Top 100 Poems About: HAPPINESS

In this page, poems on / about “happiness” are listed.
  • 1.
    what happiness is

    is bliss

    happiness, read more »

    Sam Byron
  • 2.

    Happiness is being home again,
    Happiness is walking in the rain.
    Happiness is waking with no pain. read more »

    Juan Olivarez
  • 3.

    Happiness is state of the mind not a feel
    many people believe happiness is not real
    people say you can reach it but you have to work for it
    i believe happiness is here but you just dont know it read more »

    Garfield Grimmett
  • 4.

    Happiness is th smile that appears when your love walks through the door
    It's the fact that everyday you love her even more
    Happiness is smiling when nothing goes your way
    Happiness is family when you've had a tired day read more »

    Nesean Coombs
  • 5.

    You cannot buy your happiness,
    'Cause happiness is free.
    Don't you know, or can't you guess,
    It's there for you and me. read more »

    George Savige
  • 6.
    Ode To happiness

    an ode to happiness

    happiness is one of the many emotions
    maybe the greatest off all read more »

    Naomi Burdett
  • 7.
    Inside my happiness

    Inside my happiness, there is nothing
    But happiness for me

    Inside my happiness, the colours are read more »

    maryam kazmi
  • 8.

    Happiness is that which everyone longs
    but so few of us actually get
    Happiness is that which rights all wrongs
    and leaves us without regret read more »

    Luci Loughlin
  • 9.
    Cycle Of My Emotions

    Love leads to pain
    Pain leads to hatred read more »

    Evy Moore
  • 10.
    happiness is......

    is bliss

    happiness, read more »

    Arafat Driche
  • 11.

    Sadness have strikes me
    I fought harder and harder
    To get the happiness back
    I weeps frequently read more »

    Sean Norris
  • 12.
    My happiness

    Happiness is when.....
    I see your loving face
    I hold it in my hands
    and prepare for an embrace read more »

    Ken Suh
  • 13.

    Happiness is when we fall in love
    with that one you know is right
    Happiness is that feeling we had
    when we learned to fly a kite read more »

    Roger Horsch
  • 14.

    Happiness is a kind smile
    A loving word and a gentle kiss
    Happiness is the shining sun
    And the glittering stars read more »

    Amee Riebsome
  • 15.
    The Happiness

    There's a happiness, a joy
    in one soul, that's been
    buried alive in everyone
    and forgotten. read more »

    Jack Hirschman
  • 16.

    when people ask me where I find happiness,
    I don't have an answer,
    when they inquire what my happiest memories are, read more »

    leisha armstrong
  • 17.
    Real Happiness

    Real Happiness-2

    Happiness lies in good health
    Not in accumulation of wealth read more »

    jameo calvert
  • 18.

    Happiness is the key to success
    Without happiness nothing
    can be gained,
    Your life can be in drain, read more »

    ginni aggarwal
  • 19.
    Inside my happiness...

    Inside my happiness, there is nothing but happiness for me.
    Inside my happiness, the colors are so bright and vivid and I am able to see everything clearly.
    Inside my happiness, there were no dark times because in my happiness the sun always shines.
    Inside my happiness, there is no pain, there is no fear and there certainly is no doubt. read more »

    Amber Swiney
  • 20.

    Happiness, oh happiness,
    waiting to burst forth from me,
    happiness. read more »

    Sam Hughff
  • 21.

    Money is not the happiness.
    Happiness can't sell or buy.
    My happiness is my friends,
    My lover and my family. read more »

    Natasa Tocuc
  • 22.

    Happiness is when she looks at me
    Happiness is when she wakes me from sleep
    Happiness is when she waves her hair
    Happiness is when she smiles lying bear read more »

    Safin Junayed Rouf
  • 23.

    You can't pursue happiness and catch it;
    Happiness does not depend or start
    With what happens outside of you, read more »

    Richard Netherland Cook
  • 24.

