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Top 100 Poems About: LONELY

In this page, poems on / about “lonely” are listed.
  • 1.
    Lonely am I

    Lonely are the nights
    Lonely are the days
    Lonely am I, in so many ways read more »

    jim foulk
  • 2.
    The Lonely Soul

    The lonely soul wanders
    Alone in the walks of life
    No other soul as his companion
    The lonely soul wanders read more »

    anto thermadam
  • 3.
    lonely am i

    Lonely am I

    Lonely are the nights
    Lonely are the days read more »

  • 4.

    A lonely flower in a field
    A lonely child does not yield
    A lonely star in the night sky
    A lonely man gives up to die read more »

    Tess Connor
  • 5.
    O So Lonely

    O So Lonely
    Are the days gone by.
    When others enter your life
    Then you push them by. read more »

    Cecelia Weir
  • 6.
    The Traveler

    Lonely is The Traveler, who travels all alone
    Lonely is the Traveler, who is without a home
    Lonely is the Traveler, who has no one to care
    Lonely is the Traveler, who has no one to share read more »

    Abdul-Ali Muhammad
  • 7.
    A Lonely Tear

    A lonely tear falls down
    A smile turns to frown
    Trickles down the cheek
    Does not make you weak read more »

    Megan Dugan
  • 8.

    A lonely star in the night
    A lonely plant in the desert
    A lonely cloud in the sky
    A weeping heart in the ocean of happiness read more »

    Shameem Haider Rao
  • 9.

    Lonely life,
    Lonely mind,
    Lonely heart,
    Lonely love, read more »

    Dragon Crenshaw
  • 10.
    Dying Alone In Public

    Like the lonely winter tree
    Outstretched branches with never any leaves
    Lonely skeletons, with lonely smiles
    Looking away while trying to hide read more »

    Cin Sweet Fields
  • 11.
    The Death of a Friend

    The death of a friend
    I try to be brave
    But I can't stop the tears
    When I visit His grave read more »

    John W. Litteral
  • 12.
    A lonely girl

    As a lonely girl,
    I only want one thing
    All I want,
    Is to be seen read more »

    You... don't... want me...
  • 13.
    On tears lonely lonely cry

    On tears lonely lonely cry
    You always shade on my mind
    Even you had flied away
    Left me alone in the night read more »

    maria sudibyo
  • 14.

    lonely so lonely
    Lonely and sad
    lonely and empty. read more »

    Alison Mills
  • 15.
    Am I

    AM I just a tattered soul
    lost in this lonely lonely dream
    AM I just a wandering heart
    with noone to bring me in read more »

    Krystle Newberry
  • 16.
    when im lonely

    When I’m lonely
    I’m surrounded by people
    That is not my own read more »

    Dion Skinner
  • 17.
    The Lonely Soul

    The Lonely Soul

    The lonely soul wanders
    Alone in the walks of life read more »

    Marilee Morley
  • 18.

    I am a lonely person
    I have many people around me
    But the feeling of loneliness
    Its deeply seated in me read more »

    Asma Khan
  • 19.
    My Lonely Heart

    My lonely heart
    Holds much despair
    Emptiness read more »

    Rose Marie Jackson
  • 20.
    So Lonely

    Lonely so lonely
    So Lonely I am
    Lonely and sad
    Lonely So Lonely read more »

    shemar malike henry
  • 21.
    I feel lonely without you

    When i don't get to hear from you
    I feel so lonely
    When i don't get the chance to see you
    I feel so lonely read more »

    Hindy Nobody
  • 22.
    Lonely Eyes

    It doesn't matter how hard i try
    Even though i'll be dyin inside
    Look deep within and tell me what you find
    I just can't seem to hide read more »

    Leo Lopes
  • 23.
    Lonely Night

    My heart is running dry
    There's not a shoulder to cry
    Everyone's a stranger tonight
    It's such a lonely night read more »

    sydney carter
  • 24.
    Lonely Girl, Lonely Heart

    She curled up on her windowsill,
    A lonely girl, crying out her heart,
    For the boy that never loved her,
    And the friends that just don't care. read more »

    Jacquelyn Ireland
  • 25.
    YYYYYYYY I Am Lonelyyyyyyyy

    Lonely I, lonely love you,
    Lonely I, surrounded by nothing,
    Lonely I, pieced and waiting,
    Lonely I, cursed without you. read more »

    Maddy Saxena
  • 26.
    Lonely As Hell

    I am no man's burden
    I can take care of myself
    but it's lonely out in space
    I've come to know the area well. read more »

    Beyond Repair
  • 27.

