Top 100 Poems About: KISS

In this page, poems on / about “kiss” are listed.
  • 1.
    The Kiss I Miss

    That kiss, that kiss
    That childlike kiss
    That pecky on the cheek kiss
    That I am here kiss read more »

    David Keig
  • 2.
    The three kisses

    The Three Kisses ©

    The kiss of hello read more »

    Pziad Yasao
  • 3.
    All because of a drunken text

    Kiss me heart
    Kiss me dear
    Kiss me out of love or fear read more »

    clarrissa berry
  • 4.
    Kisses For You...

    I once heard these words in a song;
    'You must remember this...a kiss is
    just a kiss...a sigh is just a sigh, ' etc. read more »

    (brief renderings) Joe Fazio
  • 5.
    kiss me

    kiss me,
    i love it when you kiss me
    , i love the way your lips feel.
    so soft, so warm, so wet, your kisses is, read more »

    bridget wooten
  • 6.
    Kiss Me

    Kiss me with passion
    or tender care
    kiss me with promises
    that you'll always be there read more »

    Layla Norman
  • 7.
    Kiss me

    Kiss me tonight without saying anything
    kiss me until the blood sprouts
    kiss me with rage, it is my farewell
    tomorrow I emigrate without knowing where! read more »

  • 8.
    There' A Kiss

    There's a kiss to say I love you,
    There's a kiss to say I care.
    There's a kiss to prove our friendship,
    There's a kiss for us to share. read more »

    Jennifer Hanson
  • 9.
    Your Kiss

    Your kiss, so sweet, so tender.
    Your kiss that makes my heart swell.
    Your kiss that drives me into unknown passion.
    Your kiss that makes my stomach flutter. read more »

    Lora Seger
  • 10.

    You mouth
    luscious & wet

    kissing now the back read more »

    Doral Deepset
  • 11.
    A Kiss

    A kiss from a friend,
    Means...that they care.
    A kiss from your Dad,
    It's pretty rare. read more »

    Philip Lore
  • 12.
    Just A Kiss

    It was just a Kiss
    A harmless little Kiss
    But it was so tender & so sweet
    I completely succumbed read more »

    Millennium Rose
  • 13.
    Your Kiss

    I can feel your magical touch,
    when you kiss me,
    I can feel your kiss,
    With every bliss, read more »

    Amanda Bristow
  • 14.
    One More

    One more kiss
    to keep me sane

    One more kiss read more »

    Katherine H. Belle
  • 15.
    Butterfly Kisses

    There’s one thing I know,
    That I hold close to me
    My dreams are drifting
    Off and onto the sea read more »

    AnneMarie Hewlett
  • 16.

    I kiss birds in a drowse
    I kiss contours of trees to clear
    I kiss a bead of dew on cornflower read more »

    Kae Morii
  • 17.
    Mystical kiss

    I feel it all within your kiss
    the love, the passion the imotional mist
    kiss me like you have never kissed before read more »

    Ayesha Sartawi
  • 18.
    An angel's deadly kiss

    an angel's deadly kiss
    tastes so sweet...

    An angel's deadly kiss is like a satanic's oasis read more »

    jeffrey boyd
  • 19.
    The KISS

    What's in a kiss; how many there-be...?
    'So many, it boggles the mind's reality…'
    A kiss can be a greeting- “of body and soul-! '
    It's an unspoken language, telling more than “what's told.” read more »

    ArmourQuill Hunter
  • 20.
    A Kiss

    A kiss, simple though it seems!
    A kiss, it is the stuff of dreams!
    A kiss, contains the beauty of the world!
    A kiss, can break the heart of this girl! read more »

    Samantha Williams
  • 21.
    His Kiss

    His kiss was like the ocean, spraying my face;
    His kiss was like sugar, only getting a taste.

    His kiss filled me with passion, from the inside out, read more »

    Stacy Co.
  • 22.
    magic called a kiss

    kiss kiss kiss
    a magical thing
    kiss kiss kiss
    only me read more »

    clair macintosh
  • 23.
    *Just Kiss Me Again*

    Please kiss me again,
    Your lips are soft,
    Like angel wings,
    But when you leave me I die, read more »

    Tin Mouse
  • 24.
    kiss of an angel

    They were a soft kiss that he felt on his lips.
    The kiss was gentle and made him fell warm.
    The kiss made him fell safe and secure.
    Just for the special seconds he had her in his arms. read more »

    kelly berry
  • 25.
    Special Kiss

    Kiss me now kiss me then
    Your lips so soft I need you again
    Kiss so special, so perfect so right
    Eyes engage for an endless night read more »

    marvin deitz
  • 26.
    A KISS

    A Kiss
    A kiss can make the hole world turn around.
    A kiss is the passion.
    A kiss can make you think. read more »

    luz santiago
  • 27.
    Kiss Kiss

    Kiss kiss kiss I will
    Again and again hold you
    Touch you taste you kiss read more »

    Forrest Hainline
  • 28.

    sweet kiss for good morning,
    long kiss for good night,
    light kiss for have a nice day,
    wet kiss for a promise, read more »

    Faith (no) More
  • 29.

