Top 100 Poems About: LOSS

In this page, poems on / about “loss” are listed.
  • 1.
    Loss of memory

    I thank the loss of my memory
    Of those days when I had not a friend
    I am thankful to the memory
    Of those great moments when we are together read more »

    hariharans sundaram
  • 2.
    Loss Of...

    Loss it seems is the worst kind of sorrow
    Loss of dreams, the dreams of tomorrow
    Loss of the moments you two should have shared
    Loss of opportunities to show her you cared read more »

    Michael Ernst
  • 3.
    Loss Unbearable, Loss Irrepearable

    The death of a twelve year old,
    Her sister shed tears,
    But the body was cold,
    Loss Unbearable, Loss Irrepearable. read more »

    Ulveena Aitzaz
  • 4.
    Loss, Lost, Lust

    I was lost 6 months ago
    It was lust that drove my soul
    I couldn't controll...
    what happened that night read more »

    alley 091
  • 5.
    falling tears

    these tears i shed will never go away
    the tears that fall, will remind me of that pain
    the pain of loss is what i speak
    the pain that made me fall to my knees read more »

    Tommie Cobb
  • 6.
    Last Line

    I am the last
    line of her poem

    her last poem read more »

    Bhartendu Second
  • 7.
    (Death) Loss

    My paper, my pencils, my keychains, my glue,
    They're nowhere to be found,
    Nowhere, it's true,
    But it does not matter much read more »

    K. Jared Hosein
  • 8.
    When I Look at You

    when I look at you
    i see an endless universe in your eyes
    an infinite unimaginable beauty
    that I could touch every day but might never hold read more »

    TP Sage
  • 9.
    It's Autumn Again

    It’s autumn again
    Leaves whisper the sound of our past
    In loss they pay a descent
    To the ground we fall read more »

    Andrea Rieck
  • 10.

    Wind blow
    Blow me far away
    Away from my grief read more »

    Barbara Attaway
  • 11.

    What is life without love?
    What is love without lust?
    What is lust without loss? read more »

    Ashley Breding
  • 12.
    963: Peace n happiness wish...

    Love is so beautiful,
    In love there is loss,
    Life is still beautiful,
    Do not cause loss, read more »

    Amit Biswas
  • 13.
    Mid-Winter Dream

    You are gone
    From where my feet
    Once stood
    Shining sand torn and devoured read more »

    e.e. wilholt
  • 14.
    Loss Of A Friend

    A loss of a friend hurts
    The loss of a best friend hurts more,
    But it is never a true loss;
    Everyday you will see something that reminds you of them read more »

    Nerissa Morton
  • 15.

    Loss it seems is the worst kind of sorrow
    Loss of a dream
    Loss of a person read more »

    Abigail Hauschild
  • 16.
    do not understand

    I do not understand, the pain of my loss is to much to handle,
    all i say is, mommy drie your eyes,
    mommy dont you cry all i wanna do is die,
    i tell everyone who dont care about me to scramble, read more »

    gary hicinbothem
  • 17.
    Your Loss

    Your loss
    Is not loss of life,
    For life a whore.
    Your loss read more »

    Idris El Asha
  • 18.

    read more »

    Kristen Renee Grossklas
  • 19.
    Happiness-Sadness Diamante

    Glad, cheerful
    Laughing, playing, frolicking
    Victories, holidays, funerals, losses read more »

    Philip Doolittle
  • 20.

    Dreams die
    And their loss are lamented

    Before many eyes that hold them high read more »

    Habib A. Zakari
  • 21.
    Stone by Stone

    I built this wall around my heart
    and stone by stone it falls apart
    I built this wall to keep you out
    the pain, the loss, and all the doubt read more »

    Kenzie Lynn
  • 22.
    Losing My Minority

    To lose one’s minority
    Is not a bad thing.

    With the loss of minority read more »

    Marin Tsuikata
  • 23.

    I've never known you
    Or the love of a father
    No I lied
    The love I felt read more »

    Brittany Fegley
  • 24.
    A Loss of Inner Peace.

    A loss of inner peace,
    as i hear the words come out,

    A loss of words, read more »

    Ryan Ko
  • 25.

    Dribble, Dribble, Shoot
    some times you dribble
    pass or shoot
    you may miss or loss read more »

    Ashley Kaufman
  • 26.
    Our World

    The world as I see it
    Is a spinning catastrophe.
    Death read more »

    Just Myself
  • 27.
    A loss

    Loss of a dream
    Loss of a life
    Loss of a love
    Loss of a path read more »

    Austin Courtney
  • 28.
    Tourtured Child

    Tortured child sitting on the window pane
    Innocent boy, hurt through inner pain
    Bleeding arms cut by serrated knives
    Ends in the loss of more innocent lives read more »

    Melanie Hannon
  • 29.
    Darkness of the light

    read more »

    adam shipley
  • 30.
    Bloom Again

    Bloom in the Sun Again

    OK, I admit that I lost myself
    And bled on dark sheets read more »

    Theresa Bubenzer
  • 31.
    serpents noose

    Your painfull loss is a serpent that goes,
    unbound, unhinged, unchained, it grows.
    Slithering, squeezing, swallowing all it meets,
    turning your loss into their defeats. read more »

    Calico Wolf
  • 32.
    Junior Basketball Season


    Blood read more »

    Nick Mengerink
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