Top 100 Poems About: HAPPY

In this page, poems on / about “happy” are listed.
  • 1.
    A Cradle Song

    Sweet dreams form a shade,
    O'er my lovely infants head.
    Sweet dreams of pleasant streams,
    By happy silent moony beams read more »

    William Blake
  • 2.
    The Joy Of Being Poor


    Let others sing of gold and gear, the joy of being rich;
    But oh, the days when I was poor, a vagrant in a ditch! read more »

    Robert William Service
  • 3.
    Happy As The Day Is Long

    I take the long walk up the staircase to my secret room.
    Today's big news: they found Amelia Earhart's shoe, size 9.
    1992: Charlie Christian is bebopping at Minton's in 1941.
    Today, the Presidential primaries have failed us once again. read more »

    James Tate
  • 4.
    Sonnet 28: How Can I Then Return In Happy Plight

    How can I then return in happy plight
    That am debarred the benefit of rest?
    When day's oppression is not eased by night,
    But day by night, and night by day oppressed? read more »

    William Shakespeare
  • 5.
    A Happy Man

    When these graven lines you see,
    Traveller, do not pity me;
    Though I be among the dead,
    Let no mournful word be said. read more »

    Edwin Arlington Robinson
  • 6.
    A Poem On Divine Revelation

    This is a day of happiness, sweet peace,
    And heavenly sunshine; upon which conven'd
    In full assembly fair, once more we view,
    And hail with voice expressive of the heart, read more »

    Hugh Henry Brackenridge
  • 7.
    Going To Him! Happy Letter! Tell Him--

    'Going to him! Happy letter! Tell him--
    Tell him the page I didn't write;
    Tell him I only said the syntax,
    And left the verb and the pronoun out. read more »

    Emily Dickinson
  • 8.
    Happy The Lab'Rer

    Happy the lab'rer in his Sunday clothes!
    In light-drab coat, smart waistcoat, well-darn'd hose,
    Andhat upon his head, to church he goes;
    As oft, with conscious pride, he downward throws read more »

    Jane Austen
  • 9.
    Thyrsis A Monody

    How changed is here each spot man makes or fills!
    In the two Hinkseys nothing keeps the same;
    The village street its haunted mansion lacks,
    And from the sign is gone Sibylla's name, read more »

    Matthew Arnold
  • 10.
    The Lunger

    Jack would laugh an' joke all day;
    Never saw a lad so gay;
    Singin' like a medder lark,
    Loaded to the Plimsoll mark read more »

    Robert William Service
  • 11.
    Happy The Man

    Happy the man, and happy he alone,
    He who can call today his own:
    He who, secure within, can say,
    Tomorrow do thy worst, for I have lived today. read more »

    John Dryden
  • 12.

    Searching my heart for its true sorrow,
    This is the thing I find to be:
    That I am weary of words and people,
    Sick of the city, wanting the sea; read more »

    Edna St. Vincent Millay
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