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Top 100 Poems About: LIFE

In this page, poems on / about “life” are listed.
  • 1.
    Six Six Six Revealed (repeating cycle) (Jul 7th,2004)

    Love brings war
    Love breeds hate
    Love births peace read more »

    Nicholas McDonough
  • 2.
    Life's A Gift

    Life’s a gift for you to send
    Life’s a gift for god to end
    Life’s a gift now you’re with me
    Life’s a gift for all to see read more »

    SharonAnn Dawson
  • 3.

    Life is like the waves it has its ups and downs
    Life is like a roller coaster it has its twists and turns
    Life is like a sport it just depends on what we play
    Life is like a game of poker it just depends on what we are dealt read more »

    tom Le Guilcher
  • 4.

    Life has ups
    Life has downs
    Life is sad
    Life is happy read more »

    meg nicole
  • 5.
    Life Abide Death

    life abide death
    death abides the law of life

    abide the law of life read more »

    Cynthia Sok
  • 6.

    Life is not a bed of roses,
    Life is not enchanting,
    Life is unpredictable,
    Life is a journey to be made to gain maturity. read more »

    blessing nanier
  • 7.
    ***If life means..

    If life means path of obstecles,
    I'll conquer them all
    If life means seasons of challenge
    I'll accept them all read more »

    TARA.. Star
  • 8.
    Life and Death

    Life and Death
    by Alex Lewis

    Life was born when Death died read more »

    Alex Lewis
  • 9.
    Life is a challenge

    Life is a challenge - meet it
    Life is a gift - accept it
    Life is a sorrow - over come it
    Life is a tragedy - face it read more »

    gurjas singh narula
  • 10.

    Life is a world of wonders
    life is sandy
    life is lonely
    life can also be full of different activities. read more »

    lizzie davis
  • 11.
    All Paths Lead To You

    Life is a challenge – meet it.
    Life is a gift – accept it.
    Life is an adventure – dare it.
    Life is a sorrow – overcome it. read more »

    Kat Mercado
  • 12.
    Life is.....

    Life is a chance
    Make use out of it
    Life is beautiful
    Admire it read more »

  • 13.

    Life is short, life is sour,

    Slowly marching by the hour. read more »

    Cory Calder
  • 14.
    life vs mylife


    IS HAPPY AND GOOD read more »

    michole petersen
  • 15.

    When life gives us our first breath
    Standing by is our own death
    When we breathe our first sigh
    We know not our destiny is to die read more »

    Claude H Oliver II
  • 16.
    Life, It's Precious!

    There is nothing quite like life
    In cheerful time it is life
    In sorrowful time it is life
    When the weather's bright it is life read more »

    Clarence Prince
  • 17.

    Life is full of miracles.
    Life you should take things as they come.
    Have quiet time by yourself.
    Do things that make you happy. read more »

    Shirley Ann Easter
  • 18.
    Fractions and Frictions of Eternity

    Life desires love
    Love hires life
    Love inspires life
    Life expires love read more »

    Edgar Andrade Baguio
  • 19.
    Life Taught Me

    Yes life taught me to love
    Yes life taught me to be hateful
    Yes life taught me to be negative
    Yes life taught me to be grateful read more »

    Kes McKenzie
  • 20.
    What is Life?

    Life's not all about fun and game,
    Life's not all about sex and fame,
    Life's not all about money and titles,
    Life's not sweet like honey and apples, read more »

    Yohann Dafeu
  • 21.

    Life is a challenge - meet it
    Life is a gift - accept it
    Life is a sorrow - over come it
    Life is a tragedy - face it read more »

    Charlie Murphy
  • 22.
    What is life

    What is life when all you do is breath
    what is life with no mission
    What is life as it lies around and does nothing but explode you
    What is life when you are limited against others read more »

    lil nig
  • 23.

