Top 100 Poems About: HORSE

In this page, poems on / about “horse” are listed.
  • 1.
    Horse and Rider

    The prairie blows the grasses
    And whips the horse’s mane.
    They travel, horse and rider,
    Through the sea of amber grain read more »

    Ivy Schex
  • 2.
    Horse and Rider

    The prairie blows the grasses
    And whips the horse’s mane.
    They travel, horse and rider,
    Through the sea of amber grain read more »

    Horse Poet
  • 3.
    A Gallop of Fire

    When the north wind moans thro' the blind creek courses
    And revels with harsh, hot sand,
    I loose the horses, the wild red horses,
    I loose the horses, the mad, red horses, read more »

    Marie E J Pitt
  • 4.
    Me & My Horse

    riding together,
    you and your horse.

    as you run against the wind all you call hear is- read more »

    Horse Lover
  • 5.

    Horses, they bring such joy,

    Horses, they’re like oversized toys. read more »

    Lucky You
  • 6.
    If Only Wishes Were Horses, Part 2

    I dream and dream and dream
    And dream and dream and dream,
    And keep on crying and praying
    For chariots many and huge horses - read more »

    Comfort Ndlovu
  • 7.
    'Just a Horse'

    From time to time,
    People tell me 'lighten up, it's just a horse.'
    From time to time
    People tell me, ' a lot of money spent' read more »

    jess schwarcz
  • 8.
    Just a Horse

    A friend died recently
    Our hearts filled with remorse
    Some may not understand
    They’ll say, “He was just a horse” read more »

    Ron Secoy
  • 9.
    Looking for my Horse

    Just the other day I lost my horse
    I lost my horse, I lost it somewhere
    Not here for sure or I would find it
    My horse is hungry my horse must drink read more »

    Werner Klokow
  • 10.
    A Horse Is A Horse

    A horse is a horse and a man is a man
    And neither can be the other
    And each can survive but is much better
    In the company of one another. read more »

    Tomás Ó Cárthaigh
  • 11.
    Horse And I

    Horse and I
    ride each other

    I saddle the horse read more »

    Ajmer Rode
  • 12.
    The White horse

    I see the diagonal of a halter on a white horse
    Intersection in Nogales where cars are halted..
    A girl reads a book on the storefront icon.
    A mexican man holds the horse's reigns. read more »

    Barbara Field
  • 13.
    A Horse Racing Legend

    Along comes a horse
    So powerful and sleek
    He runs with his heart
    Not his feet. read more »

    Hannah Branz
  • 14.
    The confusing of horse and donkey

    There was a man
    riding on a horse
    horse have a mark of cross read more »

    Shahzeb Azhar
  • 15.
    White Horses

    Count the white horses you meet on the way,
    Count the white horses, child day after day,
    Keep a wish ready for wishing - if you
    Wish on the ninth horse, your wish will come true. read more »

    Eleanor Farjeon
  • 16.
    Horse is All

    If I can dream of a horse.
    I can fight for a horse.
    I can hope for a horse. read more »

    Brooke Kaz
  • 17.

    I wish I had a magic horse
    To fly me to the land
    Where Crackin's play
    And Witches stay read more »

    James R. Alderson
  • 18.
    Yay or Nay- Neigh

    'Neigh, '
    Goes the horse or a sunny day
    'Neigh, '
    Goes the horse when the rain sends the sun away read more »

    Candace Johnson
  • 19.
    Wild Animals

    pounding of hooves echoing in silent winds.
    haunting houls of wolves standing high silloueted next to the gaping moon.
    laughters of the human race sitting patiently at the top of a elaphant.
    some wore balacavas hiding their faces from the world. read more »

    Romina SawardClarke
  • 20.
    The Grandest Horse

    If I were a rider with desert to cross,
    I would seek the Grandest Horse,
    To carry me through the roughest terrain--
    The heat in the south, the freeze and the rain -- read more »

    Stanley Watson
  • 21.
    12. Moonlight River

    Black horse, strolling alone, to the river read more »

    Eugene Issaus
  • 22.

    Flying across an open field
    Horse and Rider blend from two
    Working in harmony to win the race
    The other horses will have quite a chase read more »

    Holly Rucker
  • 23.
    The Horse

    I walked across the field and saw a horse.

    I stopped to watch, he didn't seem to mind. read more »

    Markulka Piecka
  • 24.
    I Love Horses

    I love horses, I love them all.
    Highest hands to mini small.
    Horses that cut the cows,
    Dancing greats that take the bows. read more »

    Gary Moulton
  • 25.
    Red Horse

    Red horse
    Comes out from the snow
    Red horse
    Well what do you know read more »

    Spike Monni
  • 26.

    Horses are cute and Healthy,
    Some Horses are shy some Horses are Energetic,
    Horses need Exersise,
    Happy Horses = Happy you, read more »

    Holly Orr
  • 27.
    Sad horse

    A sad horse was looking at night starry sky
    inwardly walking on the Milky Way.
    The yellow new moon seemed to be shining slice
    of loaf made by someone from star meal last day. read more »

    Galina Nagornaya
  • 28.
    Horses' Consent?

    how does one know if horses consent to the slavery, the spurs, the whips, the bit in the teeth, the neck jerking reins, the thirst, hunger,
    the forced marches, the barn fires, the lives of loneliness shunted from
    one abandoning home to the next, the broken legs in racing, the horse slaughterhouses of
    France and read more »

    Anna Hridaya
  • 29.

    I was walking down
    An empty street
    With nothing except a horse to disturb me
    Wondering where could I be read more »

    Justin Lederman
  • 30.

    Intelligent Equestrians
    cantering, trotting, walking
    Beautiful horses trotting along the horizon read more »

    brooke Dunne
  • 31.
    Mark Time

    Sequence of horses—negatives of actual geldings
    foundering near the aqueduct. Clinical, and pastoral.
    Sick horses swim out for China read more »

    Sarah Vap
  • 32.
    Oh Yes I Love My Horse

    Oh yes I love my horse,
    and my horse she doth love me.
    Riding o'er the countryside,
    beneath me my trusty steed. read more »

    Kayla Lonkard
  • 33.
    Today is one of my saddest days in my life

    Today is one of my saddest days in my life.

    Summoned for
    divorce I rather let a read more »

    fabian montes
  • 34.

    Wave dappled sand, smoothly inviting
    Small naked footprints etched in your breast
    Circling seabirds in pairs are alighting
    On cliff face and rock to establish a nest read more »

    Irene Hustwait
  • 35.
    Riding a Horse -new-

    Grasping the reins, I lean forward slightly
    Taking a deep breath, I nudge my horse lightly.
    At a quick, graceful trot, I begin to feel sure,
    My horse whinnies to me, indicating I'm secure. read more »

    Rhea Badhwar
  • 36.
    Long-Lost Memories

    Among the valleys and dusty moors,
    lies hidden memories beneath the forest floor.
    A tale so sad its never told,
    a woman and horse, a match made in gold. read more »

    Gabriella Hart
  • 37.

    He clings to him full-body,
    His face buried in the mane.
    One of his legs is thrown over read more »

    Edward Lemond
  • 38.
    Life Through A Horses Eye

    you tried to get me to jump scary poles
    you whipped till i bled
    my heart feels like its full of holes
    you gave me so many scars on my head read more »

    jayne huggs
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