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Top 100 Poems About: JUSTICE

In this page, poems on / about “justice” are listed.
  • 1.
    Justice stands still

    When justice stands still
    only the fool hearted,
    will contemplate pursuing even the most just of causes,
    when justice stands still, read more »

    tinashe severa
  • 2.
    Ramayana Epic poem.

    Ramayana the epic poem of India
    The story of a noble kingdom
    The story of noble couple
    The story of truth, sacrifice read more »

    Gangadharan nair Pulingat..
  • 3.
    Justice is Just This

    What is justice?
    This unapparent fairness
    Supposed to combine rather than divide
    Just a word that likes to hide read more »

    Aadil Malik
  • 4.
    Enough is Enough

    Enough with the saying
    There is equal opportunity
    When some have no opportunity
    When there should be justice And it's just us paying the price read more »

    Carrie May Bennett, MBA
  • 5.

    We are fighting for justice and peace for all,
    And our young men are answering the call.
    They are giving their lives for you and for me,
    On land, in the air, and out on the sea. read more »

    Billie Spratlin
  • 6.

    Justice is revenge for those who have suffered loses,
    And for others it’s a punishment

    It involves the truth, not the lies read more »

    Gavin Buttar
  • 7.
    A Poem Never Written

    I found your panties
    tangled in
    my sheets
    and read more »

    Richard Quinby
  • 8.
    where's the freedom and justice?

    where's the freedom and justice?
    trapped behind bars
    watching lightning fast cars
    where's the freedom and justice? read more »

    tesla blackburn
  • 9.

    What is justice all about?

    No path, no explanation,
    Just feeling shaped by morality, read more »

    chandra yusuf
  • 10.
    Justice is the One who gives Life on Me

    For the people who seek for comfort or dead mercy,
    Their fairness sob and yet still strife for their right,
    I rage against the death of justice before it will be. read more »

    Raymond Cabrera
  • 11.
    The One

    One against many.
    It would be futile
    to fight the mob.
    It has formed read more »

    Maria Luz de Castro
  • 12.

    The justice is from the most important things in our life.
    It doesn't need to have any weapons.
    Gun, pistol or knife.
    Doesn't need eating meat, chicken or even sour like lemons. read more »

    Abdelrahman Elawad
  • 13.
    173. JUSTICE

    Justice begotten in exchange is no justice,
    For, exchange is trade,
    A distressing gain through loss;
    Justice is inherent right, read more »

    Praveen Kumar In Shobha Priya
  • 14.
    Hungry For Justice?

    Justice system as told
    Is made for the people
    That will be a guiding light
    To have fairness to everyone. read more »

    bonifacio alba
  • 15.
    Human Rights’

    In a civilised land
    That accepts duty to all
    Citizens have rights
    Some great, some small read more »

    David Chalk
  • 16.
    Lady Justice

    Revered Lady Justice
    Balance truth and fairness
    Restore to crime victims
    Tranquility, peace, calmness read more »

    Camille Rose Castillo
  • 17.

    Justice is the province of god's work,
    Society's attempts are proven never true
    In applying justice or emulating god's work.
    Invoking in the mind is by nature what we do, read more »

    Andrew Rimmer
  • 18.

    Truth is to vinegar,
    Sugar is to lies
    As truth points far,
    Lies walk miles. read more »

    Patrick Odimba
  • 19.
    Cost of justice

    The command and the commissioner
    The presidency and cabinet
    Parliament and judicial committee
    Judges and lawyer and prothonotary read more »

    murendeni mulaudzi
  • 20.
    Hymn to the fallen

    Under our flag we solemnly swore,

    To defend our country coast to shore. read more »

    Michael Liu
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