    Lonely is the Heart that never knows true love.
    Lonely is the Body never looked on from above.
    Lonely is the Mind that lost it's will to dream.
    Lonely is the Soul when no one hears it scream. read more »

    Pete LeMay
  • 28.

    i cry a lonely cry
    i die a lonely death
    and i still have many things to regret read more »

    Brittany Michelle Harris
  • 29.
    Lonely i am..

    Lonely are the nights
    Lonely are the days
    Lonely am I, in so many ways
    Lonely are the seasons read more »

    Keyush shah
  • 30.
    One Lonely Tree

    One lonely tree
    In one lonely field read more »

    Heather Schroer
  • 31.
    so.. lonely i feel! ! !

    The days were dry
    the nights were scary
    with those lonely dreams & thoughts
    and the eyes filled with tears & sorrow read more »

  • 32.
    on a lonely night like this

    on a lonely night like this
    i envy the stars
    i miss the moon and
    the cool shadows of trees read more »

    Suki Nakamura
  • 33.
    Lonely Girl

    lonely girl why do you cry?
    lonely girl why do you sit when you can fly?
    lonely girl all I ask is that you try read more »

    Carla Kitts
  • 34.
    Lonely hearts

    Lonely hearts, they don't cry
    They moan in silence, they want to die.
    Lonely hearts, they have no fear
    And strength to dropp a single tear read more »

    Katerina Yanchuk
  • 35.

    Hold my hand,
    Please, hold it,
    I feel lonely, very lonely,
    I want a friend hand, confident, read more »

    UMBELINA FROTA Linhares Pimenta Bastos
  • 36.
    When one grows old......

    When one grows old, and life is speeding past
    Year follows year, each quicker than the last
    When there's nothing new to look for
    And the past is all that's left read more »

    Hilda Bristow
  • 37.
    The lonely soul Wanders

    This is to show that despite people may feel lonely, they truly wallow in their own pity.How pathetic.

    The lonely soul wanders
    Alone in the walks of life read more »

    damien kai
  • 38.
    My tears and loneliness

    Stepping into my room every night
    Being the silent one of dark
    I realize how lonely and sad I always am
    I cry about it wondering read more »

    Ridz Patel
  • 39.
    That lonely girl

    read more »

    Fred Flintstone
  • 40.
    Lonely Child

    Lonely child in the night.
    Under heaven's golden lights.
    I heard you cry near a stream.
    Where maidens sing and sleep and dream. read more »

    Shawn Henley
  • 41.
    Lonely Soul

    I'm nowhere to be found.
    You couldn't find me if you tryed. read more »

    Dead Ducky
  • 42.
    What's Behind My Eyes

    What is behind my eyes?
    A genius,
    A lonely soul
    One searching for comfort read more »

    Yuki Cross
  • 43.

    Lonely so lonely
    So Lonely I am
    Lonely and sad
    Lonely and empty read more »

    Alex Bee
  • 44.
    Forever Lonely Road

    As I walk along the forever lonely road
    Thoughts of you collide in my mind, and I can't get them out

    As I walk along the forever lonely road read more »

    Mikaila Scotto
  • 45.
    Riding This Lonely Train

    I'm riding this lonely train tonight
    It's like I'm having a dream
    Where did it go wrong
    There I go again read more »

    Lany Donovan Lessard
  • 46.

    Like a big tree standing on a vast field
    Like the only dim star in the cloudy sky
    Above all like God I’m so lonely
    I feel so lonely read more »

    Razwan Kabir
  • 47.
    I Am Lonely

    I am lonely, i am so lonely
    the man that i love, his not answering my call,
    or my messages, nether my emails,
    i am lonely, i am so lonely read more »

    Martha David
  • 48.
    Lonely me

    Lonely, lonely me, I'm all by myself
    All alone in my tiny world
    Lonely, lonely child of sea
    I move the moon and tides with ease read more »

    Mervin Ramesh
  • 49.
    Another Lonely Night

    Another lonely night where I watch t.v alone
    To have all these channels but nobody to share them with
    To hold a laugh with on the funny movies
    Not even somebody there to listen to the ESPN man talk read more »

    Ardimus Caldwell
  • 50.

    She is made up of my hopes, wishes and dreams
    Yet it seems, I have spent my life searching
    Does my unicorn exist
    Is she for real or just a myth read more »

    Carl Hohenberg
  • 51.
    The Lonely Sky

    Its a poet's sky
    And it is lonely indeed
    No star shines here
    No Sun washes malice read more »

    Amitabh Roy
  • 52.
    The Lonely Island

    I am the Lonely Island
    I have trees for climbing
    Birds for singing
    Fruit for eating read more »

    applepcmac Island
  • 53.
    A Girl

    A girl
    Lonely and forgotten
    Never known read more »

    Jennifer Cramer
  • 54.

