Candy Simpson
  • 2.
    Golf Tees Lament

    Golf tees on my dresser
    Golf tees in my bed
    Golf tees on my pillows
    Where they poke me in my head read more »

    Larry Buddin
  • 3.
    Golf A simple game

    read more »

    Gabe Anderson
  • 4.

    I've decided i'm useless
    writing limericks pointless
    playing golf today helpless
    limericks getting less read more »

    lee fones
  • 5.
    I love chinese food! !

    I love chinese food, and chinese food loves me,
    but in my imaginary land, i am the queen.

    The clouds there are orange chicken, the grass is chow mein, read more »

    Aubrey Harmel
  • 6.
    For My Dad

    When I fall you lift me up.
    When I cry you cheer me up.
    When i get into fights you say it alright.
    And thats why I love you with all my might. read more »

    Dhear Vongjalorn
  • 7.
    Fishing or Golf, Take your Pick

    Do you golf? I've been asked this question a great deal
    But I answer with a smile, "Hey, a golf ball won't make a meal."
    If you use your driver or iron, whatever your whim
    I reply, "I would rather try to teach a worm to swim." read more »

    William B. Booth, Jr.
  • 8.
    On The Golf Course At Dawn

    On the golf course at dawn:
    No one else but groundskeepers raking bunkers
    and the red-orange fox’s fur
    reflecting the sun. read more »

    S.Michael Kozubek
  • 9.
    This Crazy Game o' Golf

    Tae pick up a stick an' chase a wee ba'
    I jist canna see the sense in it ava'
    Hittin' a ba' roond a park full o' holes
    ye'd think t'wis a new wey tae kill a ' the moles read more »

    Frances Jaffray
  • 10.

    Oh what I would give for an absent mind,
    Released from the chains of the daily grind,
    To have a phone that doesn't run my life,
    To spend the days relaxing with my wife. read more »

    Chris Perry
  • 11.
    Quitting smoking aint nothing

    Antennas, cables, dishes, and remotes,
    Seinfeld, bachleors, Oprah, and some soaps
    The world on the tube is a queasy half life
    Peoples addiction is such a sad sight read more »

    Jimmy Wrangler
  • 12.


    Hit the ball as U should read more »

    Intensive KS1
  • 13.
    Not Swinging but Hacking - A Golfer's Lament

    Nobody saw him, the errant golfer
    but still he swished, ball lacking
    I was deeper in the rough than you thought
    and not swinging but hacking read more »

    Kris Viscardini
  • 14.
    Bad Round of Golf

    Dear bad round
    Why do you spin my head wright round
    Leaving me with a frumpy frown
    Throwing clubs all over the ground read more »

    Christopher Byrd Hickman
  • 15.

    How does one speak about the game of golf? A game of so many emotions, both highs and lows. It can be as sweet and passionate as your lover on a warm summer night ~ your swing is flowing smooth and easy and the ball is rolling the greens pure and true. It can feel as if you're destined to endless torture ~ your heart being slowly ripped out, piece by piece when you struggle, hole by hole. You can experience nature's beauty as your mind and soul wander between shots. A friendship can be forged for a lifetime as you talk, laugh and joke with others while sharing this crazy bond with a ball and clubs. Sportsmanship is exemplified at a level above other sports ~ where self honesty still shines and gives the game dignity. It is said that you can tell much about one's character by watching how they carry themselves throughout eighteen holes ~ because golf is so much like life ~ full of adversity and 'rub of the greens'. No matter how bad your round was, you keep coming back to give it another go ~ the same way you pick yourself up off of the floor when life's random hurts come your way.

    And Why? read more »

    Randy Sabados
  • 16.

    time for some music
    it's time
    the time is now apparently
    to get the I=pod module and to stick it in your ears read more »

    Rcd Bck
  • 17.
    eating the dogs scraps

    yesterday i brought home scraps for the dog and ate them
    he watched me the whole time
    i had dug hotdogs out of the garbage
    brought them home read more »

    jack Quehoff
  • 18.
    I Went Golfing

    I'm so unstable
    I mean, I took second in poker last night
    and I was pissed because it was 2 in the morning
    and it was going to throw my read more »

    Dallin Bruun
  • 19.
    Reflections On Leaves

    You answer me across the years
    when I ask what it means to be alive
    It means peace with myself,
    my world, and my god read more »

    Rob McKercher
  • 20.
    Good Bones

    My wife once broke my right second metacarpal
    with a golf club.
    She bogeyed the hole,
    but I added a two-shot penalty. read more »

    Robert Foxweed
  • 21.
    my grandads sonnet

    My Grandads

    Your pipe was like the Smokey no mans land read more »

    cherry lollipop
  • 22.
    nike shox

    on the outside, nike is great
    nike makes ballin shoes, jordan and melo
    they make pro golf shirts, blue green and yellow
    they make casual wear directed at teams like nike boots read more »

    cedric watson II
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