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Top 100 Poems About: HOPE

In this page, poems on / about “hope” are listed.
  • 1.
    What is hope.................

    What hope means

    Hope is bright shining light which keeps darkness at the bay
    Hope is gentle cold breeze on a hot summer day read more »

    Vineet Bansal
  • 2.
    Y... In the Dark of the Night (poem about hope)

    It is dark, no moon, no light
    Just darkness, a starless sky
    The wind blows, the waves break
    A single firefly passes by read more »

    Aufie Zophy
  • 3.
    Hope Your Happy

    I hope your happy with your life
    I hope your happy with your wife
    I hope you see what you have done
    I hope you see that this is all wrong read more »

    Jessica Anonymous
  • 4.
    Dare I Hope?

    Dare I hope to hope?
    Is it safe? Is it right?
    Am I hoping for nothing
    But a black and empty night? read more »

    Sophia White
  • 5.

    I hope that you well get by
    I hope that you well love me
    I hope that you well care for me
    I hope that you and I are happy read more »

    Bradley Stewart
  • 6.

    Im not crazy
    Im not dreaming

    I hope read more »

    ice johnson
  • 7.

    Hope is a candle in the night
    hope is a long respite

    Hope is a feather read more »

    Melvin T
  • 8.
    rhyme Bye-Bye Love, part un - The Good a poem about the end of love love love that stays in good taste

    Bye-Bye Love
    Hope that life is kinder to you
    Than you’ve ever been to me read more »

    Ronberge (anno secundo)
  • 9.
    I Hope

    I Hope my brother learns to stay
    I Hope that he will find away
    I Hope he will stay for ever
    I Hope untill im 20 or better read more »

    Brooke Glasford
  • 10.

    Hope is the sweet, sweet scent
    of flowers in the morning
    Hope is the cool gentle breeze
    on a warm summer's day read more »

    Krantol Northic
  • 11.
    I hope

    I hope you surf the waves in form the ocean,
    Big and small.
    I hope you watch the sunset,
    From a mountain straight and tall. read more »

    Sara Magana
  • 12.
    Endless Hope

    Endless Hope
    The endless hope
    I’ve tried
    I gave it my all read more »

    Keith Young
  • 13.
    To Write

    A poem
    To me a ray of hope
    Where more likely than not
    None shall shine read more »

    Christopher Taber
  • 14.
    What I Hope

    I hope you're happy
    I hope you're proud
    I hope you know how I felt
    When you said 'Three's a crowd' read more »

    Megan Reily
  • 15.
    What Is Hope?

    What is hope.................

    What hope means read more »

    Andy Falkenburg
  • 16.
    All Hope

    All hope lies in tomorrow
    Betrayed by yesterday
    For every new horizon
    There is a price to pay read more »

    Bill Smith
  • 17.
    The one I did not become

    Hope the sun shine so bright
    To make your day bright
    Hope the birds can sing
    The song I used to sing read more »

    sweet seven
  • 18.
    Hope At It's Strongest

    Hope is the thing that keeps us going
    Hope is a poem without any words
    Hope is what follows us everyday
    Hope is the light that sparks our eyes read more »

    laura random
  • 19.

    What I hope for is happy.
    What I hope for is love.
    What I hope for is peace.
    What I hope for is that hope itself is not lost. read more »

    jody johnson
  • 20.

    In every dawn,
    you find hope
    Hope for a new day
    & enjoy it blissfully. read more »

    chanchal dhakal
  • 21.
    Today... 'Hope'

    Hope that's a certainty
    Hope steadfast and sure
    Hope for eternity
    Hope that will endure read more »

    Roy Allen
  • 22.
    I HOPE

    I hope
    That a friend in need
    Is a freind indeed
    And i hope read more »

    lana andrews
  • 23.
    Simply Alone

    Simply alone as an angel cries
    Becoming empty as all her
    Hope hides
    Simply alone she sits by a window read more »

    susan covington
  • 24.

    Hope is a dream
    one that never ends
    hope is a friend
    one never leaves read more »

    ryanne askar
  • 25.
    For Hope We Live

    Why does the sun rise
    Why do we get up every morning
    Why is there breath in our lungs
    Why are we here read more »

    Caroline Nderitu
  • 26.
    Hope And Faith

    Born of the same mother,
    Hope and faith were brother,
    But destiny threw them apart,
    God gave both a different part. read more »

    Aditya Raj Verma
  • 27.
    I Hope You're Happy

    I hope you're happy.
    I hope you don't give it a second thought.
    I hope you're happy but that's not enough.
    I hope your miserble in that grave you dug. read more »

    Samantha Ashley
  • 28.
    i just hope i dont regert loving you

    i hope you think of me
    i hope you miss me
    i hope you once loved me
    i hope i regret loving you read more »

    jamie LOPEZ
  • 29.
    i hope

    i hope
    you will always be there mom
    i hope your not mad at when i don't do the dishes
    promise me read more »

