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Top 100 Poems About: LIMERICK

In this page, poems on / about “limerick” are listed.
  • 1.
    My Friend Lord Ravenswood Rivermist

    My friend Lord Ravenswood Rivermist,
    Of Rivermist Estate,
    Has unicorns in the courtyard,
    And fairies at the gate. read more »

    Catherine Mancini
  • 2.

    I've decided i'm useless
    writing limericks pointless
    playing golf today helpless
    limericks getting less read more »

    lee fones
  • 3.
    Limerick Day

    There once was a writer named Lear
    With the first name of Edward...I fear
    He was English...I say
    He wrote Limericks every day read more »

    Jim Yerman
  • 4.
    Thirty Limericks On Various Subjects


    The writing of good limericks you see
    requires two parts insanitee -
    two parts rhythyme read more »

    Otido Omukuba
  • 5.
    Silly Limericks

    There was a young lady called Grace
    And she had a beautiful face
    When she went for a run
    In the park for some fun read more »

    Michael Morris
  • 6.
    A Limerick


    A LIMERICK read more »

    Steven B Taylor
  • 7.

    Homework is always boring for me,
    Im sure most of you can see.
    ''Can you write onomatopoeia? ''
    The sadness of Ethan, read more »

    Azeem AbdulRahim
  • 8.

    This is a limerick,
    Written with aid of a stick
    Although, limericks are supposed to be poetry,
    So, I suppose this really just quirky. read more »

    Andy Xie
  • 9.
    The Strange Haiku

    read more »

    Sarah Elder
  • 10.
    In Pursuit of a Poetry Prize

    I’m constructing a poem in a strategic new way.
    So they won’t comprehend what I’m trying to say.
    For a poetry contest with a fabulous prize,
    I studied what seems to attract judges’ eyes. read more »

    Kevin Pace
  • 11.
    Deep Within

    It starts with a cantankerous, aggravate, flamboyant, famished person sitting and writing this utter nonsense but where a silhouette appearing Deep Within, read more »

    Rohit John
  • 12.
    My Prince

    Don’t be mawkish with me
    I’ll sing for you a lilt
    I limn you on my canvas read more »

    Saddam Husen
  • 13.

    There was a young lady in bed,
    who had limericks stuck in her head,
    she tossed and she turned,
    and eventually learned, read more »

    Sarah E Williams
  • 14.
    Limerick about Hannah

    There once was a young lady named Hannah
    Who owned her very own spanner
    She made a magnificent stool
    and jumped in the pool to be cool read more »

    Hannah Charles
  • 15.
    Home Sonnets--Address To Ireland


    Mother of soldiers! once there was a time
    When your sons' swords won fame in many a clime; read more »

    Thomas D Arcy McGee
  • 16.
    Ben Limerick

    There once was a guy named Ben,
    Who asked me money for a lend,
    And so I told him
    I could trust him as far as I could throw him, read more »

    Dave Corey
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