Top 100 Poems About: LIGHT

In this page, poems on / about “light” are listed.
  • 1.
    And Here Comes Dark

    It's dark outside
    But I see the light
    Then darkness
    I see the light again read more »

    Yasmin Rubayo
  • 2.
    **Little Miss Fairy**

    glittering, shimmering,
    little miss fairy goes,
    as she walks up to girls,
    fulfills their dreams, read more »

    Fathmath Sana
  • 3.
    lost in the darkness

    I'm lost in the darkness
    And i can't see the light
    I'm lost
    I can't find any hope read more »

    Tiffany Price
  • 4.
    Lighting a Memorial Candle for One of the Six Million

    Even if I could light six million lights
    I could not rekindle your light
    And your’s was only one
    Not one in a million read more »

    Lewis Eron
  • 5.
    A Step

    On the other side of darkness, far away there shines a light,
    A light to end all sorrow,
    A light to be ever free,
    A light for a new tomorrow read more »

    Raja Sivaji
  • 6.
    The light of my Life

    "The light of my life, your life,
    The light of our nation,
    We all need this light, to shine the gloomy paths of our lives,
    Fathers and mothers ignite it to care for their young ones, read more »

    Alvin Word Speaker Tatlhego
  • 7.
    The Light in the Darkness

    In every one of us a Light burns

    A Light that pushes us to be better than what we are read more »

    Trever Barlow
  • 8.
    The light that remains

    A long dark road awaits you
    And darkens with time
    Much light may accompany you at the starting line
    But as you run on it fades read more »

    Clove Beatty
  • 9.

    Light me a light any kind of light,
    Just shine its beam into my darkest night,
    For like a child I stay up in fright,
    So light me a light any light tonight. read more »

    Barak Al'Mondia
  • 10.
    Her Dance Of Life

    hidden, dancing
    life and light
    wings shining bright
    form so slender read more »

    Lycasis Cummings
  • 11.
    Sun Always Rises

    At night here
    The sun lights the Caucuses
    At night in the Caucuses
    The sun lights Alaska read more »

    Fuad Rifka
  • 12.
    A light of hope—Light me! !

    A light of hope—Light me! !

    A light-laden hope read more »

    madhumitha murali
  • 13.
    Let there be light

    Let there be light
    In our inner soul
    Light in our heart and mind
    Light in our blood and veins read more »

    Mohammad Siddiqui
  • 14.
    OCD Girl

    Turn the bathroom light on.
    Go to the bathroom.
    Wash my hands.
    Dry my hands. read more »

    Kathy Lippard Cobb
  • 15.
    The Aurora Lights (Personification)

    I am a beautiful light
    That shines at night

    I am a bright read more »

    DarkX 474
  • 16.

    Being alone
    being this oneness
    like a straight candle
    just lighting read more »

    Elvira Kay
  • 17.
    No light

    Life love and listfullness
    full of this light
    within the power of it
    feeling full read more »

    Jason Sherrill
  • 18.

    The white, the black, whatever it can be,
    I never understood what I can't see,
    The black, the white, whatever was on sight,
    At night, you give the brightest light, read more »

    Achrius Mystia
  • 19.

    Into that pit of darkness,
    though I still search for light,
    light, the twin of darkness...
    never appeared but, before thine eyes. read more »

    jessica sparagowski
  • 20.
    The Search

    Glowing brightly in the darkness
    Is the lamp
    Searching keenly for brightness
    Is the insect read more »

    Varun Gowtham
  • 21.
    Dark Light Dark

    Living nightmare awake
    Solitude unyielding read more »

    GMS Pinafore
  • 22.
    A light in a Dark Night

    Light shimmered in dark night,
    Light tremors ran through my mind.
    Light flickered on the wet path, read more »

    Aditya Deshpande
  • 23.
    On Light

    read more »

    Jack Dikian
  • 24.
    Keep Your Light Burning

    Make hay while the sun shines 
    And reach for the moon
    Savor the moment
    For it will fade and soon read more »

    Vinny Christensen
  • 25.
    The Light

    The light we see mixed with the light we dont it intertwines with reality and a dream when reality is better then a dream you've seen the greatest light of all the light we all follow the light we use the light we thrive on the light we need to keep the earth green the way it was before we were here before humanity clean air green the greater light till now the light grows dimmer with each passing day the pollution the wars the factorys ruining read more »

    Peter Sponburgh
  • 26.


    Come out of the shadows read more »

    Paul Klobusicky
  • 27.
    The Hospital Ship

    There is a green-lit hospital ship,
    Green, with a crimson cross,
    Lazily swaying there in the bay,
    Lazily bearing my friend away, read more »

    W H Littlejohn
  • 28.
    You Are My Light Through The Dark!

    You are my light through the dark of night,
    That guides me to the light of day.
    When my light fades from day,
    You help me in the dark. read more »

    Sara Tober
  • 29.
    Our street light

    there we would sit
    under the street light
    free from the dark
    just you and me read more »

    brad brown
  • 30.
    The Future is a Light

    The future is a light
    A moon
    But there is a storm
    And black clouds obstruct my view read more »

    Anonymous Person
  • 31.
    Dying Light

    I stare at the vast darkness.
    My light about to fail.

    I tried so hard to shine read more »

    Marius Carstens
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