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Top 100 Poems About: HUMOR

In this page, poems on / about “humor” are listed.
  • 1.

    Tsars, Kings, Emperors,
    sovereigns of all the earth,
    have commanded many a parade,
    but they could not command humor. read more »

    Yevgeny Yevtushenko
  • 2.

    What would I do without laughter?
    A sad place indeed, it would be.
    The funnies..the sillies..whatever it takes
    for the sound of laughter. read more »

    Sophia Borger
  • 3.
    The Happiness

    There's a happiness, a joy
    in one soul, that's been
    buried alive in everyone
    and forgotten. read more »

    Jack Hirschman
  • 4.

    read more »

    Janyth Marie Banfield
  • 5.
    A Walmart Parking Lot

    To laugh at life
    You have to have,
    A perpetual sense of humor. read more »

    connie crane
  • 6.
    World Of Clowns

    People who cover their true faces with makeup
    People who act totally different from who they really are
    People who are bad actors, but good performers
    People who don't take things seriously read more »

    Hope Denton
  • 7.
    Passion to Write

    I love to write
    thats just me
    writing helps me
    let everything inside be free read more »

    London Turner
  • 8.
    Rumors and Lies

    Rumors and Lies
    Rumors and Lies
    Humor no longer there
    Wondering how you can bare read more »

    Kaleigh Greenfield
  • 9.
    Who Knows What I Did But Its Funny

    Maybe is humor
    Laughs now. read more »

    Gengis Capote
  • 10.
    A Daughter

    You brighten each day
    the scent of peach
    the blush of dawn
    the humor of a million. read more »

    Michael L. Williams
  • 11.
    Confusion In Me

    One day,
    He was standing there,
    Just beside me,
    Humors me, read more »

    lovita lara
  • 12.
    I Wish

    I wish I had your wit
    I wish I had your humor
    I wish I had your memory
    And your ablility to let the words read more »

    Renee Lewis
  • 13.

    Daffodils, Calm astray,
    And do I feel?
    Do I feel that there are bats in the belfry? read more »

    Belinda Nelson
  • 14.
    Stay Strong Beautiful

    Be yourself
    Try hard
    Take chances
    Be confident read more »

    Claudette Guzzetta
  • 15.
    Me and All My forms

    Jocelyn-my name is rainbow
    The colors show my many humors read more »

    Jocelyn Grandinetti
  • 16.
    A Journey

    A journey to god is a journey within the self.
    Not because we think, we are god's,
    But because there we find his mercury,
    His love and his humor. read more »

  • 17.

    Being positive
    Drowned in a sea of read more »

    Kyl Whe
  • 18.
    Fire Air Water

    Fire air water: the primitive deities in their snakish humor
    Blessed you with beauty-
    What a horrible solitary beauty they blessed you with;
    And cursed the men in touch with you with the lust of flies. read more »

    Jibanananda Das
  • 19.
    fight the flight

    it's funny how things change
    how the worries of yesterday
    are left strewn across the remains
    of this battlefield that we call home read more »

    Garrity Guenther
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