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Top 100 Poems About: GRADUATION

In this page, poems on / about “graduation” are listed.
  • 1.
    Remember Then And Now

    Remember little jack sprat
    Remember three little pigs
    Remember all those fairy tales
    That seemed so real to us a kids read more »

    Missy Lynn
  • 2.

    Exciting, Emotional
    Saying final goodbyes
    Tears welling in eyes read more »

    Katie O'Connell
  • 3.
    It Was Only Yesterday

    It was only yesterday, when you were small,
    I used to hold you in my arms.
    Now you're older and out of school!
    Yes, it was only yesterday, read more »

    Sanda May Benlien
  • 4.

    Sitting here waiting
    Watching the clock slowly tick
    Tic toc Tic toc
    The days go by slowly read more »

    Kilee Burton
  • 5.
    Graduation Day

    Graduation Day
    sweat and mothballs
    grass so green read more »

    Wade Blade
  • 6.
    Graduation 2013

    Graduation is coming faster then you know
    soon it will be may and we will all be alone
    soon we will be crying and we will finally be free
    adults you see read more »

    Marissa Ford
  • 7.
    Walking Through High School

    This is it everything that you have gone through us now memories.
    All of your happy and sad times in high school have now faded.
    A new life has begun on your own.
    No more waking up dreading that this day will never get here. read more »

    Heather Hill
  • 8.
    graduation (growing up)

    Graduation is a huge step
    Not only for you
    Your friends and your family
    Don’t know what to do. read more »

    ana orozco
  • 9.
    Graduation Day

    Graduation day
    Is a long awaited day
    For both parents and the graduate read more »

    Yuvarani Sami
  • 10.
    who will?

    Picking up the pieces
    That I have left behind
    Wanting to be whole
    Would be the easiest way read more »

    Katie Huntress
  • 11.

    Middle school is coming and going
    It will soon come to end
    All those memories
    All those friends read more »

    Jared Bradford
  • 12.
    Young, Crazy, Wild and Free

    We were Running around acting a fool 
    Breaking  hearts breaking all the rules
    We were drinking, spitting cussing 
    getting tattoos  read more »

    Brandon Rhodes
  • 13.

    I just use my imagination,
    Used it from kindergarten to graduation,
    Use your own in any situation,
    But if you don’t just stick to masturbation. read more »

    Gaz illionaire
  • 14.
    Understanding your not here

    read more »

    NaNa Nana
  • 15.

    I rely on memory regarding schools
    I attended long ago, weighing up
    The undoubted benefits they brought me
    With a certain downside at high school. read more »

    michael walker
  • 16.
    To My Best-Friend

    Its very hard to find a friend like you
    You've always been there for me
    Always been a wonderfull friend to me read more »

    Maribel Ramirez
  • 17.
    Good Times

    Frozen in time
    If you are lost in time, make sure it’s the good time

    Remembering the good times read more »

  • 18.

    Where I’ll end up I don’t know
    No specific destination
    On the trail of ideation
    Feeding some new thought sensation read more »

    Kimberley Myles
  • 19.
    It's Graduation

    It's graduation!
    A day supposed to be the happiest
    The happiest at least in half a decade
    And here on a molded parapet alone read more »

    nicholas boateng
  • 20.

    Congratulations on your
    you have made it through
    high school read more »

    art kuttler
  • 21.

    It seems so long ago
    That we were in kindergarten
    Eight years ago. read more »

    Megan Chow
  • 22.
    Fourth Year

    Four years have gone
    And something's well done
    It's not just the book
    but the courage I took.... read more »

    nObOdy's gIrL
  • 23.
    The Reason

    The Reason I went to school
    Was it not to gain the grand certificate
    Or be counted among the family heir looms read more »

    Eunice Musiime
  • 24.
    Class of 2007

    Times have come
    times have went
    some were bad
    some were ment read more »

    Marow Shadows
  • 25.
    What is Death?

    -How do we view birth?
    As the beginning
    -What is school like? read more »

    Elizabeth Middleton
  • 26.
    Looking Back

    Looking back
    At my past
    Oh! my god
    It has gone so fast read more »

    Brandi Lee
  • 27.
    The Teacher's Reward

    After the last lecture before exam week
    she came down into the pit,
    waiting her turn behind those who
    wanted to hear what they had to know read more »

    David Wright
  • 28.

    Emotional, Labour
    Laughing, Yelling, Crying
    Babies, Toddler's, Teen's, High school read more »

    brittany mckay
  • 29.
    Indelible Images

    Idelible Images
    That first day of school
    That first friend
    Indelible Images read more »

    scott tetreault
  • 30.
    Graduation Day

    Memories float among the abyss,
    As hearts smile with joy,
    And cry with loneliness.
    Although happiness prevails, read more »

    Lauren Humphrey
  • 31.

