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Top 100 Poems About: GRIEF

In this page, poems on / about “grief” are listed.
  • 1.
    Hope in Heaven's Day

    Grief be mine, I ask you so,
    If not for you, I wouldn't know,
    How life once was and then be still,
    How so precious, that death do steal. read more »

    Arlene Dery
  • 2.

    We all grieve differently
    Some grieve quietly
    Solemn in their grief not wanting
    To show their pain read more »

    Stephanie J. DeMartino
  • 3.

    How I envy them poets and authors
    To toss words into the air
    And have them fall in perfect order
    Why is it so easy to pour out my grief in a poem? read more »

    Caitlin (a dead poet) no longer living
  • 4.

    Was there love once? I have forgotten her.
    Was there grief once? Grief yet is mine.
    Other loves I have, men rough, but men who stir
    More grief, more joy, than love of thee and thine. read more »

    Robert Nichols
  • 5.
    Goodbye, Farewell

    Farewell is beautiful
    A glimpse into the future
    Farewell is wonderful
    It sets for Adventure read more »

    Kolabomi Adeko
  • 6.
    The Aftermath

    When there's gun-fire and blasts,
    Lives wrecked in a mad-mans task,
    In the hurt and the grief
    Many children believe, read more »

    Angela Henderson
  • 7.

    Wind blow
    Blow me far away
    Away from my grief read more »

    Barbara Attaway
  • 8.

    Grief of losing someone you love
    Heartbroken and hopelessly lost
    Tears running like a river read more »

    sandy kulchyski
  • 9.
    Amazement II

    Behind my cheerfulness
    breathes the grief read more »

    Rose Ausländer
  • 10.

    One word.
    Used to describe so many emotions.
    Hollowness, pain, anger, guilt, read more »

    Claire Abbott
  • 11.
    Angels Talk

    While angels wandered where we were
    One angel called another
    “what great love dwelt here” “one as fair
    I’ve encountered no other” read more »

    michael Dah
  • 12.
    The Smoke In Fire.

    Grief is an invaluable treasure,
    Which we can not measure.

    Grief is the true friend, read more »

    Minakshi Dinger
  • 13.
    I Shall Be With You

    I shall be with you through grief n bliss
    Its determined by the way we greet n kiss
    Doth yet beyond decease
    Bond shall we if we believe read more »

    Anele Komana
  • 14.
    the cup of grief

    We're born alone, and so we die,
    Alone, no use to fuss or moan-
    Each living thing must face the truth:
    We drink our cup of grief, alone. read more »

    shirts williams
  • 15.
    Unknown Grief

    Unknown Grief
    Mark Kelly Wassenaar (AKA Wazzy)

    You never expect to know the word grief read more »

    Mark Wazzy
  • 16.
    Solitary reaper

    read more »

    Adidu Adebowale Emmanuel
  • 17.
    Grief Of My Red Rose

    Grief is always hiding behind me
    The horrible, terrible thing
    It strikes when I am least looking
    And lately, it's taking everything read more »

    Eden St. Andrews
  • 18.
    Celebrate Life

    read more »

    ashaswapna ashaprema
  • 19.
    Brief Breath

    read more »

    John N Mate
  • 20.
    Grief is the soul of life- SONNET

    Grief in the world is soul of life,
    When it comes, comes like a kite.
    Flying over on ones, hanging like a knife,
    Everyone have to suffer from it to fight. read more »

    shubham tomar
  • 21.
    Behind The Darkness

    The darkness holds the place

    How can I see my dreams read more »

    Abdel Rahman Saad
  • 22.
    I surrender

    I surrender to sleep
    that one release
    from my pain and grief
    for even nightmares read more »

    Rebecca Lawrence
  • 23.

    and separation, read more »

    Paula Tandon
  • 24.
    life and flowers

    lifes like a flower

    with a life so short, so brief read more »

    Sierra Winchester
  • 25.
    A Simple Playground

    One would hear the sound of joy
    The spin of a merry go round
    The creak of the swing
    Kids would portray life on concrete read more »

    Jett Mowle
  • 26.
    This Sepration Srom Thee My Love!

    This sepration from Thee my Love!
    I can't withstand.
    Helpless you made me,
    I may perish in this grief. read more »

    Rasul Mir
  • 27.

    read more »

    alyssa aarsenault
  • 28.

    When sadness becomes monumental
    When only tears can fall
    We cannot look upon you
    As an ordinary mortal read more »

    Lois Clarke
  • 29.
    Grief sat beside the fount of tears

    Grief sat beside the fount of tears,
    And dipt her garland in it,
    While all the paly flowers she wears
    Grew fainter every minute. read more »

    Richard Monckton Milnes Houghton
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