    Life can be hard
    Life can be happy
    You make your life your own
    You lead your life as you make it read more »

    christie park
  • 24.
    The Life I Live

    The life I live
    is so real
    The Life I have
    seems like a big deal, read more »

    Corey NashTalley
  • 25.
    Whats Life

    Life is a challenge -meet it
    Life is a gift -accept it
    Life is a sorrow-overcome it
    Life is a tragedy-face it read more »

    Jessica lee Workman
  • 26.
    My Life Your Life -new-

    read more »

    Monty Alexander Osenotse
  • 27.

    you will decide, what to do,
    with your life,

    you will decide, rise and fall, read more »

  • 28.
    life in the heart of

    Life in deserts was sandy,
    Life in caves was lonely,
    Life in ocean was salty,
    Life in stars was resplendent, read more »

    Nikhil Parekh
  • 29.
    Life unbelievable

    Life is a circle,
    Life is a miracle,
    Life is challenge
    It is strength dependent, read more »

    Thando Mashinini
  • 30.

    Life is a Song for you to Sing
    Life is a Joy for you Enjoy
    Life is a Dance for you to Dance
    Life is a Challenge for you to Take read more »

    darlene williams
  • 31.
    You and I

    If life is short
    Let me spend the little time with you
    If life is a race
    Let's run it together read more »

    Aanuoluwa Adebanjo
  • 32.
    Way Of Life

    What's there to live life by losing it to life

    The earth sings and the sky talks
    One who lives every moment of his life doesn't feel sorry to die read more »

    Lalitha Neelapu
  • 33.
    'life is in your hand'

    life is like a nature - sunrise & sunset
    life is like a wheels - ups & down
    life is like a magic - appear & gone
    life is like a music - play & stop read more »

    maricel suarez
  • 34.
    Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

    my life is a boulevard
    i am a piece of broken dreams

    my life is a bough read more »

    beibee beibee
  • 35.


    life can grab you any time
    life can wake you from your sleep read more »

    hamza mian
  • 36.

    Life is what it is
    Life is enjoying
    Life is depressing
    Life is heaven read more »

    Bryan Juarez
  • 37.
    Life Is...

    Some say life is nothing but a dream
    Maybe because they living their dreams
    And they have everything they need read more »

    Lethu Sibiya
  • 38.
    Life and Death, How Ironic

    Life, it described my Mother
    Life, she was the image
    Life, she was healthy
    Life, she loved every day read more »

    Janice Karp
  • 39.
    What is Life

    Life is everywhere that you look,

    Some people might say that life sucks, read more »

    Dallas Hammond
  • 40.
    So What Is Life?

    So what is life?
    I think I know the answer
    Life is painful read more »

    Natalia Shilkin
  • 41.

    Falling out of love is life
    Like being an unwanted
    toy is life itself. read more »

    Andrew Hinds
  • 42.
    My Love Life

    Of my love of life,
    begins the life of giving,

    Of my life of giving, read more »

    Roilynn brown
  • 43.
    My life, my way

    This is my life,
    I want to do something really nice,
    I don't know what to do with my life,
    I can't comprehend the life, read more »

    Akanksha Srivastava
  • 44.
    I've seen life

    I've seen life,
    A life clear like glass, but had stains of solitudes,
    a life with unbiased pains and several frustrating multitudes.
    A life with liars and filthy circumstances causing deep wounds, read more »

    Harsh Mishra
  • 45.
    Life Questions

    I don't know
    what do you have in store for me read more »

    Russell Nero
  • 46.
    About Life

    LIFE goes fast
    LIFE has to last
    LIFE has crime in it's own time
    LIFE can have a war read more »

    breaze openshaw
  • 47.

    I really do hate life
    It pisses me off
    I want to stab life with a knife
    Spitting out blood with a cough read more »

    William Ramirez
  • 48.
    Life is

    Life is the enemy of time
    Life is the movie you can't rewind
    Life is every state of mind
    Life is the answer we must find read more »

    Brady Culp
  • 49.

    What is life?
    I wondered what life was
    Never i got a proper answer
    I saw a bird feeding it's nestlings read more »

    Roshan Roy
  • 50.
    Life without you

    Life without you is like a sky with no stars,
    Life without you is like a heart with no beat,
    Life without you is like a sentence with no space,
    Life without you is like a star with no Sparkle, read more »

    Katiee Laura Clements
  • 51.
    Beat The Odds

    Life is what you make it
    Life is not what it seems
    Life is full of ups and downs
    Crossroads, trenches and streams read more »

    Karae Brown
  • 52.
    Life Is Life

    Life is life
    sometimes you love it
    and sometimes you hate it
    life is life read more »

    Michael Secrets
  • 53.

