Top 100 Poems About: HOMEWORK

In this page, poems on / about “homework” are listed.
  • 1.
    school school school

    Every school has a name but
    school is so lame
    school what can I say
    school im there like every day read more »

    somebody u will never know
  • 2.

    Sometimes my homework is small
    Sometimes my homework is long
    But whenever i do my homework
    My homework is always wrong read more »

    Faiz Khan
  • 3.
    My excuses

    I started on my homework
    but my pen ran out of ink.
    My hamster ate my homework.
    My computer's on the blink. read more »

    Arielle Perkins
  • 4.
    Why do i hate my Homework?

    Why do I hate my homework?
    It is a pest like a brother
    Or a sister of another
    It is like a very boring book read more »

    Anthony Pham
  • 5.
    Tests And Homework And Quizzes AND SCHOOL

    You know that if there was one thing,
    That you could take from school,
    It wouldn't be art or math or history,
    It would be work. read more »

    David Kulczyk
  • 6.

    School is fun,
    School is great,
    Even if your late. read more »

    Samantha Holstiene
  • 7.

    Some things you like, Some you hate.
    Wake up at six, But you're still always late. read more »

    Brian Aji
  • 8.
    ***Growing up***

    Life was different
    from then to now.
    You can get away
    with things easily. read more »

    RiRi S...
  • 9.
    I Haven't Done My Homework!

    I haven't done my homework Dad!

    (Dad) Well my boy that's very bad! read more »

    Alex Skerratt
  • 10.
    School Time

    Some of your classes might be boring,
    But don’t you dare get caught snoring.
    Get your homework done,
    Then go out and have some fun. read more »

    Kim Ferguson
  • 11.
    Hoemwork Love

    I love my homework,
    Yes I do!
    I do my homework,
    Yes I do! read more »

    Sharmila Saheed
  • 12.
    No homework

    No homework, no homework, no homework
    it would be lovely, it would be great,
    it would be as good as chocolate cake. read more »

    Ben Mannion
  • 13.
    My English Teacher

    Our Teacher teaches us English
    And makes learning real fun
    She teaches us grammar
    And mends our manner read more »

    Albert John
  • 14.
    Oh Homework

    Homework! Oh, homework!
    I hate you! You stink!
    I wish I could wash you
    away in the sink. read more »

    Amadeo Wongsodihardjo
  • 15.
    Not my fault

    Today I handed in my homework
    I'm so proud of myself
    The teacher got my homework
    But then, he said I had did it wrong read more »

    isabelle wei
  • 16.
    Advice to Students: Don't You Quit!

    Let me give you some advice
    Take it, leave it but be nice
    If you take it, you will pass
    If you leave it, you may pass read more »

    Omar Osman Jabak
  • 17.
    I hate school

    I hate school it's a waste of time,
    all you do is talk and ryme,
    you get loads of homework whats the point,
    it teaches you nothing yes nothing is taught, read more »

    Clarice Hughes
  • 18.
    my excuses

     I started on my homewor
    but my pen ran out of ink.
    My hamster ate my homework.
    My computer's on the blink. read more »

    poem master
  • 19.

    Stress is lots of homework!
    Stress is living up to people’s expectation!
    Stress is not having enough money!
    Stress is nagging parents! read more »

    Kou Jie
  • 20.
    I Remember.....

    I remember going to your house,
    Staying up till the early hours of morning read more »

    DaunaLee Martens
  • 21.
    Inside the classroom

    Empty Faces
    stare back at the desk
    they sit in
    those are the tired ones read more »

    uder pressure
  • 22.

    Friends should be there for each other
    And spend time with one another.
    My friend lends a helping hand
    And I'm there to support him and understand. We call one another on the phone, read more »

    David C. Simon
  • 23.
    I Hate Homework

    As the day grows long and weary
    My homework begins to parry
    On the dueling field of procrastination
    Which unfortunately to my teacher’s fascination read more »

    Damian Dauthdaert
  • 24.
    Home work

    sometimesa my home work is small
    sometimes my home work is long
    but when ever i do my home work
    it is always wrong read more »

    mehwish shakeel
  • 25.
    My Mother And I

    You dropped me off for the first day of school,
    You cried a little and I looked like a fool,
    You watched me play, play all day,
    As you sat there, you would say, read more »

    Alexis R.
  • 26.
    “I still think about you every day”

    The words haunting, comforting,
    A fragment of my past drops in
    Makes her random visit
    To shake my once fragile world, read more »

    Lorene Kinsey
  • 27.
    Things to do

    A book to read,
    a poem to write,
    a chapter to learn,
    homework to do, read more »

    Anne Unknown
  • 28.
    Class of 2007

    Times have come
    times have went
    some were bad
    some were ment read more »

    Marow Shadows
  • 29.
    I Ate My Homework For Brekky

    I ate my homework for brekky,
    whilst tying on my shoes.
    I had a sidecourse of spaghetti,
    but my poor dog had the blues. read more »

    Abdul Naheesapolotomis
  • 30.

