Top 100 Poems About: HUNTING

In this page, poems on / about “hunting” are listed.
  • 1.
    The Hunter

    Dew wets the grass
    I am the hunter
    I walk a deadly path
    I am hunting read more »

    Fox Nekitsune
  • 2.
    *****Rock Hunter ****

    I wanted to do new
    then i switched on the internet
    And searched for rock
    then i got a site read more »

    Fatima Obaid
  • 3.
    The King's Hunt is up

    The hunt is up, the hunt is up,
    And it is well nigh day;
    And Harry our king is gone hunting,
    To bring his deer to bay. read more »

    William Gray
  • 4.
    The Hunted

    I hunted, hunted and hunted,
    I hunted for it in the forests.
    I hunted, hunted and hunted,
    I hunted for it in the rivers. read more »

  • 5.
    What Is Death

    death is love,
    death is peace,
    death is all the non-violent things around you,
    death will hunt, read more »

    jaqualen roberts
  • 6.
    The Hunt

    I have hunted for the black antelopes
    stags and musk deers
    in the remote corners of my dark continent
    forest people with nightmare trees read more »

    Sachin Ketkar
  • 7.

    Tiger, Tiger burning bright,
    ran away by neon light,
    real or bleached, big up front,
    cry forever, he was hunt. read more »

    Artur Grochau
  • 8.
    Animal Poems

    clock o clock,
    how could i be a diamond dog, read more »

    swetha swetha
  • 9.
    The anti-Darwinism of love

    Nay, even the genius of observing far horisont eagle
    soaring in heaven,
    carefully selects convenient victim
    before attacking down as Death, read more »

    Zamir Osorov
  • 10.
    Hunting With Dad

    I'm going hunting with my dad.
    And trust me it's not bad.

    I'm hunting rabbits, and squirrels, and stuff. read more »

    Garrett Hager
  • 11.

    With all the bitterness sometimes it's beautiful
    Carcass of the Female deer
    On Hunter's shoulders
    That for his kids read more »

    Parham Sarkeshiki
  • 12.
    The hunt for love

    By my nature
    i am not a hunter.
    hunting implies
    that killing takes place. read more »

    richard ilnicki
  • 13.
    Hunters Pledge

    I abide stoic resolution to immaculate taste.
    A hunters quiet and patient gaze peering into twilight.
    I scan the horizon from lofty perch for my prey.
    The small game comes and goes from my vision as, fleeting as a breeze rustling through the trees. read more »

    Wayne McCullough
  • 14.

    Scarlet and crimson – flaming, the sun
    Dragonfly Driven, on delicate wings
    Rising to hunt
    Seeking its prey read more »

    Michele Clucas
  • 15.
    This Is Fire

    There has been a crossed wire
    Something clicked under the choir
    A chorus of shame
    Oh my behold the chains read more »

    Cheryl McDonnell
  • 16.
    The world we live in

    The world we live in read more »

    md.abdul mannan
  • 17.
    The Tale On God And Love

    for Koray Aker

    dreaming of a bird on the face, darling
    I long for your eyes read more »

    Mete Tasoglu
  • 18.
    Deer Hunting

    Hunting deer is hard to do.
    But not for Michael Waddel.
    Michael is an amazing bow hunter.
    He only hunts deer with a bow, read more »

    Drew Nofer
  • 19.
    Fallen birds

    A bird that can't fly,
    can't hunt like eagles,
    like the fallen leaves dried,
    between the thorn's tangle. read more »

    Waltfred Lee
  • 20.

    Hunting the hunted,
    Underrating the
    Tearing apart the read more »

    TerriJo James
  • 21.


    Swim out of the illusion- read more »

    Naresh Nekkanti
  • 22.
    Sex Puzzle

    i hunt
    i luk
    i tlk
    i laugh read more »

    Babiizye ali
  • 23.
    Deer And Tiger

    oh god help me please
    a four footed beast
    is chasing me
    it has killing paws and eyes read more »

    priyabrata nayak
  • 24.

    Silence is trailing through the dark where
    I wake empty looking back.
    my love is gone, hunting the sacred grounds.
    The bone he left is brittle failing sadly read more »

    Eleonora Woods
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