    Happiness to gain
    Happiness to win

    Will happiness be in vain read more »

    Ave Lilik
  • 25.

    Like a baby borne, sun rises up everyday
    With the same spirit, strength
    Same light being surrounded
    By dew it only gives happiness read more »

    Farooq Hussain
  • 26.
    The gift

    I remember manythings
    As my life passes by
    Happiness, trouble and pain
    Love, tears, going insane read more »

    Margaret Pow
  • 27.
    Happiness To Me

    Does Happiness depend upon comfort? ’
    The answer is definitely a big, ‘No! ’
    Happiness lies in not comforts alone!
    Happiness is not a static quality of the read more »

    Richard Maginness
  • 28.


    Happiness is when no matter what's going on
    How the weather is like then read more »

    Aaron lucero
  • 29.
    Happiness is the way to happiness!

    read more »

    TD. Kumar
  • 30.
    I wish i wish i wish

    I wish I wish I wish
    No I take that back.
    I don’t wish I cannot wish
    My wishes come true read more »

    Chizzle Fortune
  • 31.
    For The Things That Matter

    For many years I have been smiling, to be cautious

    And bring happiness to my heart and soul read more »

    Nancy CruzAyala
  • 32.
    Happiness Is Not Here

    Happiness is not here
    it's no where near
    Driving nails through the wall read more »

    marcia morris
  • 33.
    Flow Of Pain

    Happiness is where?
    Happiness does someone care
    Sadness is hard to bare
    Is it right or fare read more »

    Michael T. Belair
  • 34.
    Peace, Love & Happiness

    Peace is crazy
    Peace is high
    Peace is unrealistic most of the time. read more »

    Sammi King
  • 35.

    Why o why is life so hard....
    temptation is a disease among happiness but happiness is tempted with temptation.

    temptation to buy read more »

    Ryan Lane
  • 36.

    Happiness is a wonderful experience, it lies deep down inside
    It’s like a sunflower; it follows the things you enjoy in your life
    Happiness recovers you from dark cloudy days
    Happiness is not a secret for you to keep read more »

    Orane Boothe
  • 37.

    Happiness is a good health and a bad memory
    And tells every person’s wonderful story read more »

    Jesume Sioco
  • 38.
    One Question One Answer

    What is happiness?
    Is it a feeling
    And if so does it have purpose
    Does it have meaning read more »

    Ntozake (Saki) Stringfield
  • 39.

    There is happiness in the moonlight
    When you rest your soul and watch
    There is happiness in eyes closed
    When you feel up a notch read more »

    Jerome Gonsalves
  • 40.

    What is happiness?
    Happiness is complete bliss.
    Happiness is eating ice cream with extra cookie dough.
    Happiness is reading an intense novel. read more »

    Beth Vasquez
  • 41.
    Happiness comes from within.

    You tried to wander across in shopping malls
    Finding books across book stalls
    Watching movies in cinema halls
    No matter what you do, your conscience crawls read more »

    Aasim Sakharkar
  • 42.

    What is happiness?
    That I am searching for
    Being docile is not me
    Trying to find happiness has led read more »

    Merina Dahal
  • 43.
    Happiness In A Bottle

    My stomach hurts
    my liver failed
    to much happiness prevailed
    happiness comes in certain shapes read more »

    Kayc Chaos
  • 44.

    Happiness comes when you at least expect it
    Happiness can be a pain at times

    Happiness is when you find the right person read more »

    Johnathan Walker
  • 45.
    Dramatising route

    Sunset's paradise behold's me,
    worldly happiness devours me,
    gypsies fun around us,
    happiness world in the bus.. read more »

    Tendrup Gyeltshen
  • 46.
    Happiness? ?

    read more »

    Chirag B.M.
  • 47.

    Beauty, and strength
    Violence, and happiness
    Courage, and mercy
    Yet without this one girl read more »

    matthew jeter
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