Top 100 Poems About: HOLOCAUST

In this page, poems on / about “holocaust” are listed.
  • 1.

    As seen through the eyes of those who witnessed first hand,
    and liberated the scenes of the Holocaust read more »

    Alf Hutchison
  • 2.
    A Holocaust

    When I presage the time shall come--yea, now
    Perchance is come, when you shall fail from me, read more »

    Francis Thompson
  • 3.

    After some days- - -
    The dust blown by
    The tornado will settle
    Flood water will go back to the stream read more »

    Bharati Nayak
  • 4.
    Remember The Holocaust

    Mr. Johnson you silly little boy
    Disregard those outrageous assumptions
    The hands of time will continue to progress
    So only you are to blame for your failures my son read more »

    Mustafa Marconi
  • 5.
    Z. Creatures ***** Insects Holocaust

    A bearded cockroach suffered
    severe comatose
    cat-size rats paralyzed before
    their last supper read more »

    Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan
  • 6.


    Iron pipes that pierce the skyline. read more »

    Irene C S ClarkHogg
  • 7.
    Holocaust After Partition

    It was holocaust after partition
    Little spark had resulted into ignition
    Brothers and neighbors turned into enemy
    It was never wish of any faith or almighty read more »

    Hasmukh Amathalal
  • 8.

    How do you
    explain that term
    to a ten- read more »

    Sudeep Pagedar
  • 9.
    Recipe Of The Holocaust

    Here is my death recipe,
    made specially for the Holocaust.
    The horror of Anti-Semitism
    That struck Jews during the Second War. read more »

    Antonia Williams
  • 10.

    We played, we laughed
    we were loved.
    We were ripped from the arms of our read more »

    Barbara Sonek
  • 11.
    International Holocaust Remembrance Day Haiku

    international holocaust remembrance day
    the scar that never could be seen
    that never heals read more »

    john tiong chunghoo
  • 12.
    Holocaust Victim

    Robbed of my childhood,
    Bundled in smelly rags,
    Humiliated to the lowest ebbs of Hell,
    Stiffened with fright read more »

    Arthur Weil
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