Top 100 Poems About: HOLOCAUST

In this page, poems on / about “holocaust” are listed.
  • 1.

    As seen through the eyes of those who witnessed first hand,
    and liberated the scenes of the Holocaust read more »

    Alf Hutchison
  • 2.
    I Looked Out at Life with Holocaust Eyes

    I looked out at life with Holocaust eyes
    And what better did I know that I had been
    looking through the lens of guilt and affliction,
    Seeing life amiss and askew through my Holocaust guilt, read more »

    Alan Freshman
  • 3.
    Remember The Holocaust

    Mr. Johnson you silly little boy
    Disregard those outrageous assumptions
    The hands of time will continue to progress
    So only you are to blame for your failures my son read more »

    Mustafa Marconi
  • 4.

    Shayad Murdon Ki Basti Mein
    Bas Rahe Hain Hum
    Log Kitne Bejaan, Berukhe Se Hain
    Gham Ke Sannate Mein read more »

    Always Aparna
  • 5.

    When people think of hope they think of simlpe things.
    But when I think of hope I think of my loyalty to GOD.
    Many people lost hope during the Holocaust.
    But thankfuly there hope has been restored. read more »

    John Michael
  • 6.
    tears shed at the holocaust

    read more »

    russell campbell
  • 7.
    September 11, Holocaust

    read more »

    Mimie Durand
  • 8.
    My Holocaust

    My head swirls
    My ears ring
    You say i'm going to live
    When i know i'm going to leave read more »

    Abby Rose
  • 9.
    Never Again! ! !

    Never again shall we suffer in the hand of others

    Never again shall we let our children and family be murdered read more »

    mel hekic
  • 10.

    Holocaust was a very sad event,
    It caused many people to limp and wimp,
    My heart was broken,
    It felt like I was getting choken. read more »

    ashley guthrie
  • 11.
    The Holocaust of Dreams

    Dreams are lined up against the wall
    In an imaginary Holocaust
    One by one, they are shot down
    As the dreamer is grounded read more »

    Megan Louise Brown
  • 12.
    Elegance of Peace

    Worn torn cities—inner city violence
    Death, sorrow and misery
    Feelings of discontent
    Conceptualize with malcontent— read more »

    Gregory (gshaw57) Upshaw
  • 13.
    Mirthless Madrigals

    Mirthless madrigals,
    mumblings of murkish minds,
    the Holocaust, watershed of miseries endless.
    Crows on carrion this mindless carnage subsists, read more »

    Azubuike Justin
  • 14.
    The Holocaust

    In a cold and silent world, weeping people wait,
    Hoping and praying to not face this solemn fate.

    But even thought they were quiet, as quite as they could be, read more »

    Brenda Kodesh
  • 15.

    Not long ago my Heart and I underwent a holocaust.
    So much misery never before seen.
    All unheard of.
    Broken inside; lost for life. read more »

    Rayline Nathan
  • 16.
    Recipe of the Holocaust

    Here is my death recipe,
    made specially for the Holocaust.
    The horror of Anti-Semitism
    That struck Jews during the Second War. read more »

    Antonia Williams
  • 17.
    Adolf Hitler

    <Adolf Hitler, killer of the Jews
    Adolf Hitler, survived a bomb fuse
    Adolf Hitler, once a proud soldier
    Adolf Hitler, whose service would never falter read more »

    Bob Bobson
  • 18.
    Casteism- A Curse

    Why are we so divided on various bases
    Religion, caste, creed, colour and races

    Religions classed as Shudra or Brahmin read more »

    Avirat Shete
  • 19.
    Different Breed of Human Being

    the Germans:
    once said many many decades ago
    that they were a "different breed" of human being
    and that the Jews read more »

    ronald stroman
  • 20.

    All I want is Freedom
    Freedom from sufer
    and torcher.
    I want to be liked not to be known as a fright. read more »

    Yousaf hanifi
  • 21.

    Things went the wrong way,
    humiliation was part of it,
    and in behalf of what is,
    so called wrong in this world read more »

    Abel Obando
  • 22.
    Quest for freedom

    Bureaucracy wages war with the civilians,
    Tyranny watches people lose their breath,
    People suppressed in the name of rules.
    We hopelessly watch, people dying without any need, read more »

    Aravind elango
  • 23.
    Beyond The Sky At Night

    Here we go touring again
    The post-Holocaust
    Not quite post-Holocene read more »

    Jay Allard
  • 24.
    Forsaken Land

    Land of Flame and Shadow,
    Where none live to tell,
    Deserts of ash and sorrow,
    Muffle each desperate yell, read more »

    Majed Sayegh
  • 25.
    Dying in the Hell I Call Home

    in my mind
    as i lay so lost
    with no cure that i can find read more »

    michelle sheppard
  • 26.

    Intimate scrawls of thoroughbred warfare
    Enough nitroglycerine to share
    Carbonized misery intensely bleak
    Cold caliber heat read more »

    Pleasant Floyd
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