Top 100 Poems About: GREED

In this page, poems on / about “greed” are listed.
  • 1.
    My Petty Greed

    People with petty greed ~ how much do they get
    Not all people have big-sized greeds
    We very ordinary
    bunch of people with petty greed read more »

  • 2.

    Stars, shining in the sky....
    Candles lit in the houses
    Of the angels up above high
    Giving hope to our senses. read more »

    cherassery damodaran binish
  • 3.
    Greed Is...

    Greed is a place in which you can't escape,
    Greed is the base of distrust and mistake;
    It swallows you whole, and you can never get out
    no matter how much you claw your way about; read more »

    Ladon Trueston
  • 4.
    plight of a migrant worker.

    wake up in the morning
    head out to look
    for work
    stand in the corner of read more »

    Khalid Hameed
  • 5.
    The Nemesis Of Man

    I hear the screams
    I feel the pain
    crashing, destroying, and annihilating whatever heart
    that's left in this world. read more »

    Rumana Ahmed
  • 6.
    Thankful For What I Have

    I see a clear, dark blue sky covered with stars twinkling
    That lights up my little world.
    I am at peace with my God.
    I am not rich with gold and it doesn't matter to me at all, read more »

    Derrick Allenger
  • 7.



    Martin Gonzalez
  • 8.

    At war with itself
    Manufacturer of hate and greed
    Embarrassingly ignorant to the outside world
    Ruthlessly preaching hate read more »

    James Rogers
  • 9.
    Torture of Freedom

    Freedom is just
    A word a thing
    People say
    Freedom is a thing read more »

    Tommy D'Attore
  • 10.

    COMPENSATION/ Poem by Mahendiran. Vai
    We need our food but you need your greed
    you wheel your need but we reel our paw
    we mood our hunger but you be, , a hunter read more »

    Mahendiran Vai
  • 11.
    Wilderness Within My Soul

    Frenzy, prairies and an open screen,
    endless with infinite possibilities,
    I have not mortal greed and hypocrisy,
    there is wildness here totally free, read more »

    Joey Wade
  • 12.

    greed 2 me is something that you want 2
    or want something or someone so badly
    my greed is 2 want you with me in my arms
    hugging nd kissing you, just you nd me together read more »

    koneko 4 life
  • 13.
    What do we do to stop hate?

    light is light,
    dark is dark,
    day is day,
    night is night, read more »

    Bowen Butt
  • 14.
    Treasure Hunt

    I've been around the world in my mind
    Seeking treasures I did not find;
    Chasing the rainbow on an endless trail
    Just like a puppy chasing it's tail. read more »

    Ronald E. Blacklock
  • 15.

    Greed knows nothing about preservation
    all is knows is pure elevation (with no guidance)
    lies occur during this rise full of corruption
    like a careless driver, greed hits a dead end read more »

    yvonne campbell
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