Top 100 Poems About: HATE

In this page, poems on / about “hate” are listed.
  • 1.
    Fire And Ice

    Some say the world will end in fire,
    Some say in ice.
    From what I've tasted of desire
    I hold with those who favor fire. read more »

    Robert Frost
  • 2.
    Indeed, Indeed I Cannot Tell

    Indeed indeed, I cannot tell,
    Though I ponder on it well,
    Which were easier to state,
    All my love or all my hate. read more »

    Henry David Thoreau
  • 3.

    I had a bitter enemy,
    His heart to hate he gave,
    And when I died he swore that he
    Would dance upon my grave; read more »

    Robert William Service
  • 4.
    Sonnet 142: Love Is My Sin, And Thy Dear Virtue Hate

    Love is my sin, and thy dear virtue hate,
    Hate of my sin, grounded on sinful loving,
    O, but with mine, compare thou thine own state,
    And thou shalt find it merits not reproving, read more »

    William Shakespeare
  • 5.

    My enemy came nigh,
    And I
    Stared fiercely in his face.
    My lips went writhing back in a grimace, read more »

    James Stephens
  • 6.
    To One Hated

    Hate is only Love that has missed its way.

    Had it been when I came to the valley where the paths parted asunder, read more »

    Lucy Maud Montgomery
  • 7.
    Love And Hate

    Ope not thy lips, thou foolish one,
    Nor turn to me thy face;
    The blasts of heaven shall strike thee down
    Ere I will give thee grace. read more »

    Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal
  • 8.

    Good we must love, and must hate ill,
    For ill is ill, and good good still ;
    But there are things indifferent, read more »

    John Donne
  • 9.
    I Had No Time To Hate, Because

    I had no time to hate, because
    The grave would hinder me,
    And life was not so ample I
    Could finish enmity. read more »

    Emily Dickinson
  • 10.
    The Tournament

    Joust First.

    I. read more »

    Sidney Lanier
  • 11.
    I Murder Hate

    I MURDER hate by flood or field,
    Tho' glory's name may screen us;
    In wars at home I'll spend my blood— read more »

    Robert Burns
  • 12.
    The Peace Of Dives

    The Word came down to Dives in Torment where he lay: read more »

    Rudyard Kipling
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