    It was only a kiss.
    It was only a kiss
    I woke up to this morning.
    It was only a kiss. read more »

    Warren Augustus de Guzman
  • 30.
    Forbidden Kiss

    The taste still lingers on my lips
    I feel it's presence there
    A forbidden kiss read more »

    DiAnne Douglass
  • 31.
    Kiss Me Back3

    Kiss you, kiss your heart
    Kiss you, kiss your face
    Kiss you, kiss your lips
    Kiss you, kiss your mind read more »

    amber conway
  • 32.
    Suicide Kiss

    Suicide kiss, kiss my life away
    because its my last chance to live for another day
    your kiss taste like razor blades when you put your lips near me
    it cuts me into sadness when the time I feel lonely read more »

    Andrew Tom
  • 33.
    Kiss Me

    The night so cold
    I`m freezed to bone
    You come to hold
    Then a kiss unfold read more »

    syaz wafea
  • 34.
    Always Kiss Me Goodnight

    Always kiss me goodnight
    No matter where you are.
    And I will kiss you in my mind
    Waiting for the nights to come, read more »

    Robert Hiers
  • 35.
    The Kiss

    A kiss,
    The kiss,
    A moment’s bliss,
    Upon a face that has been kissed a thousand times before, read more »

    Pete Heron
  • 36.
    kiss me and tell me

    Wake me up with that smile on your face
    put my shoes on
    pull up my pants
    wake me up with that smile on your face read more »

    Cody Lee Jones
  • 37.
    So Sweet

    your kiss so sweet, so tender
    you kiss that makes my heart swell
    your kiss that drives me into
    unknown passion read more »

    Brittany Meyne
  • 38.
    Kiss Me

    Kiss me in the morning
    and then kiss me at night
    kiss me under the rain
    and when the sun is shinning bright read more »

    Adriana Avila
  • 39.
    Kiss of Perdition

    One kiss, you gave me
    That kiss, which I miss
    It’s your kiss, my love
    It’s only your kiss, my doom read more »

    xxx Injection Of Madness xxx
  • 40.
    The Power of a Kiss

    I miss him,
    i miss how much he kissed me,
    i miss the way i never resist,
    his kisses all my miss, read more »

    esther kagori
  • 41.

    read more »

    tim wrightson
  • 42.
    I Dreamt A Kiss

    I dreamt a kiss
    One that never was
    I dreamt a kiss
    One that will never be read more »

    Henrik Berg
  • 43.

    There is a kiss to prove our friendship
    There is a kiss to show I care
    There is a kiss to say I’m sorry
    There is a kiss for when your there read more »

    Ady Galle
  • 44.
    Kiss me, kiss me

    Kiss me, kiss me
    in the rain
    Kiss me, kiss me
    steal my pain read more »

    Taylor Niemi
  • 45.
    Blood drenched kisses

    Don’t know what to say don’t know what to do how many times must I think of you
    Dark and deep from places sweet those tender lips speak the beat
    Hollow heart ache bitter joy are you here just to destroy
    Did your demons bring you up or are you this way for lack of luck read more »

    Acid Burn
  • 46.
    Kiss Me, Love Me

    kiss me tenderly
    love me sweetly
    kiss me like you want me
    love me like you never loved before read more »

    shannon green
  • 47.
    Soul Kiss

    Your soul kiss
    Brought me incredible bliss
    Never knew lips like your exist read more »

    Veronica Hill
  • 48.
    could it be a kiss of goodbye?

    he says that he loves me then he kisses me.
    he says that he is sorry then he kisses me
    he lied then he kisses me
    before he leaves he kisses me read more »

    kayla newsome
  • 49.

    As I sit upon your knee
    I place a gentle kiss upon your nose
    As your strong arms embraces me
    A passionate kiss i gave to thee read more »

    Janet Whittaker
  • 50.
    What it is to care.

    Kiss the emptiness,
    Hold nothingness for comfort,
    Need no one but you. read more »

    Rose Kirby
  • 51.
    You Leaned Over and Kissed Me

    You leaned over and kissed me
    I felt my knees go weak
    I coundn't speak
    You leaned over and kissed me read more »

    Amanda Turner
  • 52.
    His Kiss

    His kiss is soft,
    His kiss is sweet,
    His kiss is warm.
    His kiss is tender, read more »

    Cookie Dempsey
  • 53.
    Muah! 09-11-2010

    For Today

    Kisses for read more »

    David Lara
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