Top 100 Poems About: HAIR

In this page, poems on / about “hair” are listed.
  • 1.
    Death Fugue

    Black milk of daybreak we drink it at sundown
    we drink it at noon in the morning we drink it at night
    we drink it and drink it
    we dig a grave in the breezes there one lies unconfined read more »

    Paul Celan
  • 2.

    how i wish my fingers were the bristles
    or my breath were the wind when it whistles
    thru your hair, thru your hair read more »

    Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler
  • 3.
    (1) Ode To Immortality

    read more »

    leonard daranjo
  • 4.
    First Love

    you had swept back your bangs for the first time
    when I saw you under the apple tree
    the flower-comb in your hair
    I thought you yourself were a flower too. read more »

    Shimazaki Toson
  • 5.
    Kiss You, Touch You, Feel You, Want You

    You've got me burning
    My mind's wheels keep turning
    No matter how hard I've tried
    I always find myself tongue tied read more »

    Bridget Bush
  • 6.

    Blonde hair in pigtails
    On the lawn doing cartwheels
    Candyfloss and angel wings
    She sits forlornly on the swings read more »

    Yuji Baba
  • 7.
    A Monorhyme for the Shower

    Lifting her arms to soap her hair
    Her pretty breasts respond – and there
    The movement of that buoyant pair
    Is like a spell to make me swear read more »

    Dick Davis
  • 8.
    Mother's Hair Has Turned To Silver

    Mother's hair has turned to silver
    Her skin is all wrinkled and cold
    But i'd never trade my mother
    For the world and all its gold. Yes her hair has turned to silver read more »

    Kenneth Rickard
  • 9.

    Today I cried a little, as I called my little girl
    and saw her waiting by the stairs
    Wedding blossoms in her hair
    How gently I had touched her baby skin so fair read more »

    Eleanor J. Scribner
  • 10.

    I don't care for hair
    If I was bare of hair, I wouldn't care
    For if the weather isn't fair
    I have hats and coats to wear read more »

    Glen Ruff
  • 11.
    oh pretty ballerina

    Oh pretty ballerina with a bow in your hair
    How i envy your movements so graceful and beautiful
    How i long for your lean figure and fragile frame
    Oh pretty ballerina with a bow in your hair read more »

    Korey Buffo
  • 12.
    One Grey-Hair

    Am a proud youth with one grey hair.i was born on earth without grey hair, my grey hair is ashe and not hazard cause am grey hair is very hectic in my thinking, that's my wisdom. read more »

    Egbe Chris
  • 13.
    The road to nowhere

    I'm on the road to nowhere
    it's a place I know they grow hair
    and I know a man with no hair
    so I'm on the road to nowhere read more »

    Neil McGreevy
  • 14.
    A Softer Place

    i've held this breath
    since i blew that permanent sigh
    in your temporary direction...
    did i turn and look read more »

    jeff thornton
  • 15.
    Haiku Wind

    I like it best when
    The wind bullies graying hair read more »

    Scott Twombley
  • 16.
    To Prepare for You

    To prepare for you
    I scrub the soles of my feet
    and cut my toenails.
    I wash and brush my hair read more »

    Kaye Aldenhoven
  • 17.
    A Place For Me

    There is a place
    I love to be,
    A place of peace,
    A place for me, read more »

    Tinus Erasmus
  • 18.
    The barbar down the lane

    Most time as much a scissor talk
    Call for long legs and hair walk
    A thing that happens all the time
    To every pocket that has least a dim read more »

    Henry Nii Ayi Cobblah
  • 19.
    There Is a Hair in the Bed

    there is a hair in the bed
    snagged in the sheet fibres
    by the coil of its once braided curl
    as long as the length read more »

    Keith Valentine
  • 20.
    The Swan

    Long blond hair with wispy bangs,
    a cute pink t-shirt on,
    a contagious smile and bright blue eyes,
    delicate as a swan. read more »

    Emma Latz
  • 21.
    Embracing Age

    Strainds of grey hair they dye
    Behind youth they try to hide
    In a bed of denial they lie
    they look at age with false pride read more »

    Rayana King
  • 22.
    With a Flower in Her Hair

    She asked how she looked with the flower in her hair.
    Shocked by her beauty, the words did elude me.
    But later, thinking back, the memory decreed words.
    A pretty woman with a flower in her hair read more »

    Jim Parker
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