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  • 1.
    Ballade Of The Royal Game Of Golf

    There are laddies will drive ye a ba'
    To the burn frae the farthermost tee,
    But ye mauna think driving is a',
    Ye may heel her, and send her ajee, read more »

    Andrew Lang
  • 2.
    The Wreck Of The Golfer

    It was the Bondi golfing man
    Drove off from the golf house tee,
    And he had taken his little daughter
    To bear him company. read more »

    Banjo Paterson
  • 3.
    Golf Steals Our Youth

    Have you seen the golfers airy
    Prancing forth to their vagary,
    Just as frisky in their gaiters
    As a flock of Grecian Satyrs, read more »

    Norman Rowland Gale
  • 4.
    The City Of Golf

    Would you like to see a city given over,
    Soul and body, to a tyrannising game?
    If you would, there's little need to be a rover,
    For St. Andrews is the abject city's name. read more »

    Robert Fuller Murray
  • 5.
    The Golf Ball And The Loan

    [After Longfellow.]

    I drove a golf-ball into the air; read more »

    Robert Fuller Murray
  • 6.
    The Lay For The Troubled Golfer

    His eye was wild and his face was taut with anger and hate and rage,
    And the things he muttered were much too strong for the ink of the printed page. I found him there when the dusk came down, in his golf clothes still was he, read more »

    Edgar Albert Guest
  • 7.
    The Golf Links

    The golf links lie so near the mill
    That almost every day read more »

    Sarah Norcliffe Cleghorn
  • 8.
    Golf Pride

    As a golfer I'm not one who cops the money,
    I shall always be a member of the dubs;
    There are times my style is positively funny, read more »

    Edgar Albert Guest
  • 9.
    Night Golf

    I remember the night I discovered,
    lying in bed in the dark,
    that a few imagined holes of golf read more »

    Billy Collins
  • 10.
    The Golf Walk

    Behold, my child, this touching scene,
    The golfer on the golfing-green;
    Pray mark his legs’ uncanny swing,
    The golf-walk is a gruesome thing! read more »

    Ellis Parker Butler
  • 11.
    A Lesson From Golf

    He couldn't use his driver any better on the tee
    Than the chap that he was licking, who just happened to be me;
    I could hit them with a brassie just as straight and just as far,
    But I piled up several sevens while he made a few in par;
    And he trimmed me to a finish, and I know the reason why:
    He could keep his temper better when he dubbed a shot than I. read more »

    Edgar Albert Guest
  • 12.
    The First Rule Of Golf

    (In which Ye Ed attempts the millionaire's game and obeys the first rule of golf, which is to put back the turf.) read more »

    Edgar Albert Guest
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