Top 100 Poems About: ISOLATION

In this page, poems on / about “isolation” are listed.
  • 1.

    Depression is like a tidal wave pulling you further in
    You don't feel upto facing anyone or anything

    Depression is a huge emphasis on feeling sad and low read more »

    Lauren White
  • 2.

    Depression is like a wave pulling you further in
    You don't feel up to facing anyone or anything

    Depression is a huge emphasis on feeling sad and low read more »

    Kayla Mclendon
  • 3.
    The sea and the solitary soul

    Quiet, near the sea
    But miles away from the crowd
    Stands the solitary figure
    Whose gaze pierces the depth read more »

    Bindu Borle
  • 4.
    VOICES ON THE EDGE OF THE WORLD (in honour of my fellow poets)

    It is how we are and who we are
    that we live out here on the edge
    the ragged rim of the world
    It’s the nature of our vice read more »

    Bill Mitton
  • 5.

    Isolation is to be left out when you want to be in.
    Isolation is feeling that sense of loneliness.
    Isolation is feeling alone when ten thousand people surround you.
    Isolation is hearing laughter in a room and silence when you walk in. read more »

    Dead Poetic
  • 6.
    Lonely madness

    Moments that make up my life
    seem to be empty
    echoes of my own self loathing
    plague me read more »

    Daniel Galloway
  • 7.

    I am isolated in this isolation,
    In this dark cell,
    With darkness darkening me every second,
    I am isolated in this isolation, read more »

    Ayesha Riaz
  • 8.

    These eyes are filled with nothingness
    no love
    no happiness
    no joy read more »

    cauna natsumi
  • 9.

    Tell me where
    or help me find
    Some solitude
    or piece of mind read more »

    Neil Butler
  • 10.
    ismail ax

    i don't write about mornings
    that need a description of sunshine

    i am never a participant read more »

    merc gabriell
  • 11.
    Suicide Country

    been here too long, have to get out
    the fear that beats into you
    living in the country remains with you long after you've gone
    becoming a second skin dislodged when away from the grasses read more »

    Robbie Coburn
  • 12.

    Everybody's out there having their fun
    Lookin' in the mirror what have I done wrong.
    Keepin' to my self aint hurtin' no
    Sittin' here at home in isolation read more »

    Neil Moulang
  • 13.
    Silence Perceiving

    If silence were a canvass,
    the emptiness it holds is the impression,
    The voices on the universe,
    is the artist's hands removing it's innocence. read more »

    Krispian Vilipi
  • 14.

    I am lost
    I am found
    I am bound to corruption read more »

    Ace Spades
  • 15.
    Hidden Help

    The things that pained me the most helped me to find what helps me to heal
    Pain and isolation helped me to blossom
    Like a newborn turtle on a journey to sea the trials make me stronger
    Although the times seemed terrible they fueled my passions read more »

    Nadira Bostic
  • 16.
    Leave Me Alone

    there is nurturing
    in private
    isolation read more »

    Justin Park
  • 17.

    That impossible love
    Dwells in miraculous space
    Where, the cliff - mad
    With isolation and grief - read more »

    Smita Agarwal
  • 18.
    Rotten Fruit

    I fall to the floor like over ripe fruit from a tree
    Slightly rotten, ignorant and in need of replication
    Mind in desolate isolation
    I carry on in unfettered degradation read more »

    Grant Stevenson
  • 19.

    Isolation, is all I want
    All that I need
    But to be alone
    Is different indeed read more »

    Austin Clark
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