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Top 100 Poems About: HEART

In this page, poems on / about “heart” are listed.
  • 1.
    'Oh, Heart'

    Oh heart, oh heart, why must you beat?
    Oh heart, oh heart, why must you weap?
    Oh heart, oh heart, why must you hide?
    Oh heart, oh heart, what lies inside? read more »

    Whitney Albright
  • 2.

    My heart will sing if i'hear your happy voice*
    My heart will smile if i'saw your shadow in my dreams*
    My heart will sweet if i'feel your sweet kiss* read more »

    Dwi utami
  • 3.
    An Empty Heart

    an empty heart, doesnt care
    an empty heart has, no love to share

    an empty heart, is a lonely one read more »

    sandy nobody
  • 4.
    The broken little heart

    The broken little heart
    is suffering from pain,
    The broken little heart
    is going insane. read more »

    Meghan Perez
  • 5.

    I have two hearts
    Heart is pulsating with blood
    And heart is pulsating with love
    Heart is overflowing with tears read more »

    Naji Almurisi
  • 6.

    I feel the adrenaline surfing through my heart
    I feel sweat all over my weakened heart
    Upon mentioning of your name my heart is lost
    Where is it, please give it back read more »

    denice logan
  • 7.
    Heart To Heart

    BE KIND read more »

    Sarah Perez
  • 8.

    My heart is filled with wonders
    I smile when I think of you
    My little soul takes flight and flutters
    Whenever you pass me through read more »

    Fatin Khalid
  • 9.
    For the heart, from the heart

    For the heart, from the heart

    The treasure heart you keep inside
    That keeps my dreams away from harm read more »

    Kestrel Quiambao
  • 10.

    Scarred heart
    Burnt heart
    Hollow heart
    Rid of all promises, read more »

    Chermaine Cheng
  • 11.
    my heart

    my heart is broken
    and it's all because of you
    my heart can't be mended
    together with some glue read more »

    crystal angel
  • 12.
    My Heart...What Happened?

    my heart
    my heart is broken and its all because of you
    my heart cant be put back together with some glue read more »

    Taylor Renae Smith
  • 13.
    Open my heart

    Open my heart,
    Seeing that you already have the key.
    Open my heart,
    To meet with the pleasure of your life. read more »

    Jhonny Thermidor
  • 14.
    Lonely hearts

    Lonely hearts, they don't cry
    They moan in silence, they want to die.
    Lonely hearts, they have no fear
    And strength to dropp a single tear read more »

    Katerina Yanchuk
  • 15.
    Broken Hearts

    Two hearts joined
    In the fate of love
    Two hearts break
    In the wings of a dove read more »

    Rose Favela
  • 16.
    My heart

    A heart so young
    A heart of gold
    A heart sublime
    A heart my own read more »

    Courtney Beaudry
  • 17.

    two hearts joined
    in the fate of love
    two hearts break
    on the wings of a dove read more »

    kia pidd
  • 18.
    Empty Heart

    An empty heart doesn’t care
    An empty heart has no love to share

    An empty heart is a lonely hole read more »

    Destiny Avaritia
  • 19.
    My Heart

    My heart is full of love
    My heart is full of joy
    My heart is full of happiness
    just like you feel on happy days read more »

    Anna Pasley
  • 20.
    Without You

    I thought I can live without you
    I thought I can make it through
    I thought maybe my life would be easier alone
    But I was wrong read more »

    Eunice Prudente
  • 21.
    Love wasn't there

    to feel this way was, is a crime
    a crime to the heart
    the heart, feels this way because love wasn't there read more »

    Dez Johnson
  • 22.
    My Heart

    my heart
    my heart is broken and its all because of you
    my heart cant be put back together with some glue read more »

    Francis Ang
  • 23.
    Heart in a Coma

    Sleeping in your hunted tower alone
    Deep inside feelings are buried
    Human statue with a heart of stone
    Outside the guardian beast is frenzied read more »

    Esraa Saad (Troubled Soul)
  • 24.
    The Heart

    Tic-tac. Tic-tac. Tic-tac.
    My heart, your heart, their heart.
    Tic-tac, a doctor. Tic-tac, a priest. Tic-tac, a teacher.
    The heart wounded by the scalpel, prayed by the priest, described in a saga. Tic-tac, an Indian; Tic-tac, a Negro, Tic-tac, a White. read more »

    Fernando de la Fuente Callejo
  • 25.
    My Broken Heart

    My broken heart
    Is here to stay
    My broken heart
    Is breaking away read more »

    Skye Masen
  • 26.
    This Heart

    this heart churns love
    this heart brews hatred
    this heart houses my passions
    my passions share a room with my disinterests read more »

    Stella Sisanda Qishi
  • 27.
    Mind vs. Heart

    Mind: It's too early

    Heart: The timing's right read more »

    Courtney Wills
  • 28.

