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Top 100 Poems About: JOURNEY

In this page, poems on / about “journey” are listed.
  • 1.
    Loneliness of the Soul

    Loneliness of the soul is a journey without a destination
    A journey that one takes alone no hand to hold
    Walking her distance but nothing in sight
    You see her horizon yet it’s untouchable read more »

    Lilac Wine
  • 2.

    I'm feeling so focused and calm today
    nothing negative is gonna get in my way
    my eyes are shining so bright and clear,
    it feels like all my dreams, close to coming true are near. read more »

    Liz Munro
  • 3.
    The Treasure of Life

    Life is a journey
    A journey of time
    Where a heart needs another
    To give it a shine read more »

    Olive Walters
  • 4.
    Endless Journey

    The journey we make in life is long and hard. This
    journey which has its crossroads. . . when we get to them.
    we have to decide on which road to take, what path to
    make and what's down that road. This journey that we must make has many obstacles, read more »

    Anthony Taimanglo Taitano
  • 5.

    From where I started to where I am today
    The journey has been long & tiring
    from nothing to some thing I am today
    It’s not been an easy journey. read more »

    Vijay Sherigar
  • 6.

    Many are the stages from the cradle to the grave -
    Diversities in journey to each of us God gave.
    Within each stage of journey lies paths that one can choose-
    Depending on the chosen path, we either gain or lose. read more »

    Madelyn Yanchyshyn
  • 7.
    Two Pathways

    Two pathways for one journey...
    a start from two to one
    and the journey has just begun... read more »

    Nancy Winter Miranda
  • 8.
    Until The Journeys End

    you and i have come a long long way
    travelled a lot of back roads and highways
    we've seen the best and worst there is to see
    and thru it all you've meant so much to me read more »

    Cheryl Adair
  • 9.
    A journey unknown

    Toss a bottle into a stream
    just where does it go?
    The moving water takes
    it in the direction of the current. read more »

    j l price
  • 10.
    Life Is A Journey

    Life is a journey.
    It is very short and
    Each of us only gets to make this journey once.
    Enjoy the journey! read more »

    Leo Zhang
  • 11.
    Life is a short journey.

    Life is a short journey
    It may be bitter
    It may be honey
    Life is a short journey read more »

    Host Moody
  • 12.
    The Journey Of Life

    The journey of life is just a path.
    On earth to lead our way,
    A place to stop and rest awaile,
    For we were never meant to stay. read more »

    Richard Netherland Cook
  • 13.
    A Life without Life

    A life, a journey
    without passion and affection
    emptiness inside
    gloominess outside read more »

    Anggie Servian
  • 14.
    Journey Through The Sunrise

    From the first glimpse of light,
    The first breath of air,
    The first echo of sound,
    You were there from the start. read more »

    Htetmyet Ne' Ye'
  • 15.
    The Journey Of Life

    Journeys start with but a step
    Pathways lead if you will follow
    Life is our journey
    Each day our pathway read more »

    Dragon Heart
  • 16.
    The hill

    There is a hill
    I journey to every night
    To sit and stare
    And watch the fading light read more »

    Paul Larmour
  • 17.
    Life Is a Journey

    life is a journey
    we all are travellers read more »

    jisha viswam
  • 18.
    This life

    A journey of journeys
    That satisfies not the eyes,
    Nor the heart does it: read more »

    Stain Katuli
  • 19.
    The Last Journey

    The last journey
    Is when you shall depart
    Not to an exotic island
    For a holiday read more »

  • 20.
    The Journey without shortcuts

    The Journey traveled without shortcuts,
    is a journey worth taking.
    For there are no shortcuts,
    to any place worth going. read more »

    Melissa Wagner
  • 21.
    All life is but a Journey

    All life is but a journey,

    A very short journey, read more »

    Tawia Tsekumah
  • 22.
    Life's Journey

    Life's Journey

    Life's journey isn't easy or funny,
    Rather, it's long and really dreary, read more »

    Ruby Tonacao Campos
  • 23.

    Despite the interminable distance, in a brumous and sunny path

    Under a mysterious & transparent condition, alone in his way read more »

  • 24.
    The Journey

    Life is a journey,
    A long and twisted one, in which,
    We find ourselves- we lost ourselves,
    And find ourselves again after getting lost; read more »

    Salman Javid
  • 25.
    For all times

    If peace is our peace
    than is peace our fate
    your fate my fate
    together we are partners in distress read more »

    Mario,Lucien,Rene Odekerken
  • 26.
    Let this be your journey

    Air blowing in our faces
    So many different places

    I’m going to show you the world read more »

    Olivia Anne
  • 27.
    The Musician

    The piano is the start,
    Of the journey of a note.
    Where the music comes from,
    Is like the journey read more »

    Ratina Sauri
  • 28.

    Before we were formed
    He knew our part here on Earth
    made in His likeness and
    for His purpose read more »

    Gwendolyn Anderson
  • 29.
    life and time

    if life is a book, then time is pen--writing pages of life journey;
    if life is a piece of white paper, then time is color--painting more colorful life journey;
    if life is a long river, then time is surging waves--pushing forward of life journey;
    if life is a tree, then time is pieces of green leaves--enriching life journey; read more »

    flying heart
  • 30.
    A Journey Untraveled

    What is a dream if someone does not believe?
    What is life if someone can’t dream?
    What is a journey if there is no traveler?
    What is a traveler if there is no journey? read more »

    ziyanda mbasa
  • 31.

    One step over another
    I started moving on my feet
    In time, I found myself
    walking in a path to my life read more »

    Sowkoor Nischal Shetty
  • 32.
    And then there were none

    There were ten
    Waiting by the road
    Ready for a journey
    Of an entire lifetime read more »

    Devdan Vaidyanathan
  • 33.
    The Fragility of Life

    Life is a journey
    A journey of trials and tribulations
    Life is love, sadness, and pain
    Full of mistakes and regret read more »

    Brittany Helt
  • 34.
    An Endless Journey

    The journeys too long and i cant go on,
    The journeys treacherous and my feet won't be able to take it
    I love you my dear n still I fear, my love its difficult......
    And I haven't a clue if i can do this alone. read more »

    supriya baijal
  • 35.

    It came in a dream
    -the journey never lasts forever-
    It was borne by a dream
    - every road has its destination - read more »

    Johan Venter
  • 36.

    read more »

    alyssa aarsenault
  • 37.
    The Heart of the Warrior

    With vision trapped in honey and ashes in the mouth
    Journey's always end, pointing artic south
    Beginning with a footstep made on unsure ground
    It only took a mile to find our two feet bound read more »

    Derrick Puente
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