    AMANDA Lynch
  • 30.
    hope floats

    Even as things go downhill
    And life becomes hell
    Hope floats
    Even as the world deserts you read more »

    akshaya shah
  • 31.
    Hope is a part of Life

    Hope is for happiness to an ending
    Hope is nothing if you don't beleive
    Hope is a shooting star if you see one
    Something can never end so, Hope is a part of Life read more »

    Vanessa Sleeth
  • 32.
    know and feel.

    i hope you feel it in
    your heart and your head

    i hope you remember read more »

    nina ...
  • 33.
    Just Me

    I hope you're here now
    I hope you're mine
    I hope you love me
    The way it should be read more »

    jaira joyce
  • 34.
    I Hope

    I hope
    We can be like this forever
    I hope
    We can holding hands each other read more »

    Shyuki Nawaii
  • 35.
    I Crave For Success

    I dream the future without the past
    Of when my success will be a blast
    Intent of heart, I see the best
    Hope for the future, with God I rest. read more »

    Vyktor Ekott
  • 36.
    Dreams Make the World Go 'Round

    'Hope is a waking dream.' Aristotle

    Hope is a dream - a survival of our inner thoughts,
    Love is a hope that opens up our hearts, read more »

    Jona PoloRamirez
  • 37.
    Hope May

    Hope comes like a shining light
    Hope comes when there is no way in sight
    When you lose your heart you lose it all
    But Hope is always there to catch you when you fall read more »

    Tami Gee
  • 38.
    My Hopes

    Theres so many things in this life
    That we can not explain
    I hope that on the other side
    We will meet again read more »

    Kevin Campbell
  • 39.
    Hope is

    Hope is the torch
    which keeps darkness at bay
    a solitary beacon
    to show us the way read more »

    Miriam Owens
  • 40.

    What hope means,

    Hope is bright shining light,
    Which keeps darkness at the bay, read more »

    Hamsa Elfarash
  • 41.
    i hope

    i hope some day you feel my pain.
    i hope some day you hurt the same.
    i hope your heart breaks just like mine,
    i hope you learn in the hands of time. read more »

    Ashley Sueanna Knight
  • 42.
    When You Find Me In My Blood

    I hope u'll miss me when im gone

    I hope u'll miss my hug
    That warmed you read more »

    Eddie Pre
  • 43.

    Hope that they find hope and hope that they will,
    hope they will cope with hope in a pill.
    Hoping theyl forget today and hope for tomorrow,
    hoping they hope past all their hopelessness and sorrow. read more »

    Captain Violent K Dick
  • 44.
    I hope our future will be

    read more »

    breanna lashell brownlee
  • 45.
    I Sit And Hope

    And hope
    that you my love, read more »

    Mwenda Kirimi
  • 46.
    Shall we hope?

    Shall we hope?
    Hope for a better life?
    Hope to feel like we actually live?
    Hope for a chance to do things better? read more »

    Music Galore
  • 47.
    Pain, Hope

    Every time I see the light
    I'm pushed back by pain
    The pain that haunts me
    The pain that kills me read more »

    Jordan Usselman
  • 48.
    Hope May Be... (please comment, project for english)

    Hope may be…

    Hope may be: us teenagers of this world in high schools and universities; hope is us teenagers fitting in this big and scary world; hope is us teenagers and our decisions to proceed to new passages.
    Hope may be: us kids of this world; hope is the kids of this world and what route they decide to take in long run; hope is the kids of this world who will turn this world around. read more »

    Sam Hussin
  • 49.
    For All That We Hope For

    For all that we hope for and for all that we fervor
    For time is said to heal wounded emotions
    Although this time can never be replayed
    The moments we shared will always be adored read more »

    Moody Amakobe
  • 50.
    Since I Was Given Hope

    I do not own faith
    And I do not own love
    But hope- hope is mine.
    Hope is my gift read more »

    May Doyle
  • 51.
    Hope Never Die! !

    Hope makes us secure,
    With a belief that every pain has a cure!
    Hope comes from with- in heart,
    It makes work things that were fallen apart! read more »

    Shweta Pamnani
  • 52.


    MY HOPE FOR BRIGHTER DAYS, read more »

    nadir lovo
  • 53.
    Undying Hope

    Hope never ceases to die
    For the hopefuls triumph
    The cowards go backwards
    The heroes assert that truth prevails read more »

    Lovella Bargas
  • 54.

    When the star sings the song of night
    And disappears in silence
    I remember our vows
    And I hope you too remember them read more »

    anempty bottle
  • 55.

    Hope is the fire of the heart,
    and the light in the dark.

    Hope for peace. read more »

    Brandon Pak Ken So
  • 56.

