Top 100 Poems About: LIMERICK

In this page, poems on / about “limerick” are listed.
  • 1.
    Happy Republic Day

    Hoist the flag of Triumph and Victory
    To shine India's glorious beauty.

    We are Republicans we have liberty read more »

    Vivek Tiwari
  • 2.
    Limerick.22. Duty Bound

    A patient to a doctor said so sore
    "I can't bear this pain any more
    Kill me…I want to die
    My lips are going dry" read more »

    Valsa George
  • 3.
    Limerick.23. Precaution

    A naughty porcupine lives on a hill
    He has sharp and piercing quill
    Nobody pets him,
    Nobody frets him, read more »

    Valsa George
  • 4.
    Limerick.24. Caution

    Guard your tongue before words you fling
    Let them not fly as from a sling
    Tongue is to taste
    And never to bite read more »

    Valsa George
  • 5.
    Limerick.25. Courage!

    Brave Ben dreamt he was drowning in the sea
    From the killer waves, he struggled to free
    He woke up in fright
    In the dead of the night read more »

    Valsa George
  • 6.
    Limerick.26. Beware!

    Love at first sight is like narcotic
    It will make you quixotic
    Initially, so sweet
    Full of delight read more »

    Valsa George
  • 7.
    Limerick.29. Search -new-

    A lady was seen searching in the light
    Though not stupid, she was far from bright
    “What do you search? ”
    “I look for my watch, read more »

    Valsa George
  • 8.
    Limerick.30. What Says the Autopsy -new-

    Each day he drank a bottle of rum whole
    And in his liver was found many a hole
    Alas, met with a sudden death
    His doctor said in one breath read more »

    Valsa George
  • 9.
    Limerick.20. Snoring

    Two friends went on a weeklong tour
    All night one of them did snore …grrrrrr
    The other sat up
    He couldn't put up read more »

    Valsa George
  • 10.

    There once was a paleontologist lady
    An amateur researcher to say strictly
    She dug here and there
    For fossils, everywhere read more »

    Dr PJ Raj Kamal
  • 11.
    Between the lines

    There was a guy with a good hand writing
    Soon he lost it and felt it a bad thing
    So practice he took
    In the four line book read more »

    Dr PJ Raj Kamal
  • 12.
    Limerick Day

    There once was a writer named Lear
    With the first name of Edward...I fear
    He was English...I say
    He wrote Limericks every day read more »

    Jim Yerman
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