Top 100 Poems About: GUITAR

In this page, poems on / about “guitar” are listed.
  • 1.
    Ode to the Busker

    I heard him at the sidewalk of the famous 'Times Square'
    As he strummed his tunes on his guitar, with soulful words to bare
    I watched the people just pass by, no-one had cared to see
    His voice just telling stories of how old times used to be read more »

    Tania Montgomery
  • 2.
    the music comes and goes

    by: Tripp read more »

    preston trip
  • 3.
    Lady Guitar

    She never needed instructions from me,
    My beautiful lady guitar,
    Her purpose in life was to set the notes free
    Becoming her own brightest star. read more »

    The winner The winner
  • 4.
    A girl with a guitar

    Her curving fingers strum the old guitar
    Softly almost shyly she hums a love song
    She gazes at the empty space
    With watering eyes she finishes her song read more »

    Nenden Suherni
  • 5.
    The Fate of a Musician

    Every day I pick up my guitar and just play
    I write my own songs with the help of friends
    We design music and lyrics we start new trends
    Acoustic guitar, electric guitar or 12 strings read more »

    Benjamin Andrew
  • 6.
    Woman Playing Guitar

    Her breast
    like a fruit read more »

    Larry Kimmel
  • 7.
    and everyone is played

    I'm a guitar,

    You're a piano, read more »

    Jay Garcia
  • 8.
    With no-guitar blues

    A poor man
    Had watched TV
    On it was a band
    The band was amazing read more »

    Eeshan Pomeriaen
  • 9.
    The Tuneless Guitar

    She sat there in the corner,
    Holding the guitar in hand.
    Moving her fingers on the strings;
    She realized, the tunes doesn't sync. read more »

    Esther.K. Suantak
  • 10.
    Band of Brothers

    Wires laying across the floor, one trips as they walk in to the room
    And laughter is never a question
    Two pick up their guitars to strum the strings
    One sits to strike on the drums read more »

    Devan Marie Edwards
  • 11.
    Weeping Guitar

    Well I've got this guitar, that usually sings
    A couple pills, and some scars
    And I gently pluck all the strings
    While gazing at the stars read more »

    Chelsea Wallace
  • 12.
    Carlos Santana

    I am
    Carlos Santana’s concubine.
    I am on a train
    To Mexico. read more »

    krispin joseph
  • 13.
    The Magic Music Box

    That music box on Grandpa's wall
    Was magic to my eyes
    I loved to hold and try to play
    that guitar, twice my size read more »

    Nita S. Balma
  • 14.
    Guitar Man

    let me sway
    to the frenetic sound of the lead guitar
    let the base come in and rock my world
    and rhythm will always be there to sooth my soul read more »

    Dirk Kruger
  • 15.
    The Sound Of Music

    Music is in my soul.
    The sound of the beat.
    The guitars,
    The pianos, read more »

    Lux Fayt
  • 16.
    Air Guitar

    for Tad

    Now that the radiance of day
    has been sucked into the hole read more »

    Thomas Meade
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