Top 100 Poems About: HORSE

In this page, poems on / about “horse” are listed.
  • 1.
    The White Horse

    I see the diagonal of a halter on a white horse
    Intersection in Nogales where cars are halted..
    A girl reads a book on the storefront icon.
    A mexican man holds the horse's reigns. read more »

    Barbara Field
  • 2.
    Horse Sense

    Stepping stepping and changing lead
    Bowing your head to kiss my cheek
    There's no need to speak
    Please don't stand too close read more »

    Carney Brown
  • 3.
    Mighty Iron Horse

    Here it comes again,
    That melancholy sound.
    Oh how magically,
    It makes my heart pound. read more »

    Hallette Dawson
  • 4.
    Rocking Horse

    Rocking horse under the tree
    a new doll for baby and me.
    A wind up train for Bobby,
    a shinny bike for Georgie. read more »

    Helen J. Jarvis
  • 5.
    The Grandest Horse

    If I were a rider with desert to cross,
    I would seek the Grandest Horse,
    To carry me through the roughest terrain--
    The heat in the south, the freeze and the rain -- read more »

    Stanley Watson
  • 6.
    Don'T Let That Horse

    Don't let that horse
             eat that violin
    cried Chagall's mother read more »

    Lawrence Ferlinghetti
  • 7.
    The Black Horse Rider

    For George Anthell

    Between them is the land of broken colors,
    the land that makes a mock of him read more »

    Pierre Loving
  • 8.
    Sonnet Xli: Having This Day My Horse

    Having this day my horse, my hand, my lance
    Guided so well that I obtain'd the prize,
    Both by the judgment of the English eyes
    And of some sent from that sweet enemy France; read more »

    Sir Philip Sidney
  • 9.
    Miles Keogh's Horse

    On the bluff of the Little Big-Horn,
    At the close of a woful day,
    Custer and his Three Hundred
    In death and silence lay. read more »

    John Hay
  • 10.
    The Old Whim Horse

    He's an old grey horse, with his head bowed sadly,
       And with dim old eyes and a queer roll aft,
    With the off-fore sprung and the hind screwed badly,
       And he bears all over the brands of graft; read more »

    Edward George Dyson
  • 11.
    Horse In The Cage

    Its face, as long as an arm, looks down & down.
    Then the iron gate sound of the cage swings shut
    above the bed, a bell as big as the room: quarter-
    moon of the head, its nose, its whole lean body read more »

    Stanley Plumly
  • 12.
    White Gliding Horse

    During the long winter night
    Implicit and cold.
    Crispy, icy and solitary sight
    Shadows of autumn trees read more »

    Ashraf Gohar Goreja
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