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Top 100 Poems About: HOUSE

In this page, poems on / about “house” are listed.
  • 1.
    An Insistent Knocking

    Life, said the old poet
    is an insistent knocking
    on doors that won't open
    into houses read more »

    Percy Dovetonsils
  • 2.
    my summer

    my summer is boring
    my summer is wake
    my summer is harebell
    my summer is stupid read more »

    jencelyn marin
  • 3.
    Animals' Houses

    Of animals' houses
    Two sorts are found -
    Those which are square ones
    And those which are round. read more »

    George Redgrave
  • 4.

    This old house has seen the sunshine
    of many different years.
    This old house has seen some happiness
    This old house has seen some tears. This old house now seems so read more »

    Edna Howard White
  • 5.
    A House

    I cried by myself in a house
    A house stocked full of people

    I bled by myself in a house read more »

    Viktoria Lilith
  • 6.
    astonishing forest

    Where the house filled with living
    The house continuously giving
    Where the house filled with nature
    The house filled with adventure read more »

    Sehar Zaman
  • 7.
    Animals' Houses

    Of animals' houses
    Two sorts are found-
    Those which are square ones
    And those which are round. read more »

    Reeves James
  • 8.
    A House Is Not A Home

    A house is not a home
    and now neither is ours
    the day you left there world
    left our faces with a throne read more »

    Robert Roberts
  • 9.
    2005/07 A house is not a home

    The house we've built
    looked so pretty on the outside
    now its filled with only my feelings
    and now you hardly ever come in read more »

    Kiracakes09 ...
  • 10.
    Different Sounds

    As the birds chirp,
    Passing my house,
    I see birds chirping,
    With happiness. read more »

    Samina Akhter
  • 11.
    The house she refers to

    She first told me of this house when I was a child
    She wrote it in her documents and filed
    A house so wild
    Where the people are very cold read more »

    Mark Nyamekye Boadi
  • 12.
    Dream House

    What if this house were every house
    we'd inhabited, lost friends
    to startle us from the doorway,
    each broken dish seamlessly mended, read more »

    April Lindner
  • 13.
    Bird can read our mind

    I was sitting on a chair,
    I saw a bird,
    flying in the air...
    I thought, read more »

    Arpita Kothari
  • 14.
    Sonnet: An Empty House Remembers

    The empty house around me ticks and creaks,
    A moody end to evening's gentle rains,
    A brooding quiet as the daylight wanes,
    The secret language empty houses speak. read more »

    Russell Collier
  • 15.
    The Demon House

    I walked away and you cried, Please don't go, but the Demons kept calling, "Come to the Demon House."
    You followed and I watched from behind the bushes as you drove by in vain, for they kept calling, "Come to the Demon House."
    You didn't come back so now I could go, to the ones a calling me, to "Come to the Demon House."
    My thoughts were numb, my spirit drug behind me, as I proceeded to "the Demon House." read more »

    Harry Moon
  • 16.
    The Haunted House

    That house is so lonesome, no one cares,
    Filled with dust and webs,
    It's alive, with its windows it stares,
    Vexedly to which my joy ebbs. read more »

    Manish Panda
  • 17.
    house by the sea

    They lived
    in a house by the sea
    he and she.
    Where sun sheltered read more »

    Novice Nobu
  • 18.
    House for Sale

    I stood in the midst of the empty house,
    It was silent, empty, and bare,
    gone was the laughter the tears and the life,
    and the family that once lived there. read more »

    Margaret Hanning
  • 19.
    My Red House

    My Red House
    Shh, be quiet as a mouse

    I once played in that red house read more »

    Miu Miu Ayushi
  • 20.
    The House In The Middle Of A War Field

    There was a house in the middle of a war field,
    A conspicuous little dot on the vast patch of land.
    And many beasts fought bloody wars around it,
    Yet the house unperturbed, remained rooted to the sand. read more »

    SaviorsLavish Human
  • 21.
    Just a little poem about a house

    A house made out of glass and bricks
    That has seen some tricks

    A house that has been here for years read more »

    Oopsie Woopsie
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