    Hope, a four letter word
    but with great depth
    as regardless of the situation
    hope never dies read more »

    Ridhima Mehrotra
  • 57.

    Hope is what thrives us, it is hope that makes us human, it is hope that gives meaning to our short and pitiful lives without hope what else would push ourselves to the limit, without hope the world would be a desolate wasteland, for hope was the last thing to fly out of the box. read more »

    Christian Dodd
  • 58.
    I Hope It Just A Nightmare

    I hope it just a nightmare
    Everything I see are the same
    Just black and so dark read more »

    Thousands Wonderful
  • 59.
    A New Era

    Big resolutions, small hopes,
    I want to read more useful books
    Worthy ones not captivated by looks
    And have strong deadlines without hooks. read more »

    Abie Arun
  • 60.

    Fear can kill a man
    But hope still stands
    Because hope is greater than fear,
    And when the end is near, read more »

    Maelea Mercado
  • 61.
    happy birthday (to whome ever belong)

    it is your birthday
    filled with cheer
    it is your birthday
    this year read more »

    hot 'N cold
  • 62.

    Hope is what I never had
    Hope is what I feared
    Hope is what you gave me
    and then it disapeared read more »

    Danyel Theresa Vertalics
  • 63.
    On Hope

    There is no pleasure,
    like the pleasure of knowing things,
    and no joy,
    like the joy of doing things. read more »

    Jayesh Ganesh
  • 64.
    your gone

    I hope you come
    and than smile to me
    I hope you come
    and than stroking my hair read more »

    Farah Saufika M
  • 65.
    Have No Say

    Do you really feel the right -
    With what you did at night?
    You know i won't hurt no more
    I just hope i left you saw read more »

    Rozina ...
  • 66.
    Will You Be With Me

    I hope things are well with us;
    But somewhere my hope about you
    Is more than hope itself and life itself.
    What shall happen so shall happen read more »

    Rajesh Kumar Vaishnaw
  • 67.
    Black Hole

    A deep black hole,
    The pull so powerful,
    and the end no end.
    Deeper, deeper.... read more »

    Jimme Tee
  • 68.

    Hope is what wakes you up each morning with a smile
    Hope is a Hug_a family hug, a friend hug_a lover hug_a child's hug
    They all signify CARE
    Hope is a smile when someone you care for smiles at you read more »

    Bonnie Cameron
  • 69.
    Warranted Infidelity

    Predawn slumber interrupted, I lie still as Regret sleeps peacefully. I can't get Hope off of my mind. If Regret only knew that Hope has taken up residence in my heart. Regret was a lot like Hope in the beginning, we even thought of procreating and giving birth to Future; that has all changed. What could be breezes cause make a choice branches to tap against the He can't come out windows double insulated by Regret to ensure that I never come across Hope. read more »

    Minsmif Poetry
  • 70.
    HOPE IS.... X

    hope is the silver lining round every grey cloud,
    hope is the rays in the sky when the sun comes out,

    hope is the day u wake up on the right side of bed read more »

    Deborah Hyslop
  • 71.

    For a hundred years we have slept
    Devoid of heart and soul
    And for a hundred more, we have wept
    As life took its bitter toll read more »

    Eithne Melee
  • 72.

    An impossible yearning

    Hope read more »

    Chiteki Burosammu
  • 73.
    Live, Love, Laugh

    Live, Love, Laugh like you never have before
    Hope gives us life love and makes us laugh
    We hope to always Live, Love, Laugh
    Give hope when you live, love and laugh read more »

    HollJo Johnston
  • 74.
    I Wake Up Hoping

    I wake up hoping to see your face
    I wake up hoping to feel your grace read more »

    Tyanah Barrow
  • 75.
    Where I hoped

    Where I hoped to find comfort.
    Where I hoped to find shelter. read more »

    Ntsikelelo Ndlovu
  • 76.

    Hope controls motivation limits
    And keeps all alive; those who believe in it
    For with hope
    You know you've been defeated read more »

    William King Jr.
  • 77.
    A Letter to A Friend

    Dear Friend,

    I hope you always seize the day
    And make a name, find a way. read more »

    Jessi Odom
  • 78.
    What Hope Can Do.

    Hope is what strives you to be the best that you can.
    Hope is what helps you hold on. read more »

    Billy AstonWright
  • 79.
    I hope you enjoy your time away

    I hope you enjoy your time away
    Those awesome times,
    Those lovely days
    I hope you enjoy your time away read more »

    Gerald Fitzwilliam
  • 80.
    Every Morning When I Wake Up!

    Every morning when I wake up with a hope of peace
    some sad imaginations struck my head and dirt my soul
    my days from years been so hard if had
    i drinking my posion of sins that remain undone read more »

  • 81.
    hope is....

    hope is the joy in every sadness
    hope is the light in every dark
    hpe is the day in every night
    hope is the richness within the poor read more »

    sisi sibyl
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