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Top 100 Poems About: GREEN

In this page, poems on / about “green” are listed.
  • 1.
    Green Groweth the Holly

    Green groweth the holly,
    So doth the ivy.
    Though winter blasts blow never so high,
    Green groweth the holly. read more »

    Henry VIII Tudor
  • 2.
    Green Groweth the Holly

    1 Green groweth the holly,
    2 So doth the ivy.
    3 Though winter blasts blow never so high, read more »

    Henry VIII, King of England
  • 3.


    slowly the ponderous doors of lead imponderous
    pushed by a wedging force unthinking opened read more »

    Bravig Imbs
  • 4.
    Green is my theme

    Green is rejuvenating
    Green is soothing
    Green is serene
    Green is calming  read more »

    Happy Place
  • 5.
    Green Tornado

    Green tornado fast asleep,
    Just above your forest sweep,
    High above the planes of gold,
    Which drought and hunger will evolve. read more »

    Alya casbian
  • 6.

    I look at you and you know what I see?

    I see green. Green are your eyes, that have look somewhere else,
    But I love just the same. Green eyes that deceived me, read more »

    Ale Duncan
  • 7.
    Green Rose

    I am a green rose

    No one can see me read more »

    November Nelson
  • 8.
    One for Sorrow; Two for Joy

    Good morning Mr Magpie
    alone again, like me
    I greet you then I bless myself
    and hope that I shall see read more »

    Hugh Mitchell
  • 9.
    Plant More Trees

    Plant more trees
    As it looks green
    And save the homes of the animals please. read more »

    Srijita Das
  • 10.

    Green, that was the color she liked
    Green, that was the color of life
    Green, that was the sign to unite
    Green, that was the sign for earth right read more »

    ChiehTing Yeh
  • 11.
    Giant of Africa

    Blessed thy be
    among the contries
    so great and powerful
    rich in culture read more »

    Mimiko moruf oluwakayode
  • 12.
    Green, Green, and More Green

    There is green everywhere,
    even in peoples' hair.Some
    on hands, some on shirts.
    There is green everywhere! read more »

    Autumn Howard
  • 13.
    Those Green Eyes

    which seemed full of life,
    so beautiful, so gorgeous, that no one could stop to like,
    those green eyes,
    which couldn’t see me cry, read more »

    Asra Parvez
  • 14.
    Lawn Mower

    Metal bumblebee
    Gorging on green grass
    And on an occasional read more »

    LaRetha Adams
  • 15.
    Eyes Of Green And Gray

    Eyes of green and gray
    i wish you'd look my way
    smile for me today
    O eyes of green and gray read more »

    Sergey Sibikovsky
  • 16.
    fallen leaves

    In the silence of the forest
    once upon a time
    a tree put out a few green leaves
    soft as soft and green as green read more »

    tom thump
  • 17.
    Green Sky

    One time, I asked the shooting stars
    So that they swam in the green sky
    So that no one can contaminated them
    Like what just happened in the blue sky read more »

    Renaisan Esaeliem
  • 18.
    Greens In The Kettle Gal

    Don't come 'round here
    In that Ferrari
    No baby don't you dare
    Want folks to look at only you read more »

    Atty Davis
  • 19.
    I Discover The World In India

    red vermillion streaked hair
    a red wattled lapwing
    orange, same time each day, sunrises and sunsets
    yellow and black taxi colours, yellow temple flags, bright yellow confectionery shops, yellow bright fragrant perfume shops read more »

    Bhupen Thakker
  • 20.
    I Plucked A Rose From A Garden Green......

    By Murtaza Abt

    I plucked a rose from a garden green,
    Of beauty never felt or seen, read more »

    murtaza abt
  • 21.

    Destination is not looking in our way
    Roads are taking too much turns
    A guide is missing in trip to life
    This is punishment of deeds and acts read more »

    Siddharth Tripathi
  • 22.
    Go Green

    We yell go green go green,
    well yet we still kill green.
    we know about go green,
    well yet we kill green. read more »

    Livingston Ravi
  • 23.
    A Beautifying Color

    To me green is cute

    It makes all seem prettier read more »

    Quincy Davis
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