    The hall soars in silence
    Even the wall stares at me
    My colleagues looking all excited
    As they expect to hear a poem from me read more »

    Rabo Sanusi
  • 32.
    Glimpse of Happiness

    Hellos and Goodbyes
    All in the days of summer
    The canvas of sunset
    Dancing of colors done by the brush read more »

    jairiin sag
  • 33.

    Your graduation day
    Make me feel so great
    Excellent behavior read more »

    Jose Baez
  • 34.

    Six years have past
    You finally done last
    This is the beginning not the last
    Keep walking fast read more »

  • 35.
    Life Is Sweet

    It’s graduation night
    and something doesn’t feel right
    My friends and I are moving on
    Everyone is up and gone read more »

    Maggie lll
  • 36.

    Happiness filling a student’s heart
    In his graduation gown
    A joy of a child
    When he watches a clown read more »

    Rania Fahmy
  • 37.
    Circle of Love

    Kicking, screaming, crying,
    A brand new face emerges to love and care for,
    A connection between mother and child, a love to last forever, read more »

    Janae Woodfield
  • 38.
    At Peace

    I’m exposed to the worse type of individuals but endured the best
    I’ve seen every malicious act from envy and betrayal
    Acknowledge death for what it is and still move forward
    My bumps and bruises will all heal read more »

    kawambee thomas
  • 39.
    I'm In Love With a Poet

    You’re my soul mate
    I know it, I feel it, its fate
    You were born June 8,1977
    I was born June 1,1977 read more »

    Tracey Tucker
  • 40.
    Everyone Was There

    Thinking about senior year
    Everyone was here
    Playing capture the flag at the park
    Didn’t stop ‘til it got dark read more »

    Maggie lll
  • 41.
    Life's Beginning, Middle, End

    Taking your first steps,
    Your first birthday,
    That nervous feeling you get on that first day of school.
    Your first friend who will be there for you. read more »

    Aaron Ward
  • 42.
    Church Street

    My friends quietly dropped out of high school.
    It seemed each week we had parties for some guy
    Going into jail or getting released.
    It’s not that anyone thought this was cool, read more »

    Ernest Hilbert
  • 43.
    Sometimes Teachers Cry

    Students are lazy to learn and you won't see it on the aprons they wear
    For if clothes were to speak voices would be banned
    And our ears grow longer with desperation of what is true
    We speak but it seems our word is not taken read more »

    Ephraim Tshilo
  • 44.
    My destination

    My destination is life at the end of the line
    My destination is graduation when it’s time
    My destination is my diploma I bet I get mine
    My destination is to stop with the lay back being cool read more »

    Jacob Valentine
  • 45.
    Having Wings

    Having wings
    I have wings
    Wings so white
    Wings that let me fly like a kite read more »

    marrissa vera
  • 46.
    Child Of Mine

    How innocent are thee?
    Sleeping in your crib
    So peacefully read more »

    Melanie Dickie
  • 47.
    Night Shadow

    The crisp airs of the evening dark
    The pain and hate that leaves through a solemn breath
    God knows, hell is upon me
    The darkness closes in read more »

    Anna Bronwyn
  • 48.
    College Campus

    Colleges are very large.
    There isn’t much heat.
    If you walk into a dorm,
    You’ll notice it isn’t neat. read more »

    Colin Murphy
  • 49.
    Never Knew You

    Never have i meet you,
    you past away when i was only a little girl,
    leaving me alone in this cold cold world,
    i had my mother to guide me thru, read more »

    Ariana James
  • 50.
    through you

    the smile of you made it all begin
    as i walk in the balcony of adolescence
    at an early age destiny made it happen
    loving you in the midst of silence read more »

    jiven pepito
  • 51.

    An hour before I graduate
    Along with fellow classmates
    Were anticipating this special night
    Calm read more »

    Fred McDonald
  • 52.
    To the father who wasn't there

    Here's to the father who wasn't there
    After all these years
    I've always known that you didn't care read more »

    Adam Windseth
  • 53.
    The Graduation Day

    My day of graduation
    is still
    the most memorable.
    All were Well groomed read more »

    Roby Chittilappilly
  • 54.
    Invisible Tool

    I love my invisible tool,
    It shapeshifts into many forms and its damn cool,
    It follows me everywhere i go,
    if anyone asks a trade for it, i'll say 'no, ' read more »

    Greggi Leano
  • 55.
    To Grandson Reef

    read more »

    Peke in Hawaii
  • 56.
    Daddy Why Did You Leave

    why put your trust in the ones you love and the ones you love hurts you the most, years I've waited for you to come home am 19 an am still waiting i had loved you so much until you left, my heart was crush, you made me find love in all the wrong places you made me get hurt, you made them read more »

    nevika springer
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