    Life silenced dash-
    think and cry
    life is pretty!
    Frustration with life, the life of unrest read more »

    Ahmad Sajid Udash kobi
  • 54.

    Life ain't peaches and cream
    Life ain't always calm
    Life is tough read more »

    Prince Daniel
  • 55.

    life is neither a heaven nor a hell.
    not a puzzle to get displace.
    life is life n only life
    which we have to live n survive.. read more »

    Srishti Shrivastava
  • 56.

    Life doesn't always work out as you want it to be,
    Life is a challenge just fight it,
    Life is stressful deal with it,
    Life is made by God Believe it, read more »

    Lulu Montey
  • 57.

    Life is precious, Life is sweet
    Life is like an endless treat

    Born knowing nothing but to breathe, read more »

    Angel Izquierdo
  • 58.

    Let life be life because Life is Not Life when I Live This 'life' without you by my side, because my Life is you and you are my Life,
    let Life be Life when there is you in My Life read more »

    Thendo dennis Mpuru
  • 59.

    What is Life
    Is it so great
    Do we help or destroy
    What god gave us was life read more »

    Brianna Woomer
  • 60.

    He is Wise and we call him fool
    He is Rich, we named him poor
    He is watching and we call him dump
    He ears and we call him dump read more »

    omotola hannah
  • 61.
    love is complicated

    read more »

    rez zenn
  • 62.
    Life Is

    Life is easy,
    Life is simple,
    Life is just a tease,
    Life comes and goes, read more »

    Desiree Marmon
  • 63.

    Hey kid
    Hasn't love bit you lately?
    Well maybe
    Still yet to come to fulfil and erase read more »

    deepali agnihotri
  • 64.

    Life is made of obsticales
    life is made of fear
    life is made of hurt
    and life is filled with tears read more »

    Sarah Shifflet
  • 65.
    MY LIFE...

    My life is alone
    My life is loveless
    My life is a mess
    My life is full of lies read more »

    Hector Armendariz
  • 66.
    ~Life~ Antoinette G.

    Life, something so big and unexplainable
    Something we try to grasp while seemingly unabtainable
    Life, something that gives us a peace of mind
    Something so sweet so divine read more »

    Antoinette G..
  • 67.

    Brings pain
    That hurts so
    Life read more »

    Pirate Princess
  • 68.
    Just Life

    Life is unfair
    Life is unjust
    Life is nieve
    Life is cruel in everyway read more »

    Stephen Townsend
  • 69.

    Life is around us,
    billowing and deflating.
    Life is the trees,
    growing and dropping their leaves. read more »

    Kasey Russell
  • 70.
    Life Is

    life is,
    life is love,
    life is hate,
    Life is you, read more »

    kelsey brownlauten
  • 71.

    No-ones life is perfect
    but your life is a gift
    life brings happiness
    life brings sadness read more »

    lauren saunders
  • 72.
    Lachrymose of Life

    life is sweet
    life is happy
    life is good
    life is living read more »

    mirzi coleen fuentes
  • 73.
    Scarred for life

    Scarred for life, no one would know
    Broken inside, her self esteem so low
    Scarred for life, inside & out
    No one hears, her silence so loud read more »

    Scout Kerr
  • 74.
    life given

    life you have given me manny troubles
    life you have given me beauty
    life you have given me pain
    life you have given me pleasure read more »

    richard allen
  • 75.
    Music is Life

    Music is Life and
    Life is music
    Life without music
    Its no longer Life. read more »

    Angie Marcos
  • 76.
    life vs.death

    read more »

    natalia stratton
  • 77.


    Life is Hope, Life is Fear
    A veiled mystery in every sphere read more »

    Santanu Banerjee
  • 78.
    Life Cycle

    Life is a cycle
    Life is full of ups and downs
    Life can grab you at anytime and anywhere,
    It’s in you now and forever it shall stay read more »

    Mikayla Keating
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