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  • 1.
    In Honour of the City of London

    LONDON, thou art of townes A per se.
       Soveraign of cities, seemliest in sight,
    Of high renoun, riches and royaltie;
       Of lordis, barons, and many a goodly knyght; read more »

    William Dunbar
  • 2.
    A Backhanded Love Song

    It's never the memories,
    It's that hoarde of feelings
    Leaves me empty of tears now,
    Until my eyes are like stones, read more »

    J. P. Dullahan
  • 3.
    city on the sea? ? WAEL MOREICHEH

    FALL IN A LOVELY AUTUMN read more »

  • 4.
    London's Burning

    His eyes reflect the golden fire, his pupils burning bright
    As he turns away they feel a sudden, crying urge to fight
    Big Old Ben has run away, they always thought it might
    London's Burning read more »

    Matt Pocock
  • 5.
    This Is London

    This is a London of litter and tears;
    This is the London that everyone fears.
    This is a London that chokes back its grief.
    This is London; the heartbreaking thief. read more »

    Alexander Hayden James Smith
  • 6.

    She called herself London
    On that day
    She fell from the sky
    Child of apple blossoms read more »

    Catman Cohen
  • 7.

    While I am in the office in the morning in Lagos,
    Someone, somewhere in London is preparing for work.
    A Newyorker is still sleeping
    Moscow is preparing for lunch. read more »

    mudashiru shittu yomi
  • 8.

    Poem Entry:

    The sun wakes up and peeks through the sleeping heads of East London,
    I hear the birds singing 'London, London, what a place! ' read more »

    Affan Chowdhury
  • 9.
    The Oldest Thing In London

    A thousand landmarks perish,
    A hundred streets grow strange;
    With all the dreams they cherish
    They go the ways of change; read more »

    Cicely Fox Smith
  • 10.
    Goodbye London


    I hear the whispers of London in my ears,
    London! London! is how the birds sing, read more »

    Abayomi Habib
  • 11.
    London Town

    London Town

    London is a busy town, read more »

    jor leou
  • 12.
    London Baby

    Who doesn’t miss London?
    It is heaven on earth
    Everything in one city
    People bustling read more »

    Moses Samandar
  • 13.
    In a Restaurant, 1917

    Encircled by the traffic's roar
    Midst music and the blaze of light
    The battle-jaded khaki knights
    Throng, sleek and civilised once more. read more »

    Eleanour Norton
  • 14.
    Where i'm from...

    Where I’m from…

    I’m from cobblestone streets and warm sweet tea,
    And the memories that seem to remind me, read more »

    Alyssa Jenkins
  • 15.
    Where i'm from...

    I’m from cobblestone streets and warm sweet tea,
    And the memories that seem to remind me,
    That most things sometimes end sweetly,
    I’m from cold December evenings tucked in by a warm crackling fire, read more »

    Alyssa Diane
  • 16.
    The shard of glass in the London sky.

    I'm standing by the John Keats statue,
    Thinking if only he had eyes,
    The sights he would have seen,
    Since dark evolving times, read more »

    Michael World
  • 17.
    Blood, Sweat and Tears

    Think just think, of all the blood, sweat and tears
    London has shed with the passing of years.
    The dirt, dust and smog, the noise and the grime.
    Poverty, slavery, squalor and crime. read more »

    Susan Mary Robertson
  • 18.
    The streets of London

    Streets of London
    filled with endless memories
    timeless in every sense
    as the clock of the Big Ben read more »

    Mario,Lucien,Rene Odekerken
  • 19.

    LONDON been
    what a place read more »

    seamus j carroll
  • 20.

    I heard your call everywhere

    I adored your beauty from afar read more »

    Robinson Jonathan Dare
  • 21.
    In London Town

    It is not here I best enjoy
    The pleasure, that can never cloy,
    Of idly roaming London town,
    Where such familiar names look down read more »

    Walter Learned
  • 22.
    West London GIRL

    It is nice to see & nice to be in bits of London town.

    Today I travelled from West to East an that is a different kind of town.
    There there's creative places, big markets and roundabouts. read more »

    Holda Felix
  • 23.
    Memories of London

    Soaring from the Caribbean and stepping off of the plane
    Good old London you certainly felt the same
    Gatwick I savour you, for your scenery I pain
    O' how much I was grieving for the beautiful sight of you again read more »

    Dennis Adonis
  • 24.
    LONDON SKIES -new-

    Check the London skies
    It is turning deep blue
    From the west end
    Pushing and pulling the stretch everywhere read more »

  • 25.
    Ten O'Clock Newsflash

    She argued with her parents,
    decided to leave home,
    packed her small school bag
    and left, feeling alone. read more »

    barbara clafton
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