    Why homework is so boring
    I try to do my homework but whenever I do my homework
    My homework is always wrong
    What should I do the next time I get homework read more »

    Rada Traifi
  • 31.

    Pressure on my chest
    Stress, Stress, Stress
    Why do I stress
    Pressure read more »

    Emma Litchfield
  • 32.
    my teacher ate my homework

    my teacher ate my homework,
    which i thought was rather odd.
    he sniffed at it and smiled,
    and gave a thoughtful chew. read more »

    shaikha alansari
  • 33.

    Fear is the burning hell, red as the blazing flames
    Fear is the hot taste of anger and revenge that you can't resist
    Fear is the smell of a malicious grin of a walking devil
    Fear sounds nothing more than the coldness of the dark read more »

    Lewis Carroll Ken Luke
  • 34.

    boring homework, stupid uniforms that I have to wear
    teachers that make you want to hide and tests that make you stress
    the single boy that you secretly love does not even acknowledge you
    rumors that are not true read more »

    Katie Holland
  • 35.

    Why do I do this
    I know it's not right
    But yet I can't help it
    I need to work on my homework read more »

    Ann Young
  • 36.
    My Teacher's Going Crazy

    My teacher's going crazy
    I have no idea why
    I think as I see
    a pencil zooming by read more »

    Bridget Hilinski
  • 37.

    Adults, Adults,

    How boring they are, read more »

    Arabella Underwood
  • 38.
    Homework Is Insane

    homework is insane, insane
    its insane because your all over the place
    homework can be insane, crazy, fun, fantastic
    kids decide what you think of it read more »

    Rachel DerbornMaguire
  • 39.
    Home work

    I started on my homework,

    but my pen ran out of ink! read more »

    Adam Davis
  • 40.
    I Forgot my childhood

    I forgot the streets in which I used to walk……
    I forgot the senseless things I used to talk…….

    I forgot the joy of completing all homework…… read more »

  • 41.
    A prisoner

    A prisoner
    Summer ends
    And prison begins
    A march to learn, by torture read more »

    Mandy rachelle
  • 42.

    read more »

    Ooi Yen Sun
  • 43.
    Sleepy Days

    Today we will be...
    Do you cant remember what we did?
    All I remember is that the teacher said
    We would be doing something today read more »

    Sam D xxooxxoo
  • 44.
    Much Love For Jessica

    Deep soulful brown eyes—
    the essence of nature—
    from which everything grows!
    Face of light and love, a read more »

    alexandra mars edmonds
  • 45.
    Things I Have Lost

    During my life I've lost many things...

    I've lost my teddy bear read more »

    Lydia Shivley
  • 46.
    i can't go to school today

    I can't go to school today
    my fingers are as cold as ice
    i will die
    my hair is so messy it jummped off my head read more »

    zoie wood
  • 47.
    There's No Escaping Family

    It seems like I do plenty—
    I sing and play guitar,
    I try to get my homework done
    and learn to drive a car. read more »

    A.J. Kent
  • 48.
    to who it concerns

    to who it concerns
    My homework will be late
    It fell onto my pancakes
    and stuck to my plate read more »

    Erin Ryytty
  • 49.
    Friday Night

    It’s the starting of holiday
    Doesn’t feel that happy anyway

    Feel tired and alone read more »

    Poeta Inspirado
  • 50.
    Daily routine version 1

    Today is Sunday
    A real fun day
    I get up at 10
    Because of the hen read more »

    swarangi patil
  • 51.

    Friends, foes
    Boyfriends and girlfriends
    Getting new clothes
    And homework that never ends. read more »

    donique bobb
  • 52.
    I Meant to..

    I meant to play today,
    but my homework got in the way,
    and then I had to give the horse some hay,
    and my sister was acting gay, read more »

    Katie Ann Key
  • 53.
    Mrs. Bass's 8th Grade Language Arts Class

    Welcome,8th grade, to this class,
    I teach Language Arts because I'm Mrs. Bass.

    Pick a desk and have a seat, read more »

    christy tanksley
  • 54.
    College Campus

    Colleges are very large.
    There isn’t much heat.
    If you walk into a dorm,
    You’ll notice it isn’t neat. read more »

    Colin Murphy
  • 55.
    ode to the paper shredder

    Jazzy Jazzy,
    I love you, but your a spazzy.
    You could not have been any lamer,
    to have ripped up my paper. read more »

    francesca parnigoni
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