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Top 100 Poems About: GRADUATE

In this page, poems on / about “graduate” are listed.
  • 1.
    what happiness is

    is bliss

    happiness, read more »

    Sam Byron
  • 2.
    Graduation Day

    Graduation day
    Is a long awaited day
    For both parents and the graduate read more »

    Yuvarani Sami
  • 3.
    Brother, Brother

    Brother, Brother
    thank you for being there
    for me
    I know sometimes I want read more »

    Elisa Martinez
  • 4.
    Senior Year

    Senior year is finally here, the time is now.
    Before we graduate, let's take a bow.
    We've grown up so fast, let's make our final moments together last.
    We've had tons of fun, now our work here is done. read more »

    Raeven Young
  • 5.
    A Graduate

    to the coffin, from cradle
    surpass sarcastic smiling hurdles
    did i get, for what i was sent? ? ?
    to learn, that i was meant. read more »

    ijlal haider
  • 6.
    The lesson

    A lesson
    Of student's syllabus
    Is like a glass of milk
    It is prepared with the nutrients read more »

    Asit Kumar Sanyal
  • 7.

    Mommy tell me more
    about when you were young
    Mommy will you please
    sing me a song you sung? read more »

    Winter Raine
  • 8.

    Embedded in the rich, dark soil of history
    My roots are still a part of me
    Nourishing me, spurning me on Making me face another dawn
    Of uncertainty read more »

    Myra Jefferson
  • 9.
    Self Identity

    I find myelf being what I want to be,
    Immature, a coward, or an oaf is not in my vocabulary.
    Let me tell you what I really see,
    Mature, self-responsible, and lovingful now that's me. read more »

    Shaquita Sims
  • 10.

    Your graduation day
    Make me feel so great
    Excellent behavior read more »

    Jose Baez
  • 11.
    The Panhandler

    The Panhandler

    He pays for your pitiful coins
    by wearing his most woebegone face read more »

    Jerry Newman
  • 12.
    Ill be out

    Soon i'll be out of this place,
    Soon your going to miss me being around.

    But once i graduate, read more »

    ashley bisesi
  • 13.
    Prisoners of Hope

    Then one day I saw
    The students of the school of suffering
    Wearing their tattered uniforms
    With their badge of poverty. read more »

    Emone Emmanuel
  • 14.
    When It Hurts Enough To Cry

    When it hurts enough to cry,
    Like when your parents give you up, and you don't know why.
    Parents just like my own,
    Didn't want anything to do with me, till I was grown. read more »

    Roger Dodd
  • 15.
    Again and Again

    What is the future of this nation
    In worse shape than you could imagine
    Decadence abounds
    Politicians are all clowns read more »

    Phil Smith
  • 16.
    No One Will Know

    u said u would graduate, go back to school
    instead u droped out just like a fool
    with no where to go no place to stay
    u turned to drugs, throwing u away read more »

    me1 corday
  • 17.
    We Graduated

    So now we graduated, it's very plain to see,
    we finished all the years of high that there will ever be.
    We know we traveled a rough and rocky road,
    but to tell the truth it was worth it all to wear this “cap & gown”. read more »

    John Ricci
  • 18.

    At 8 I read the Magic Tree House series
    and hoped every book would take me away
    At 10 I read the Chronicals of Narnia
    and searched for the closet read more »

    evelyn thomasson
  • 19.
    Our School

    Simple but full of intelligence
    Accept criticism for other eminence
    No to bad influence
    Give and take, among the others read more »

    Darlric John Lotik
  • 20.

    though the doors of gunston we went
    day after day
    we would walk, ride the bus, or ride our bikes
    we could see all the beautiful sights read more »

    April Jones
  • 21.

    College is the place where most people find their spouse,
    One that after college will come and live in their house.
    This is the place where you will learn more about your future job,
    Someday might even have a bitter boss named Bob. read more »

    drew strawser
  • 22.
    Destiny is a Stranger

    It is very difficult to know everything about a stranger. The stanger is fearing of is samaritan while the samaritan is fearing of is visitors. read more »

  • 23.
    My Sister

    Intelligent, Caring, Helpful, Trucker Mouth
    Daughter of Robert and Suzette Edmunds
    Lover of Steve, her family and teeth read more »

    Kelly Edmunds
  • 24.

    Going potty in my diaper, my brother holding me as I sleep
    Riding on my sister’s back, snowball fights in the back yard
    High School drama, grades, and weekends with my friends
    Graduating college, a ring on my left hand, and four additions read more »

    Madison Etzler
  • 25.

    An hour before I graduate
    Along with fellow classmates
    Were anticipating this special night
    Calm read more »

    Fred McDonald
  • 26.
    May 17,2010

    May 17,2010
    I remember
    That I did graduated
    From college read more »

    Fred McDonald
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