    I was looking for you, I was waiting for you,
    When suddenly you came up to me, desiring to take me away
    Wanting to be near you, I stayed
    You came up to me, in your heart a place given to stay read more »

    Newfonie J. Inman
  • 29.
    My heart is broken

    My heart is broken,
    Because of you,
    My heart is broken,
    Why is this true, read more »

    Eloise .....
  • 30.
    Beathing Heart

    You Lie on me, with your ear to my heart
    A heart beat that beats for you
    a heart beat that only you can hear
    a heart beat that says your name read more »

    Victor Gama Sabbithi
  • 31.
    Why I miss you?

    Your heart will beat to the song of my heart read more »

    Mastufa AlHaidar
  • 32.
    Lost In My Heart

    I'm bound by my heart

    I'm tortured by my heart read more »

    Matthew Herinckx
  • 33.

    Scarred heart
    Burnt heart
    Hollow heart
    Rid of all promises, read more »

    Piper Brown
  • 34.
    Memory Lane

    In secret dwellings of solemn eras that befalls
    O ye heart cling to truth foretell as journey path end

    Forget not when solemn era arrives read more »

    Adeosun Olamide
  • 35.
    Mothers Day2007

    She hath my heart, she is my mum.
    She hath my heart, she is my only, she is my one.
    She hath my heart, though rough winds may blow.
    She hath my heart, still her love will flow, her love will always show. read more »

    soul child
  • 36.
    A Heart

    A cheerful joyous heart,
    a heart that's hid from view.
    A heart that's so mysterious,
    no one can see into. read more »

    Black Angel
  • 37.
    Your Heart

    A heart like a rock
    A heart full of stone
    My friend let me tell you
    You were never alone read more »

    Christy Hagenbaugh
  • 38.
    Complicated Heart

    My mind looks for him
    But my heart sought you
    My mind said I like him
    But my heart said I love you read more »

    Karen May Mamaril
  • 39.
    It's Always Only You

    For so long it's been only you
    Never another could compare
    I'd come to you with my broken heart
    And you have always been right there read more »

    Glata Grindstaff
  • 40.
    My Heart Burns and Melts

    My heart burns and melts with a pain and sickness

    unlike this world has seen read more »

    Brett Strotman
  • 41.
    Glass Hearts

    Hearts. Hearts everywhere
    Hearts like glass born translucent
    Glass hearts become like stained glass
    Soaking up colors and hues through intimacy with other hearts read more »

    Inexperienced Poet
  • 42.
    My Heart Beats

    Mind thinks, Heart feels and the Heart Beats,
    Heart Beats, When it finds its soulmate.
    Souls meet eachother, when we meet eachother
    We meet, we think, we feel and the Heart Beats. read more »

    Rajesh Kumar Vaishnaw
  • 43.
    Love Blood Tear Heart

    I love you
    I believe you
    you made my heart beat read more »

    Eliar LUN
  • 44.
    LOVE (the union of hearts)

    loves bond of hearts
    love relation of hearts
    decorated life of love
    Adorned with a world love read more »

    anand shrivas
  • 45.
    Heart And Minf Fight

    My mind says,
    Stay in the room
    My heart says,
    See the universe read more »

    Aroon George
  • 46.
    My Heart

    My heart is full of love
    My heart is full of joy
    My heart is full of happiness
    just like you feel on happy days read more »

    Anna PasleyBrooks
  • 47.
    A Heart Full of Sorrow

    A heart that feels
    Such a great pain
    Bond by restraints and chains
    Ready to roam free read more »

    Dr3 Curse
  • 48.
    The hardest path of love

    The hardest path of love, I Wont give up hearts broke feels exactly like burning in hell
    Most wouldent even know where to begin the path of love
    wouldent even find the entrance to start,
    The Path is overwhelmingly hard i am driven by her other heart that is exstreamly full of love my heart read more »

    paul stanchfield
  • 49.
    A Heart For A Heart

    When I think of you words can't describe my feelings. I can't simply throw words on a piece of paper and call it my heart. My heart is the sole reason I'm still alive. It's actually kind of funny seeing how you have taken my beating heart out of my chest read more »

    Jay Rabbit
  • 50.
    my hearts

    one heart, two hearts,
    three hearts, four,
    you want my heart,
    ill give you more. read more »

    christina tate
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