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Top 100 Poems About: HUSBAND

In this page, poems on / about “husband” are listed.
  • 1.
    A Husband...

    A husband should be
    Loyal and honest

    A husband should be read more »

    sarah holmes
  • 2.
    My Husband.

    Husband is someone;
    You spend most of your life with.
    And with him;
    You are for years. read more »

    anju addanki
  • 3.
    *Lady Beneath The Willow

    She sits there by the creek, alone and lost
    Small, fragile, and dressed in white
    After months, this poor girl is still hurting so bad
    She no longer has any strength to fight read more »

    Shelby Renee
  • 4.
    My Husband

    It is true:
    My husband
    has never
    taken out read more »

    Erica Francis
  • 5.
    My Husband, My Soldier, My Hero, My Friend

    When its late at night
    And I am all alone
    I look up at the sky
    And remember you are gone read more »

    Courtney Lane
  • 6.
    Go Girl

    Go girl you're in the business world now;
    you have a career, children, and a husband. You've come a long way girl—from woman suffrage.
    You can be head of house girl—and
    your man may be house-husband if you choose. Go Girl, Go Girl, Go Girl . . . You may be head of state hold any job of read more »

    Fay Poole
  • 7.
    A Husband

    I'm looking for a husband, you know the sort of chap
    The kind of guy who copes with things and never has a flap
    The one who fixes cars and bikes and often mows the lawn
    Takes the kids on Sunday hikes while I with hammock yawn read more »

    Christopher Higginson
  • 8.

    He says he loves me, yet he'd rather be apart
    He said he trusts me, just not with his heart.
    I wonder all the time how could I of let this be
    Why did I make the wrong choices read more »

    Annie Lewis
  • 9.
    My husband

    You're my husband
    What I'll never meet
    You're my husband
    What I'll neve see close to me read more »

    Linda Sonrisa
  • 10.
    My Family

    My brother Lee Wagner and wife
    My sister Billies Rose and husband George Tmeple
    Me and my Husband Walter Hoffpavir
    My sister Jewel Dyan and husband Curtis Diyon read more »

    Artie T. Hoffpauir
  • 11.
    I Am Proud Of My Husband!

    I am proud of my husband because he had the strength to work and take care of me and our child.
    I am Proud of my husband because he had allowed me to be a stay Home Mom while many husbands send their wives to work outside home.
    I am proud of my husband because he never reminds me of my past sorrows.
    I am Proud of my Husband because He is a wonderful father and a Great Provider. read more »

    Shaila Touchton
  • 12.
    the real wife

    Teaches her children to love and serve God always
    Honors her husband and loves him sacrificially
    Engages in learning activities that promote holiness in her
    marriage read more »

    mona joseph
  • 13.

    He married her
    She knew it was fate
    He became her husband due to
    their chances. read more »

    Natasa Tocuc
  • 14.
    Bitter experience of my first night

    I was alone near my husband,
    I was afraid of near my husband.
    When he came closed to me and,
    made me unveil, I was gazing the floor. read more »

    Rani Madhubala
  • 15.
    The Nagging Wife

    The Nagging Wife

    She nagged and nagged till the husband couldn't take it no longer read more »

    David Stuart Jones
  • 16.
    The Seahorse

    The seahorse doesn’t do divorce:
    It picks a spouse for life.
    The wife’s the husband and, perforce,
    The husband is the wife. read more »

    South Westerner
  • 17.
    12th year Anniversary!

    12 Year Anniversary

    As I was praying
    And hoping read more »

    Skylar Beet
  • 18.
    Husband Where Are You?

    Can you feel the music play? I think about you everyday, husband of mine where are you?

    I see you arms around me as, your growing love surrounds me, can you feel it to, husband where are you? read more »

    Ivy Saldana
  • 19.

    Her husband lay dying
    You took her on holiday
    Her children cried
    You laughed and had fun read more »

    Marali Ann
  • 20.
    Husband Of Mine

    Husband of Mine
    If I forgot to tell you I love you, I am sorry, sometimes I lose my mind. Please I beg, don’t you ever get confused, I love you all the time.
    Baby you are the light that guides my way, and you remind me that love is true, God exists to me only because I feel this for you. That life’s worth living, that the breeze is cool, and that the sun is hot –you make me feel alive, and I know I make you feel the same way too –there’s no way we could not.
    Husband of mine read more »

    Leo August
  • 21.

    read more »

    Rocio Batir
  • 22.
    Super Woman

    She is very strong, does not complain about anything
    she makes mistake, but still move on
    Her husband is so proud of her
    She takes responsibility, husband home or not. read more »

    Modupe Best
  • 23.
    Valery Cooper. Singing Dithyrambs To My Wife

    I am entertaining the thought of my life
    Which indisputably says
    That every man gets such a sort of a wife
    As he himself deserves. read more »

    Natalia Sozh and friends
  • 24.

    read more »

    Lawanya Wijesekara
  • 25.
    They Were In Love

    There was a girl
    and a boy
    they were so cuie
    and in love read more »

    lexxiey scott
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