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Top 100 Poems About: INSPIRATION

In this page, poems on / about “inspiration” are listed.
  • 1.
    The Lack of Inspiration is Inspiration Enough

    One touch;
    One thought;
    One thought fragment.. read more »

    Maylee Bossy
  • 2.
    You are one

    A teacher is one who,
    Can groom every creation,
    A teacher is one who,
    Can enhance every admiration, read more »

    simran arora
  • 3.

    Inspiration by the light of day,
    Inspiration to make me pray.
    Inspiration in my willingness to give,
    Inspiration to move on and live! read more »

    Ian Kennedy
  • 4.

    Can be found
    In the smallest of things read more »

    Christina V...
  • 5.
    I need inspiration

    I need inspiration like rolling hills and roaring thunder
    I need inspiration like humanity's fatal blunder
    I need inspiration of the purest kind
    Where both the dark and the light are defined read more »

    Jade Hymora
  • 6.
    It must be for inspiration

    It must be for inspiration that you created the heavens,
    the earth, the sky, the sea

    I look at the stars and I am contented that there is peace, read more »

    Claire Ann Pajo Sansolis
  • 7.
    Her love is my inspiration

    Her love is my inspiration

    Love is the inspiration for my heart to sing a tune,
    love is the inspiration for my ear to hear, read more »

    Nathan Buddington
  • 8.
    Love is the inspiration

    Love is the inspiration for the heart to sing a tune,
    For the ear to hear,
    For the soul to warm,
    For the mouth to smile, read more »

    Rabecca Welch
  • 9.

    The distant and enchanted aura of the soul,
    Possesses an essential sadness,
    That belongs to all Artists and 'Divinity'.
    Inspiration searching for a Form, read more »

    Eftalon Harman
  • 10.
    Rose An Inspiration

    Rose, the sign of love
    Beauty is picturesque
    Speaks for itself
    An inspiration read more »

    Elizabeth Grant Price
  • 11.

    Inspiration up the air
    Come from unknown place
    Inspiration on my head
    Land on clear and safe read more »

    Beeske Beeske
  • 12.

    As I sit here in my soul
    lost in concentration
    searching for a timeless thought;
    I need your inspiration. read more »

    James Charles Hutsell ( Aka Butch )
  • 13.

    Your blue eyes are my salvation
    While we lay beneath the summer sky
    When warm hands touch my face
    All that I don’t know paralyzes me read more »

    Night Sky
  • 14.
    Magical moments

    Like good music, like taste
    Vanish instantly, last long
    Give life, meaning and satisfaction
    Some hope, some inspiration read more »

    Aman Farahi
  • 15.
    Poems and Poetry

    -are not the same thing,
    ~poems are a work of art,
    -that come from the heart,
    -in the form of poetry. read more »

    Angel Gonzalez
  • 16.

    dreams aren't what i chase,
    but the passion of dreaming
    it is not the choices i make
    but the inspiration for those... read more »

    pranav siddharth
  • 17.

    Inspiration is they key , the key to our hearts.
    Inspiration comes from our hearts and mind and soul.
    Creating words, creating actitves and other things thats in our minds.
    Just like freedom on our USA flag we can captrue that moment on paper, video or in a picture. read more »

    Amanda Henson
  • 18.

    Dipped into the dark ink of the soul
    Penned words in the language of the heart
    Inspiration read more »

    Nasreen Anon
  • 19.
    What Is My Passion About?

    For my reading and writing poetry

    What is my passion all about?
    My passion is all about how I'm feeling read more »

    kristen graham
  • 20.
    The Guide

    Night comes quietly
    surrounding me in darkness
    but for a tiny flicker of light
    dancing read more »

    David L. Harkins
  • 21.
    sweat for freedom

    Some wonder where my secret lies
    Am not that strong or even fit at all
    but the spirit and inspiration in me
    make me the purpose and inspiration read more »

    Umutoni Brenda
  • 22.
    My Mom

    Your the sweet and loving mom
    like a yummy and sweet jam
    for all the generation

    mom your my inspiration read more »

    hannah joy mangaron
  • 23.

    The Muse
    The mothers milk of creativity
    Devine inspiration some might say
    Myself, I think another way read more »

    Zachariah Lovespoon
  • 24.
    Grey Is The Sky.

    Grey is the sky, no wonder why
    My thoughts won't fly, up soaring high.
    Dull clouds hang low
    And that is so depressing! read more »

    Edeltraut L. Scheffler Plath
  • 25.

    Sometimes you need a little inspiration,
    It could be someone or something,
    It could be an action,
    Or just a gift like a ring, read more »

    Garrett Millles
  • 26.

    If by inspiration
    Ishould let to feel
    The agony of child labour
    I wouldn't have arroused read more »

    Amin Ilelah
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