Top 100 Poems About: GOLF

In this page, poems on / about “golf” are listed.
  • 1.
    Chant For Dark Hours

    Some men, some men
    Cannot pass a
    Book shop.
    (Lady, make your mind up, and wait your life away.) read more »

    Dorothy Parker
  • 2.

    (16th January 1949)

    I thank whatever gods may be
    For all the happiness that's mine; read more »

    Robert William Service
  • 3.
    David Cleek

    I cannot think that Death will press his claim
    To snuff you out or put you off your game:
    You’ll still contrive to play your steady round,
    Though hurricanes may sweep the dismal ground, read more »

    Siegfried Sassoon
  • 4.

    You can take your golf and the rolling greens
    You tennis with manicured courts neat and clean
    Your soccer, your swimming, your basketball scene -
    None measure up to............FOOTBALL! read more »

    Linda Ori
  • 5.
    Sports Fanatic

    My wonderful son has a way with the girls -
    He's tough and he's buff, and he has lots of curls -
    He loves to play sports and he's usually found
    Lifting, or batting or golfing a round; read more »

    Linda Ori
  • 6.

    A shoe with legs,
    a stone dropped from heaven,
    he does his mournful work alone, read more »

    Anne Sexton
  • 7.
    The Wreck of the Golfer

    It was the Bondi golfing man
    Drove off from the golf house tee,
    And he had taken his little daughter
    To bear him company. read more »

    Banjo Paterson
  • 8.

    Dawn off the Foreland -- the young flood making
    Jumbled and short and steep --
    Black in the hollows and bright where it's breaking --
    Awkward water to sweep. read more »

    Rudyard Kipling
  • 9.
    .........Haiku.....Golfers HOLE IN ONE RECORD

    Hole in one record

    Broken thirteen times, no more, read more »

    Ken e Hall
  • 10.
    Golf Pro

    There are two types of people:
    Those who play golf,
    And those who recognize it
    for the idiotic malpractice that it is, read more »

    Michael Philips
  • 11.
    The Fury Of Jewels and Coal

    Many a miner has gone
    into the deep pit
    to receive the dust of a kiss,
    an ore-cell. read more »

    Anne Sexton
  • 12.
    Why Do You Love Football?

    Why do you love football?
    What do you see in it?
    Why not watch another sport
    Like Rugby, Golf, or Cricket? read more »

    Candy Simpson
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