Top 100 Poems About: HAPPY

In this page, poems on / about “happy” are listed.
  • 1.
    Happy Dog

    I’m a happy dog at the beach
    If I had the power of speech
    I would tell you all
    To throw my ball read more »

    Flying Lemming
  • 2.
    Happy Birthday My Love

    Happy Birthday, wish you were here,
    Happy Birthday, wish I was there,
    Happy Birthday, my dear,
    Happy Birthday, I say with care. read more »

    Ocean Myranda
  • 3.
    Happy Happy birthday ☆ Toadluvinlady☆ '

    Happy Happy birthday ☆ Toadluvinlady☆ '

    with the most~ read more »

    Verlecia fields
  • 4.

    Happy new year to you all..
    Leave alone the degrees of its variation.
    Happy new year to you
    Because you are all dear to me. read more »

    M.D Dinesh Nair
  • 5.

    Go ahead and make me sad
    It’s okay if it makes you happy
    Rip my heart out and stomp on it
    It’s okay if it makes you happy read more »

    King Midas
  • 6.
    (88) You Made Me Happy

    When I walked you home that night
    The vibe was absolutely right
    The sparks were flying left and right
    Jesus I was happy read more »

    David S Dennis
  • 7.
    Fake Smile

    They ask me what's wrong
    I say I'm OK
    I don't want them to worry
    Tomorrow is another day read more »

    Victor Osorio
  • 8.
    The day you were born

    The day you were born the day of paradise
    When bloom smiles charmingly
    Says happy birthday to you
    Fragrant blossom of spring read more »

    Faraz Ahmed memon
  • 9.
    On Your Birthday

    On your birthday, may you experience joy
    On your birthday, may you experience love
    On your birthday, may all your dreams come true
    On your birthday, may all your desires be filled read more »

    Mariah Rhoda
  • 10.
    Happy Birthday to you


    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you read more »

    James Hart
  • 11.
    happy B-day

    happy birthday to someone special
    happy birthday to someone i love
    happy birthday to theman who is my everything
    happy birthday to the one who has the key to my heart read more »

    wendi Collier
  • 12.
    What I want

    I said I want myself to be happy

    Nah, that doesn’t satisfy me completely read more »

    Chong Cheng
  • 13.
    Loved The Sea.

    Once ago I loved the sea
    And as I did, it loved me
    But I found another love for me
    And she became my bride to be read more »

    leo conway
  • 14.
    Birthday Happy

    Birthdays are amazing creatures
    Full of contradicting features
    They can sometimes be life teachers
    Yes, birthdays are amazing creatures read more »

    Mark Bratlie
  • 15.
    Happy, Happy, Happy!

    There's nothing wrong with me
    ...I'm happy

    I live life to wake each day read more »

    Heather Coldwell
  • 16.
    Happy Birthday My Dear Brother

    Happy Birthday to you! !

    Happy Birthday Brother! read more »

    Pratisha Karki
  • 17.
    Baby Jesus is the Gift of Life

    Happy Day, Happy Day
    Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day
    The Lord is Good
    The Lord is Good, The Lord is Good read more »

    Ray Allan James
  • 18.
    Happy Birthday -new-

    Happy birthday to us
    Two souls sharing eternity
    Never to dry by drought like grass,
    Of shallow roots growing in infertility read more »

    Bruno A. Okall
  • 19.
    Are you happy now?

    Are you happy now
    that you've played me for a fool
    you knew that I would do
    anything you asked me to read more »

    Peggy Dotson
  • 20.
    true birthday

    your birthday, may give you full of joy
    your birthday, may give you full of enjoy
    your birthday, may give you full of respect
    your birthday, may full fill your all desire read more »

    Amitkumar Polsar
  • 21.
    Happy Birthday....Not! ! !

    'Happy Birthday! '
    It Rings In My Ears

    'Happy Birthday! ' read more »

    Mackenzie Lynn Rogers
  • 22.
    When I Was Happy

    When I was happy,
    I was able to smile
    I was able to show myself for who I really am
    When I was happy read more »

    mithzi silva
  • 23.
    This life inside me

    MY EARS HEAR THE VOICE read more »

    Madison M Cammue
  • 24.

    Happy is when you smile.
    Happy is when you smile at everybody around you.
    Happy is about keeping a smile.
    Happy is about keeping a smile on your face. read more »

    Tyanna Willie
  • 25.

    As long as you are happy, I am happy.
    As long as you do not cry, and I cry, I am happy.
    As long as you do not suffer, and I suffer, I am happy.
    As long as you get what you want, and I do not, I am happy. read more »

    Frank Weedings
  • 26.
    Happy Independence Day

    Blow up them firecrackers.
    Light up the sky.
    Because it's Happy Independence Day.
    I've been meaning to say.. read more »

    Kim Robin Edwards
  • 27.
    The 43 Candles

    The 43 candles before you,
    aren't just to show how much you've grown.
    Each candle includes how you feel,
    about expriences that aren't made known. read more »

  • 28.
    feel happy thoughts

    read more »

    Priscilla Stalker
  • 29.
    I'm just happy and thinking about you lol<3

    I'm happy as the sun that come in the morning
    I'm happy as the dogs that's bark at the mail man
    I'm happy as the cats that meow at night
    I'm happy as the plants that open up for the new day read more »

    Armando Barajas
  • 30.

    I am happy that you are loved
    I am happy that you are happy
    I am happy you are in love with some one else
    I am happy you are Healthy read more »

    Joseph Janack
  • 31.
    Happy :)

    Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
    cause its happy, clap along if you feel! ! ! ! !
    Happy read more »

    Nicholas AdAir
  • 32.
    Happy Times…>

    Happy times come
    Happy times go
    When you're happy
    Everyone is in the know read more »

    Turuz Hautapu
  • 33.
    My dear friend happy birthday

    My dear friend happy birthday
    i may not have the best rhymes today
    but few words i'll like to say
    i wish you happiness on this special day read more »

    chibuzor ossai
  • 34.

    Happy, happy, happy
    Everyone likes to be happy
    No one likes to be sad
    Happy, happy, happy read more »

    James Pampeyan
  • 35.
    What is Happiness?

    Is happiness something you’re supposed to feel every day?
    I was happy once. read more »

    Kasidi Wiste
  • 36.
    Hated Shadows

    Happy people
    with happy faces read more »

    Jon Trahan
  • 37.

    Best Friends lead to Happy live

    Favorite Cousins Lead to happy lives read more »

    Vareesha Rahman
  • 38.
    I'm,Too Happy

    I’m walking down the street, I’m happy
    I’m looking at the world, I’m happy
    I’m writing this poem, I’m happy

    I have failed in everything, I’m happy read more »

    Hasnain Zeenwala
  • 39.
    What makes me happy

    What makes me happy is rain,
    Heaven in little drops of liquid.
    And darkness makes me happy,
    Too happy... read more »

    Abigail Allen
  • 40.
    Dying to be happy

    Dying to be happy
    Hate feeling blue
    Dying to be happy
    Have no energy to help me through read more »

    Nomzamo Precious Nhlumayo
  • 41.
    To Be Happy! !

    Listen To The Beat Drops
    Hanging In The Tree
    Listen To The Beat Drops
    Be Careful Of The Bee read more »

    ashmiya thalvan
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