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Top 100 Poems About: HERO

In this page, poems on / about “hero” are listed.
  • 1.
    My Hero

    My Hero is Many,
    My Hero is One.
    My Hero Proudly Holds a Gun.
    My Hero Fights, read more »

    Nathan Kraft
  • 2.
    A Hero?

    Her hero is pretty and thin
    Her hero is a hero to many
    A hero of fame and a hero of fortune
    A role model, a hero of glamour read more »

    Timothy Venard
  • 3.
    my hero

    my hero, my hero didnt have any special powers,
    because my hero didnt fight
    my hero didnt have any wings
    because my hero didnt fly read more »

    salsabila alkhatiry
  • 4.
    05 - A Hero

    A hero thinks of others before they think of themselves
    A hero will die to protect
    A hero can be of any age, any colour
    A hero can be man, woman or child read more »

    nicola burkett
  • 5.
    My Hero's

    My hero's aren't in comics
    My hero's don't wear capes
    My hero's don't battle mythical
    Monsters read more »

    Kelsey Martinson
  • 6.
    My Hero

    My Hero can't leap tall buildings with a single bound. He
    doesn't wear a black costume with a cape and pointy ears.
    He hasn't scored the winning touchdown or shot a three -
    pointer at the buzzer to win the championship. My Hero read more »

    Tim Meister
  • 7.

    A Hero Fights For You
    A Hero Stands By Your Side
    A Hero Is Willing To Go An Inch Longer read more »

    jamie newcomb
  • 8.
    A Hero

    A Hero is someone looked up to,
    Who others could love to be,
    A Hero is someone, who is very courageous,
    And willing to put their life aside for another’s happiness or well being, read more »

    Josh Carew
  • 9.
    The Hero and The Villain

    When you see a Hero,
    what do you think of the Hero?
    'The Hero is Amazing'
    'The Hero saves lives' read more »

    Noel Lopez
  • 10.
    To be Hero

    A hero is some one looked upto
    Who others may love to be
    A hero never loss hope
    To be hero means to be courageous read more »

  • 11.

    No one sits with him
    he doesnt fit in
    we feel like we do when we make fun of him
    cause you want to belong read more »

    sara messina
  • 12.
    My hero

    My hero is the best,
    He is better than all the rest,
    My hero doesn’t like to admit,
    That he is my hero when he dose his little bit read more »

    Paul Prescott
  • 13.
    What is a Hero?

    Never did I ever think of the definition of a hero.
    Is a hero someone who defends the innocent who can’t defend themselves?

    Does a hero need's to be arcane? Is a hero someone who thinks of others first? read more »

    Chrispin Johnson
  • 14.
    ...A Hero in me

    Don't let me go.
    Give me some strength.
    Make me a hero,
    because i am strong. read more »

    Audrey Marie Kay
  • 15.
    The Clock Strikes 12 and The Moment is Gone

    A crooked smile
    Life of a person
    Sitting in denial
    Depression of spirits read more »

    Seairra Kyger
  • 16.
    Let Me Be Your HERO

    Let Me Be Your HERO
    By: Jo E

    My daughter, let me be your Hero. read more »

    Jo Hanna Erk
  • 17.

    In fields of white crosses our heroes lay
    In tombs marked with boldness
    The courage they displayed
    So let's remember in every way read more »

    C. Albert Andrews
  • 18.

    Heroes and heroines you may say are like batman,
    But to me they don’t have to be famous or proud,
    Not necessarily fire-fighters, or police officers,
    They can be me and you. read more »

    louis clarke
  • 19.
    She is and Always will be my Hero

    When I think of my favorite song, it is Hero, by Mariah Carey.
    To me, the hero inside me is my Mother, because when I feel
    I am facing the world alone, she is always there. read more »

    Melissia Ann Senter
  • 20.

    She looks at me
    Looks at me every day,
    She looks at me with lusty eyes.
    She thinks I am a hero read more »

    Lauwo George
  • 21.
    my hero the candle

    I was told to draw my hero
    something to fight away the bad
    while kids drew weapons, superheros, hope
    i drew a candle instead read more »

    eddie eidde
  • 22.
    Dear Daddy

    Dear Daddy,
    Will you come back home,
    Mommies always crying,
    I ask why, read more »

    Shay Shankar
  • 23.
    I Know of a Hero

    Not I, but I know of a hero who...
    Threw himself on a grenade in the mud
    Fortunately for him, it was a dud. read more »

    David Rose
  • 24.
    My Hero Is My Dad

    My hero is my dad,
    my hero is always in my heart,
    my hero is always by my side
    when I'm going through hard times, read more »

    Jan Kurlapski
  • 25.
    My Hero

    A hero can not be defined
    By a book,
    A story,
    Or a simple line. read more »

    Luna Black
  • 26.
    Dedicated to my Brother, Cole

    You gave your life to protect our Freedom...
    You are my Hero...
    You marched fearlessly into the gunfire...
    You are my Hero... read more »

    Katti Janea Wellmaker
  • 27.
    a hero is born.

    read more »

    Gary Manning
  • 28.
    A HERO

    As I opened my history book, began
    to read a familiar name came into
    view. One as a child I had heard my
    father speak of so often. read more »

    Martin Kathavi
  • 29.
    My Father, My Hero

    Dear world
    On this planet lies my father
    The one who loves me
    The one who cares for me read more »

    Amanda Huddleston
  • 30.

