Top 100 Poems About: GREEN

In this page, poems on / about “green” are listed.
  • 1.
    Green Groweth the Holly

    Green groweth the holly,
    So doth the ivy.
    Though winter blasts blow never so high,
    Green groweth the holly. read more »

    Henry VIII Tudor
  • 2.


    slowly the ponderous doors of lead imponderous
    pushed by a wedging force unthinking opened read more »

    Bravig Imbs
  • 3.
    Green is my theme

    Green is rejuvenating
    Green is soothing
    Green is serene
    Green is calming  read more »

    Happy Place
  • 4.
    Green Tornado

    Green tornado fast asleep,
    Just above your forest sweep,
    High above the planes of gold,
    Which drought and hunger will evolve. read more »

    Alya casbian
  • 5.

    I look at you and you know what I see?

    I see green. Green are your eyes, that have look somewhere else,
    But I love just the same. Green eyes that deceived me, read more »

    Ale Duncan
  • 6.
    One for Sorrow; Two for Joy

    Good morning Mr Magpie
    alone again, like me
    I greet you then I bless myself
    and hope that I shall see read more »

    Hugh Mitchell
  • 7.
    Green, Green, and More Green

    There is green everywhere,
    even in peoples' hair.Some
    on hands, some on shirts.
    There is green everywhere! read more »

    Autumn Howard
  • 8.
    Plant More Trees

    Plant more trees
    As it looks green
    And save the homes of the animals please. read more »

    Srijita Das
  • 9.
    Green Rose

    I am a green rose

    No one can see me read more »

    November Nelson
  • 10.

    Green, that was the color she liked
    Green, that was the color of life
    Green, that was the sign to unite
    Green, that was the sign for earth right read more »

    ChiehTing Yeh
  • 11.
    Giant of Africa

    Blessed thy be
    among the contries
    so great and powerful
    rich in culture read more »

    Mimiko moruf oluwakayode
  • 12.
    Go Green

    We yell go green go green,
    well yet we still kill green.
    we know about go green,
    well yet we kill green. read more »

    Livingston Ravi
  • 13.
    Eyes Of Green And Gray

    Eyes of green and gray
    i wish you'd look my way
    smile for me today
    O eyes of green and gray read more »

    Sergey Sibikovsky
  • 14.
    fallen leaves

    In the silence of the forest
    once upon a time
    a tree put out a few green leaves
    soft as soft and green as green read more »

    tom thump
  • 15.
    Keen to be green

    I’m keen to be green like you
    Though I haven't got a clue
    But please don’t recycle me
    Or I’ll go from green to blue read more »

    Sam Street
  • 16.
    The Mermaid

    We swam through the green prism
    Like the pages that fell out of our storybooks;
    Trying to find a beginning, an end
    Just another chapter to make us whole. read more »

    elaine graham
  • 17.
    Green Sky

    One time, I asked the shooting stars
    So that they swam in the green sky
    So that no one can contaminated them
    Like what just happened in the blue sky read more »

    Renaisan Esaeliem
  • 18.
    A Glen Song

    There's a green glen in Eirinn,
    A green glen in Eirinn!
    Do you remember yet, a gradh, the sunshine of that day, read more »

    Anna Johnston MacManus
  • 19.
    Green Gold

    read more »

    Ajay Ohri
  • 20.
    I Plucked A Rose From A Garden Green......

    By Murtaza Abt

    I plucked a rose from a garden green,
    Of beauty never felt or seen, read more »

    murtaza abt
  • 21.

    Here on this island, summer never sleeps.
    In the green valleys, smoke in cane-time drifts
    With mist—frail tide that laps the chasmed deeps
    Between the steep clean hills as the sea-tide read more »

    S. J. Fulton
  • 22.
    #365 When The Green Grass Covers Me

    When the green grass covers me,
    Though the year is yet a mystery,
    Who'll wipe my stone on bended knee
    And drop one tear per memory? read more »

    Jimmie Arrington
  • 23.
    Colour Blind

    The silver light of moon has passed
    Though shaking I am still,
    Anger boils in side my blood
    To think you’re at her will read more »

    Rebecca Jayne May
  • 24.
    I Discover The World In India

    red vermillion streaked hair
    a red wattled lapwing
    orange, same time each day, sunrises and sunsets
    yellow and black taxi colours, yellow temple flags, bright yellow confectionery shops, yellow bright fragrant perfume shops read more »

    Bhupen Thakker
  • 25.
    New Krishna

    white stillness pure gold purple wonder gold strength pink joy
    pink infinity navy blue now strong indigo blue light blue fountain
    the green first reason endless yellow compassionate orange
    royal red read more »

    Bhupen Thakker
  • 26.
    How to make your wishes come true

    She liked white and had not said a word yet

    On her tenth birthday
    she stood on the red steps read more »

    Bhupen Thakker
  • 27.
    A Beautifying Color

    To me green is cute

    It makes all seem prettier read more »

    Quincy Davis
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