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Top 100 Poems About: HISTORY

In this page, poems on / about “history” are listed.
  • 1.

    school is the best
    my english teacher rocks
    history is fun read more »

    logan dillie
  • 2.
    Puzzles of Memories

    Everyday memories are made
    Every second, every minute, every hour
    Memories of happiness
    Memories of sadness read more »

    Edward Lim
  • 3.

    The poor
    The homeless
    The mother
    The father read more »

    K4me Enahreb
  • 4.
    I Am Apart Of History

    I am apart of history
    History lies deep down inside of me
    I am like Martin Luther King
    Just like him I'm going to let freedom ring read more »

    Jeanette Matthews
  • 5.
    Social Studies

    Geography, History and Civics,
    Three things of the frightening remix
    They cause a lot of confusion,
    To which there is no solution read more »

    Rimjhim Tyagi
  • 6.

    History is a pasted on past of events,
    History is the worlds news all in one,
    History is the most important subject,
    History shows the harmful people, read more »

    richard belis
  • 7.

    AGAIN AND AGAIN read more »

    Dorian Melody
  • 8.

    History, history, history
    Yesterday was history

    We try to learn read more »

    Tiffany M. Davis
  • 9.

    Man of Hope
    and Eloquence

    Painting read more »

    Ellory Mace
  • 10.
    Little Benefits Make Big Benefits

    Everybody has history
    and even other things
    other beings
    Ain't nothing without history read more »

    Danladi Tauhid
  • 11.

    Why is history so important?
    Why isn’t yesterday known as history?
    Why do we learn history at all?
    What would we be called in history? read more »

    sazarh natisi
  • 12.
    history of pride

    As I look to the past and history that unfolds
    Secrets and legends that have been told
    Wars, cries and bloodshed
    Treason and lies that can't be said read more »

    ehab hassouneh
  • 13.
    The Past

    When nothing in the past has taught about the future
    We have the audacity to blame another
    Politics' religion, race or war
    History will prove all those who ignore read more »

    monk frost
  • 14.
    The Tease of Time

    My history a blur
    an ordinary journey
    on embattled terrain
    my feeble heart read more »

    Alan Buckholtz
  • 15.
    History and Nature As One

    one day
    one hour
    one minute
    every passing of time holds a part of history read more »

    Nicole Henson
  • 16.
    Arise Coffin Ship

    I’m of Irish origin of which I’m proud
    Alone we built the world with only bare hands
    All throughout our history burdening a black shroud
    Our own people forced to abandon its land read more »

    mini sla
  • 17.
    The whizz pop chocolate shop! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Up the street and down the lane is were we always played our games
    jumping up and down with glee tomorrow we'll be history
    the chocolate shop great and all goes whizz, pop before the fall
    children playing read more »

    Aoife Bridges
  • 18.
    Man In The Mirror...

    mystery man, history man, dangerous man,
    all that are man.
    but one man sang,
    mystery man, read more »

    Angel Diaz
  • 19.

    I know the history teacher will start
    To tell us about the Greco-roman past
    Now that I know this subject is vast
    It gets more difficult class by class read more »

    Bhavjot Singh
  • 20.
    War Is Our Worlds History

    I Look into a history book.
    And what do I see?
    Pain and agony, death and suffering,
    I see history that tells a lot about our world. read more »

    Christian Cervantes
  • 21.
    The History Ain't Bright...

    I'm here to warn you all of a teacher in your school,
    More foul than Simon Cowell and a dozen times more cruel,
    A schemer. A despot. A crafty student captor.
    Feasts on the fear of first years like some blonde velociraptor, read more »

    Mark Grist
  • 22.
    History Lessons

    Notoriously, history books are warm
    and bland.
    This one is smaller, neatly compacting
    years into large print pages. read more »

    Mary Anderson
  • 23.

    History. History is not papyrus rolls,
    dried yellow parchments,
    not marble on pedestals.
    History is etched in the human heart, read more »

    Janina Degutyte
  • 24.
    You Alone

    You alone . . . control my history
    And write your name on the first page read more »

    Suad Al-Sabah
  • 25.

    You see,
    To understand
    Egyptian history,
    As with all histories - read more »

    Suzy Kassem
  • 26.
    The Gift Of Tenses

    Yesterday is history,
    Tomorrow is a mystery,
    Today is a gift,
    That's why it's called the present. read more »

    Thia Tsiros
  • 27.

    You can sit in your boat of ice
    on the warm flow and watch the
    Whittling sink in.
    Tomorrow will certainly kill you like read more »

    Alex London
  • 28.
    History why do we care

    a famous person dies
    a war rages read more »

    Andrea Thepoet
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