Top 100 Poems About: JOY

In this page, poems on / about “joy” are listed.
  • 1.

    I have Joy
    Joy in pain
    Joy in sadness
    Joy in discouragement read more »

    Dozie Wogu
  • 2.
    Joys of life.....

    Smiling farmer see his green harvest,
    Fluting cowboy under the old tree,
    Excited boy flying kite in the blue,
    Marigold in the chignon of village bride, read more »

    kafil uddin raihan.
  • 3.

    How I envy them poets and authors
    To toss words into the air
    And have them fall in perfect order
    Why is it so easy to pour out my grief in a poem? read more »

    Caitlin (a dead poet) no longer living
  • 4.
    Joy In Joy

    God has created everything in twain
    Life - Death
    Love - Hate
    Joy - Pain read more »

    Vishal Kumar
  • 5.
    Christmas Joy

    Happy sounds
    children play
    snow thrown
    Christmas Joy read more »

    Anderson Green
  • 6.

    there is a strong feeling of anxiety in the air
    as the merry of christmas draws near
    amidst all the sanity of joy and jubilation
    there lies a thin foil of troubling expectation read more »

    Nana Sampson
  • 7.
    My Secret Joy

    If it were not for you
    It seems that every day would be
    A life unfulfilled.
    Winter then forever and no smile of spring. read more »

    Susan Casey
  • 8.
    Faith Hope Love Joy Pride

    Faith is hard to conceive
    When you cannot see beyond your troubles
    Hope is hard to have
    When your life is spiraling out of control read more »

    Dimitri Jagodinski
  • 9.

    These Great joys in life
    Will keep me Going
    No one can take them away.
    When joy is there in every mind read more »

    Elijah Alexander
  • 10.
    Oh Joy, Oh Joy

    Oh joy, oh joy, don't leave just yet, linger on awhile and wash my days with a mist of morning dew..just enough to make me feel alive and full of you.
    Oh joy, oh joy, i strech and purr like a kitten after her nap knowing you are nearby with a touch so soft and yet so familiar with my every aches and make them enhanced and slide on to a ride that won't stop until i reach that place of bliss where you never know if you will find your way back.
    Oh joy, oh joy, stay awhile longer please..don't hasten to leave me yet,
    The after glow may stay to put us both to sleep and a smile on our faces and warmth running through our bodies like a river down a hill, so smooth and ever changing. read more »

    teri bronte
  • 11.
    Classical Music

    Classical music makes me cry
    Each time I hear a piece
    My heart wells up with so much joy
    Until music cease Chopin, Beethoven, and Mozart too read more »

    Sharon Wiseman
  • 12.
    Lonely Star

    when the darkness hugs the sky
    Thou begin to spread thy bright
    No any other near by
    Thine beauty is in my sight read more »

    Sanoji Ruvinika Perera
  • 13.
    A Moment Of Liberation

    Let not the outside

    Distract you read more »

    Michael Hopkins
  • 14.
    Journey To Joy

    Joy isn’t what money can buy
    or what you can make.
    It is a journey.
    A journey to find true joy within yourself, read more »

    Srujala Adavas
  • 15.
    Joy Of The Lord

    The Joy of the Lord is my strength
    The Joy of the Lord is amazing

    If we give our live's to you Lord read more »

    Carl Boers
  • 16.
    memories that hurt

    Memories that hurt
    Memories are meant to be joyful
    When you think of that person
    you love read more »

    obed obser
  • 17.

    Joy is a way of looking at
    you & me & this & that,
    and all things that may
    oh - heaven knows - cause us grief read more »

    Patrick Dennis
  • 18.
    Her Laugh Divine

    Ah, her laughter known to many
    Though they know not what it is
    to hear it by the innocent suitor
    Happiness never known before read more »

    Cory Ruda
  • 19.
    My Greatest Love

    I first fell in love when I was young in grade school
    With nature whose magic and beauty was all around
    Like a butterfly to the flowers I was drawn
    Oh, the joy I felt, the joy I felt, the purest I’ve ever found. read more »

    Leonard Sims
  • 20.

    joy every time I see you
    joy every time I think of you
    joy every time I'm with you and knowing that I wouldn't lose you
    joy every time I kiss you knowing that forever will end and then ill miss you read more »

    kkc bba
  • 21.
    This Joy That I Have

    Oh, this joy that I have,
    This joy that fills my heart,
    This joy that keeps me smiling,
    This joy that picks me up when I am down, read more »

    Nosisa Mdladlamba
  • 22.
    The Triumph of the Soul

    Joy! Joy! I triumph! Now no more I know
    Myself as simply me. I burn with love read more »

    Farid ud-Din Attar
  • 23.
    You Bring Me Joy

    You bring me joy
    I live not in search of constant happiness
    I believe you belong with me
    It is the most precious wish! read more »

    Betty Making it to Smooth Waters Blue
  • 24.
    My Boy, My Joy

    My love, my heart
    My soul, my spirit
    My being, my feeling
    My pleasure, my treasure read more »

    Naga Aparna Komarraju
  • 25.

    R is for Rejoice, always rejoice coz Christ has filled you with joy
    E is for Eternal, the Joy of the Lord in you is sempiternal and eternal
    J is for Jesus, who authored and offered you the joy, but don’t just enjoy
    Offer the joy to all the people around you: be liberal read more »

    Joseph KaumphawiMasawanie, Jun.
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