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Top 100 Poems About: HUNTING

In this page, poems on / about “hunting” are listed.
  • 1.
    The Hunter

    Dew wets the grass
    I am the hunter
    I walk a deadly path
    I am hunting read more »

    Fox Nekitsune
  • 2.
    Deer Hunting Time Is Here Again

    Deer hunting time is here again
    And many hunters take to the woods
    After months of planning with family and friends
    They gather in common brotherhood read more »

    Kathleen West
  • 3.
    The King's Hunt is up

    The hunt is up, the hunt is up,
    And it is well nigh day;
    And Harry our king is gone hunting,
    To bring his deer to bay. read more »

    William Gray
  • 4.
    The Hunted

    I hunted, hunted and hunted,
    I hunted for it in the forests.
    I hunted, hunted and hunted,
    I hunted for it in the rivers. read more »

  • 5.
    What Is Death

    death is love,
    death is peace,
    death is all the non-violent things around you,
    death will hunt, read more »

    jaqualen roberts
  • 6.
    The Hunt

    I have hunted for the black antelopes
    stags and musk deers
    in the remote corners of my dark continent
    forest people with nightmare trees read more »

    Sachin Ketkar
  • 7.

    I once was
    Highly prized,
    Almost extinct
    I tell no lies. read more »

    (kc) ripper
  • 8.
    The hunt for happiness

    I take my sharpest spear
    Hunt money with no fear
    A highest mountain to climb
    A thorny bush to walk through read more »

    Young Church
  • 9.
    A Hunted Hunter

    Like my forebear, a hunter I am.
    Skillfully, I hunt'd on life's every field.
    With my horde I ran life's race,
    Chased anything that cross'd my path. read more »

    Dave BenOdafe
  • 10.
    The Unforgiven Hunt

    I shouldn't be telling you this
    No one should be telling you this, but
    Only a few people even know
    About the time of the Unforgiven Hunt- read more »

    Maya Hanson (mye3 poet)
  • 11.
    The Hunt

    How can you tell

    what the hunt looks like read more »

    Leonard Dabydeen
  • 12.
    Hunting With Dad

    I'm going hunting with my dad.
    And trust me it's not bad.

    I'm hunting rabbits, and squirrels, and stuff. read more »

    Garrett Hager
  • 13.
    Animal Poems

    clock o clock,
    how could i be a diamond dog, read more »

    swetha swetha
  • 14.
    We Have Not Left The Jungle

    We might have left the jungles
    but we have not forgotten them
    We might have clipped our nails
    but we have not forgtten the claws. read more »

    Narender Singh Bansal
  • 15.
    The hunt for love

    By my nature
    i am not a hunter.
    hunting implies
    that killing takes place. read more »

    richard ilnicki
  • 16.

    Hunting the hunted,
    Underrating the
    Tearing apart the read more »

    TerriJo James
  • 17.

    Trust me when am wrong
    Trust me when it not normal
    Trust me when it hunt
    And pls trust when it easy read more »

    Hontonnu Dominic
  • 18.
    The Hunter

    The Hunter

    America is like hunter who bought a parcel of land read more »

    Mark Beal
  • 19.
    My Father Is a Great Hunter

    In those days they say
    Animals live in the bush
    I wish my father can travel go West
    To see cat and dog read more »

    Abiodun Adekoya
  • 20.
    This Is Fire

    There has been a crossed wire
    Something clicked under the choir
    A chorus of shame
    Oh my behold the chains read more »

    Cheryl McDonnell
  • 21.
    All-knowing (In Yoshino)

    My great lord,
    In Yoshino,
    On the field of Akizu, read more »

    Yamabe no Akahito
  • 22.
    Hunters Pledge

    I abide stoic resolution to immaculate taste.
    A hunters quiet and patient gaze peering into twilight.
    I scan the horizon from lofty perch for my prey.
    The small game comes and goes from my vision as, fleeting as a breeze rustling through the trees. read more »

    Wayne McCullough
  • 23.

    Scarlet and crimson – flaming, the sun
    Dragonfly Driven, on delicate wings
    Rising to hunt
    Seeking its prey read more »

    Michele Clucas
  • 24.
    The anti-Darwinism of love

    Nay, even the genius of observing far horisont eagle
    soaring in heaven,
    carefully selects convenient victim
    before attacking down as Death, read more »

    Zamir Osorov
  • 25.
    The world we live in

    The world we live in read more »

    md.abdul mannan
  • 26.

    Tiger, Tiger burning bright,
    ran away by neon light,
    real or bleached, big up front,
    cry forever, he was hunt. read more »

    Artur Grochau
  • 27.

    Silence is trailing through the dark where
    I wake empty looking back.
    my love is gone, hunting the sacred grounds.
    The bone he left is brittle failing sadly read more »

    Eleonora Woods
  • 28.
    The Tale On God And Love

    for Koray Aker

    dreaming of a bird on the face, darling
    I long for your eyes read more »

    Mete Tasoglu
  • 29.

    The day of the caveman I wonder how it would be
    Rising in the sun in a world that was new
    Hunting animals with crude hand made spears
    And hunting in forests that have yet to be cleared read more »

    chris spurrell
  • 30.

    Some people persecute hunters,
    For killing poor, innocent animals,
    But they do not see our reason,
    That we think of every hunting season. read more »

    Nick Miraglia
  • 31.
    Hunting dreams

    Please, do not follow me any more
    I am tired of your shadow and of your kisses in my dreams.
    Let me go, and please return to where you belong.
    You know I cannot go with you there where you going. read more »

    Vanesa Rabic
  • 32.
    Hunting peace

    The arrow of time slowly creeps
    The archer of inferno with raised brows,
    Awaits - the mortal legion, armed for a combat. read more »

    Gargi Chakravarty
  • 33.
    Sex Puzzle

    i hunt
    i luk
    i tlk
    i laugh read more »

    Babiizye ali
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