Top 100 Poems About: GOLF

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  • 1.
    This Crazy Game O' Golf

    Tae pick up a stick an' chase a wee ba'
    I jist canna see the sense in it ava'
    Hittin' a ba' roond a park full o' holes
    ye'd think t'wis a new wey tae kill a ' the moles read more »

    Frances Jaffray
  • 2.

    Some might say that God had a plan
    For every other woman, child and man,
    To grab a club and hurry, hurry
    Onto the green no later than early. read more »

    H H Rutledge
  • 3.
    Fishing Or Golf, Take Your Pick

    Do you golf? I've been asked this question a great deal
    But I answer with a smile, "Hey, a golf ball won't make a meal."
    If you use your driver or iron, whatever your whim
    I reply, "I would rather try to teach a worm to swim." read more »

    William B. Booth, Jr.
  • 4.
    Golf Steals Our Youth

    Have you seen the golfers airy
    Prancing forth to their vagary,
    Just as frisky in their gaiters
    As a flock of Grecian Satyrs, read more »

    Norman Rowland Gale
  • 5.
    The City Of Golf

    Would you like to see a city given over,
    Soul and body, to a tyrannising game?
    If you would, there's little need to be a rover,
    For St. Andrews is the abject city's name. read more »

    Robert Fuller Murray
  • 6.
    The Golf Ball And The Loan

    [After Longfellow.]

    I drove a golf-ball into the air; read more »

    Robert Fuller Murray
  • 7.
    Golf Pro

    There are two types of people:
    Those who play golf,
    And those who recognize it
    for the idiotic malpractice that it is, read more »

    Michael Philips
  • 8.
    A Perfect Golf Course Lawn

    A perfect golf course lawn,
    A house painted by numbers,
    A dog plays out back, and all
    the children say, whats for read more »

  • 9.

    The lofted ball up in the sky
    From early Scotland you can hear them cry
    If it lands in the rough and not on the green
    A verbal lament, an error gone unseen read more »

    Ray Andrews
  • 10.
    Game Of Golf

    Golf is my brothers passion, my sister-in laws as well
    From where l'm standing Oh! my word it looks like a game from hell
    Legs astride back is bent and the arms down all stretched out
    Now it's time to hit the ball and give it one good clout read more »

    dianne anderson
  • 11.
    An Image Of Golf From Mid-Winter

    Gnarled 5-Irons
    and askew putters
    plagued the
    battle field. read more »

    Colin Pickett
  • 12.
    Perfect Golf

    If you can fill your time
    So that it’s full with only now
    And not the past or future read more »

    David Taylor
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