Top 100 Poems About: IDENTITY

In this page, poems on / about “identity” are listed.
  • 1.
    Identity Of I

    Identity is not what I promise others
    Identity is what I do when I am alone
    Identity is what I think of others
    Knowing all the hatred they've shown read more »

    Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha
  • 2.

    I asked myself who iam.
    I was looking for identity.
    I felt the silent of my soul.
    No answer. read more »

    Constantinos Grigoriadis
  • 3.

    Look at me,
    it's not my true identity
    I have a covert identity,
    i wonder if you'd ever see, read more »

    Cyrus Diaz
  • 4.
    Identity - The Bully

    They all try to look the same
    all try to give themselves a name
    pick on the boy who is all alone
    just because his identity is his own read more »

    Jon Evans
  • 5.
    An Identity

    I had one once -
    an identity
    having one meant
    the world to me - read more »

    Some Girl
  • 6.
    The kid identity

    The kid identity

    Look at me, read more »

    colby selter
  • 7.
    My Identity

    So lost deep inside,
    Is all that makes me.
    My true identity,
    Is hard to see. read more »

    Yisel Chong
  • 8.
    Identity controls behaviour

    Identity controls behaviour
    Identity controls emotions
    Identity controls how we think
    Identity controls behaviour. read more »

    Peter Hall
  • 9.

    Listen identity
    my name was chosen
    by my parents
    before I came read more »

    Floy Dy (Floyd) Ra (Floydson)
  • 10.
    Identity Crisis

    I'm dazed and confused
    I'm tired of being used
    It is not me that you see
    It is just your fantasy read more »

    David Semenske
  • 11.
    Me: The thief of my Identity

    The thief of my Identity

    To my Friends and Family
    My true Identity read more »

    Brad Combs
  • 12.
    The Lonely Spider

    The lonely spider reaches out
    For what, you might ask?
    If not to spin his web then for what?
    For his identity read more »

    Andreanna Atkins
  • 13.

    I found my niche in life
    In a sport not quite like me
    Because on the outside
    You saw a shy, timid, tomboy read more »

    Sara Amidon
  • 14.
    Stolen Identity

    This is a stolen identity
    Because I’m bent on forgetting me
    All left is my eyes
    And I think their gonna die read more »

    Kathryn Garner
  • 15.
    I Search

    I search for that something called an Identity
    I search for the eternally dynamic being called 'me'

    I search for that ever-elusive ray of Hope read more »

  • 16.
    My Shadow

    My shadow lives my life
    With strong-mindedness;
    Majestic in character and
    Sophisticated in fashion read more »

    Pushpa Ratna Tuladhar
  • 17.
    World of My Own

    I don’t need their world
    For if I can’t be free
    For if they don’t give my actions a freedom
    For if they can’t give my thoughts a liberty. read more »

    Sawmitra Roy
  • 18.
    No Commitment

    No commitment
    Just purpose.
    No faith
    Just weak trust. read more »

    Shiv Abhishek Pande
  • 19.
    African Roots

    My DNA dates back to the trees that planted
    My identity.
    Soils creep up to distress how the hairs on my head were made. read more »

    Yolanda Mbatha
  • 20.

    You and me
    Alone in the corner
    You took out your mask
    And showed me your true identity read more »

    Kristal Clear
  • 21.
    A Chick in a River.

    So tiny was I.
    Happy could I remember
    Forgetting my hen
    And accepting to be a duckling. read more »

    Omolola David
  • 22.
    Words of Love

    Here I am
    Where are you
    Sitting beside me on that long dark road to nowhere read more »

    Susan Robertson
  • 23.
    Wooden Structures

    Wooden structures that emerge from the face of the earth.
    Temples of love to give identity to the ground on which they stand.
    From east to west a glow with stellular radiance and energy.
    On this rock we rely for our daily spin through the sky. read more »

    Kevin Kavanagh
  • 24.
    The Children of the Streets

    To blow on the thistles,
    And scatter the spores to the dusty winds,
    Where the thistle loses its identity.
    Growing bare, read more »

    Consuelo Suarez
  • 25.
    My Decision

    Torn apart between me and my family
    torn, like a paper split into two
    want freedom on one hand
    and family on the other read more »

    Fadhlihan Bin Mydin
  • 26.
    Fallen Angel

    See me shy and innocent,
    Looks can fool those who don’t look deep.
    My identity is a polluted river, never the same.
    Made of stone, hard to get to, read more »

    Makeiah De'Ajahla Karmea Adams
  • 27.
    Being me

    This is my identity
    one of my quality
    never question its presence
    it would never make sense read more »

    royston serrao
  • 28.

    He stole my heart, then my virginity and then he tried to steal my identity.

    It’s two in the morning and I have cried until I have no more tears.
    Can’t call my momma, can’t call daddy or any of my peers. read more »

    Patricia Smith
  • 29.


    What is my identity today read more »

    vicky saladino
  • 30.
    She Stole Me

    She stole me, my identity
    My personality
    What I live for, What I breath for,
    What I'd fight for, what I'd die for. read more »

    Donna Hendra
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