    Vast as the open sea,
    small as a baby pea.
    Please explain the meaning,
    what it is to be lonely. read more » mermaid
  • 55.
    Thank you for the pain

    Dear N,
    Thank you for the pain
    All my life, I believed in love and being loved,
    My family loved me, friends loved me, lovers did too, read more »

    parvez sazzad M
  • 56.

    why are we built to be with another
    why is it so difficult for society to accept loneliness
    loneliness releases us
    companionship read more »

    Zena Blank
  • 57.
    Armadillo Streets

    The dust has just begun to settle
    Forming crop circles in the carpet
    Oil marks kiss the walls
    Where pleasure moments hung before read more »

    Kay Gardner
  • 58.
    I see you every night

    I wonder if
    are you reo-lly ate-ly lonely?
    Il y a un pour tu. read more »

    Paul Bryan Friedman
  • 59.
    A lonely tear.

    As i lie here, trying to sleep.
    A lonely tear, runs down my cheek.
    Thoughts of you, run through my head.
    As i lie here, lonely, in my bed. read more »

    adrian ball
  • 60.
    Lonely Am I

    Lonely am I as I go to school
    Lonely am I as the kids a cruel
    Lonely are the days
    Lonely I will stay read more »

    Makayla Pai
  • 61.


    nights, lonely nights fill with sorrow and grief,
    nights, lonely nights fill with hunger and needs, read more »

    miguel palma
  • 62.
    The Lonely Path

    As I walk down the road
    And enter the new world that is home
    I think to myself and try to cry
    I've had a long and tearful ride read more »

    Alexander Francisco
  • 63.

    Lonely without you love,
    Lonely without your care,
    Lonely without your arms around me,
    Lonely when were not lying close under the covers on my bed, read more »

    kyndra lowery
  • 64.

    Here I am
    A lonely jail bird
    Falling apart
    At every word read more »

    cassie slaughter
  • 65.
    My Destiny

    My Destiny
    How can I look after the daughter with ill mentality
    How can I bear this burden she gives every moment
    Oh! lonely man, what a sin have I done in the past read more »

    Sunil Algama Algama
  • 66.
    Lonely friend

    Lonely friend
    Where have you gone?
    I saw you once by the river
    Whispering rhymes to me read more »

    Joe Brown
  • 67.
    No More Wants

    Lonely in a room
    Dark and Damp
    No one else to love
    caught up in the storm of your thoughts read more »

    Nick Holden
  • 68.

    I feel so sad and lonely
    I am alone
    I feel so used and betrayed
    I am lost read more »

    rehendhi maldives
  • 69.

    Lonely eyes turn out west
    Lonely fingers creep over shoulders and onto laps
    Lonely hearts intertwine with all the sad songs
    Lonely knees turn to dust at the sight of someone special read more »

    Conor Stephenson
  • 70.

    Lonely are the nights
    Lonely are the days.
    Lonely I am, in so many ways. read more »

    leanne gil
  • 71.
    The Lonely Path

    read more »

    Jessica Iboy
  • 72.
    Loneliness life

    read more »

    jacson rivera
  • 73.
    The walk by the moon!

    Starry night, gentle wind
    A lonely walk, just you n me.

    Warm hearts, cosy talks read more »

    Guppy Puppy
  • 74.
    Cold Lonely Torture

    You lay there torturing,
    I beg you, pleading,
    Please, don't torture me anymore,
    The lonely space of cold-hearted torture is to much to bare, read more »

    Cierra Corpse Bride
  • 75.
    Im so lonely

    Im so lonely.
    I don't have anyone to speak to.
    I don't have anyone to see.
    Im so lonely. read more »

    fahad khan
  • 76.
    Lonely Boy

    No one would listen
    no one could hear
    the cries of the lonely boy
    though they were near read more »

    Chelsea Wallace
  • 77.
    To S. Palujan


    You were, like the moon, alone:
    You lonely lived, you lonely died.
    Though wide the world with people sown, read more »

    Maksim Bahdanovič
  • 78.

    I’m lonely. I’m lonely. I’m lonely. I’m lonely. I’m lonely. I’m lonely. I’m lonely. I’m lonely. I’m lonely. I’m lonely. I’m lonely. I’m lonely. I’m lonely. I’m lonely. I’m lonely. I’m lonely. I’m lonely. I’m lonely. I’m
    I’m lonely and I hate my mother.
    How mundane. Normal pains.
    Droplets streaming over veins. read more »

    Darcy Conway
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