    Heroes poem by Lee Howlett

    I meet my heroes on the day i was born read more »

    Lee Howlett
  • 31.

    My hero lives in a world filled with users, losers and snakes.
    My hero is a man of character and would never be a fake.
    My hero stands with pride and always steps up for the weak.
    My hero is understanding and hears you when you speak. read more »

    Rob Hyden
  • 32.
    A Hero

    A Hero

    Is someone that risk their live
    Some that feels pain read more »

    Vanessa Marin
  • 33.
    My Hero

    read more »

    Snerdle Nerdbergle
  • 34.
    a hero

    Hero is someone who is mighty and strong
    a hero defeats the villain who is evil and wrong
    the hero saves the people who need him
    the hero uses his power to free them. read more »

    daniel romero
  • 35.
    Hero's Dependency

    We have our hero's of childhood lore,
    to tales of warriors from ancient past.
    Along with the legends of adventure, to the furthest of shores,
    To the songs of man, who despite everything, held fast. read more »

    Kyle Tadda
  • 36.
    One Life


    One life was lost today
    To the hands of a murderer read more »

    tim green
  • 37.
    What Is A Hero

    A hero is a Dad,
    who carries your heart onto his with his unconditional love.

    A hero is a Dad, read more »

    Linda Patino
  • 38.
    My Hero

    My hero, my hero
    Why do you have to be a zero
    Turning your head around
    Causing everybody to make a frown read more »

    Jazz Christopher
  • 39.
    Ode To A Hero

    My heroes are those who all be brave
    Those who fight, and triumph, against many a knave
    My heros are those who be proud
    Who take a stand and never back down read more »

    bernstien stuart
  • 40.
    The Tear Drops Of Hero's

    the tears were spilled by many, for it was a stormy april day, the soilder weeped as the rain has come, their muddy uniforms were clear with sorrow, their onimous tears droped with thundering views of horrible lives, the dead had come to be buried while the survivors darkened souls shake in their roots, the drops are from thy faces not the rain, so as the dead are being lowered in the ground, the soilders bowed for the fallen in spontanoius fashion, so the throbbing vein of sadness finally popped as a great man read more »

    Timothy Long
  • 41.
    Somebody's Hero

    Some wear a mask, others a cape,
    Some just pass this life unknown,
    Some do leave you yet agape:
    For being loved but doomed to be alone. read more »

    Danny The Dreamer Boyd
  • 42.
    A Hero Can Be Anyone

    If anyone can be a hero
    why should you lie
    keep your lips silent
    and hide in the shadows around read more »

    Obrayan Martinez
  • 43.
    My Hero

    Please send me a hero
    One who can save me
    From judgement and scrutiny
    From hatred, and mutiny read more »

    LilkittenZ Sociopath
  • 44.

    Not just seen in comics,
    We all have hero's,
    But in real life,
    There's also some zero's read more »

    Nicholas Hrynchuk
  • 45.
    My Hero, My Heroin

    I don’t need this
    I don’t need you
    Religious Hypocrites
    Political bullshit read more »

    Paul Fisher
  • 46.
    Hero of War

    read more »

    Hunter Lyda
  • 47.

    I wait for love
    But I never find it
    I wait for acceptance
    But I’m only rejected read more »

    LauraJane O'Sullivan
  • 48.
    My Hero Is Gone

    Mandela Mandiba
    The pride of Africa
    You are the greatest gift to mankind
    History is incomplete without you read more »

    Ezekiel Igbodo
  • 49.

    Being a hero means little to me,
    For I have see men labeled as a coward die as a heroes
    And men called heroes run like cowards. read more »

    Chad LaRowe
  • 50.
    The Hero

    The hero in my life
    Is not fictional
    The hero in my life
    Is so far away read more »

    Julia Harner
  • 51.

    Gift of the universe
    Friendship and love read more »

    Teresa Chrobak
  • 52.
    My Little Hero

    It's time to knock one out of the park
    You're my T-ball Hero you see
    But if all you can do is swing till you're blue
    You're still a hero to me read more »

    Robert Yborra
  • 53.
    A Vixen

    Loving her was like shaking hands with the devil
    Lady gangsters, vixens and spies
    Feeling pretty, staying young
    He is my rosy, rosy, rosy boy read more »

    Floral Flower
  • 54.
    Me and the world

    as the days go by so does my heart fade
    if you were to ask me what happened
    i would simply say the world died
    for my heart unlike so many read more »

    Malcolm Hetherington
  • 55.
    Echoes of Heroes

    Placing Hero’s modern socket to my ear,
    I see the reverberating valor
    I hear the truth through his own teeth
    It was then Hero your head rind whispered; read more »

    David Allen Adams
  • 56.
    Love Relations

    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue read more »

    Tiarna HewittRuhle
  • 57.
    The Story of Joe

    Humvee, Humvee far away
    Keep my uncle safe I pray
    In the desert worlds apart
    He is driving with his heart read more »

    Christin Williams
  • 58.

    As the wind blows and leaves rustle.
    Fire spits through the air.
    Smoke and ash fly everywhere.
    The young and old cower in fear. read more »

    Katie Diaz
  • 59.
    Little Church (of Armenia)

    Copyright ©2012 Brenda J. Roper Terzian

    There was a little church
    On a mountain side read more »

    B.J. Terzian
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