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Top 100 Poems About: LOST

In this page, poems on / about “lost” are listed.
  • 1.
    "I Am Not Yours"

    I am not yours, not lost in you,
    Not lost, although I long to be
    Lost as a candle lit at noon,
    Lost as a snowflake in the sea. read more »

    Sara Teasdale
  • 2.

    Lost in a world, that scares me to death,
    Lost in a crowd, I'm losing my breath.
    Lost as a boy, lost as a man,
    I need to grow up, don't think I can. read more »

    Dan Brown
  • 3.
    Lost To Find My Lot

    Lost in a world, that scares me to death,
    Lost in a crowd I’m losing my breath,
    Lost as a kid, lost as an adult
    I feel everything is falling apart and its my fault read more »

    Olivia Braun
  • 4.
    im lost

    lost in thought
    lost in love
    lost in death
    lost without love read more »

    dalton lakin
  • 5.
    All to War

    I lost my mother
    I lost my father read more »

    Ezekiel Johnson
  • 6.

    Lost in thought
    Lost in pain
    Lost in fear
    That you can never retain read more »

    Shelby Lanier
  • 7.

    I lost everything when i lost you.
    I lost my life when i lost you.
    I lost my senses when I find my self in a deep misery.
    I lost my pride when I lost my potency of loving you. read more »

    farzana hossain
  • 8.
    The Lost Cause

    Lost words.
    Lost cares. read more »

    Amber Green
  • 9.
    Lost you, lost everything

    Lost you, lost everything,
    Lost the dream for being your forever,
    Lost my each kind of feeling.
    Lost your love, lost happiness, read more »

    Tanveer Sharma
  • 10.

    Lost in a world, that scares me to death,
    Lost in a crowd, I'm losing my breath.
    Lost as a girl, lost as a woman,
    I need to grow up, don't think I can. read more »

    jesse swigart
  • 11.

    Lost in the universe, thats more frightening than fear,
    Lost in the Earth, where i feel as if nothing is near,
    Lost as a person, Lost as man,
    Needing to find myself, but i dont think i can. read more »

    Koren Horvath
  • 12.

    As I lay down and stare at my misshapen shadow/
    What I could have had/ Lost/
    What I would have had/ Lost/ read more »

    Ivan Bolden
  • 13.

    Lost in the memories and wonderful sights,
    Lost in another kids fight.
    Lost and confused,
    Even broken and used. read more »

    Tissa Calvert
  • 14.
    Love Lost

    Love lost
    Tried at all costs
    Lost one self
    Lost all wealth read more »

    Justin Smith
  • 15.

    I think i've lost my way
    I think I'm lost today read more »

    DAVID werts
  • 16.
    lost in the darkness

    I'm lost in the darkness
    And i can't see the light
    I'm lost
    I can't find any hope read more »

    Tiffany Price
  • 17.

    I think I've lost my way
    I think I'm lost again today
    Lost in thoughts but also in things
    Lost inside my own dreamings read more »

    Anonymous Retard
  • 18.
    I Lost

    I lost my first thought in the morning
    I lost my prayer in the night
    I lost the only joy of living
    I lost the direction of my life read more »

    Robert Uy
  • 19.

    I am not lost in a bad way,
    Nor am I lost in a good way.

    I am lost in your eyes, read more »

    October Freeman
  • 20.

    I’m lost

    I’ve always said this is a big big world
    And now I’m lost in this world read more »

    Sara Hammouri
  • 21.
    Innocence was stolen

    You stolen my innocence
    As a young child
    The painful memories
    Filled my childhood with read more »

    Tiffany Johnson
  • 22.
    Lost in Memories

    I am lost in this world
    I am lost with this fear
    I am lost with no sounds
    I am lost with out you here read more »

    Jenna Kelley
  • 23.

    The shoemakers daughter has no shoes.
    The breadmakers daughter has no bread.
    Lost read more »

    Vonda Overlie
  • 24.
    a death of a women

    a death of a women is a lost for us
    a lost of a great personality
    a lost of some one special
    a lost of a mother n a loving sister read more »

    Angels beauty
  • 25.
    bury my soul

    if i died today
    it would take my pain away
    no more in the way
    with no more to say read more »

    Bobby Butterfield
  • 26.
    My Dark Dreams

    I'm in the dark
    And I'm lost
    In my mind, screaming
    Through the empty read more »

    Nicole Hiebing
  • 27.

    Lost in a world, that scares me to death,
    lost in a crowd, I’m losing my breath.
    Lost as a kid and as an adult
    everything is falling apart, and it’s all my fault. read more »

    Toni Brwn
  • 28.
    I'm Lost

    I'm lost,
    Lost in this funny thing called life,
    I'm lost,
    Lost in the darkness I call my mind, read more »

    Emma Haze
  • 29.
    My Paru

    I lost the rhythm of my heart beat
    I lost my vision of the eyes
    I lost the flexibility of my tongue read more »

    Jayachandran Chakrapany
  • 30.
    Get Lost

    People say get lost
    So you decide to try
    But when you go into the woods
    You just come out and cry read more »

    Cheylee Miller
  • 31.
    Among the Trees

    I wonder lost among the trees
    Looking for the one my heart calls for

    I wonder lost among the trees read more »

    kelly Martini
  • 32.

    THAT TORE MY LiFE APART read more »

    Kadelynn Roberson
  • 33.

    Lost in time and space
    Lost in your warm embrace read more »

    Patrick Tolan
  • 34.

    She's left all alone,
    lost in the dark,
    noone can help her,
    she's falling apart. read more »

    Sami Woodall
  • 35.

    I AM LOST IN YOUR WORDS read more »

    stefany chavez
  • 36.
    A Shattered Dream

    Lost in confusion
    An unexpected loss
    As though the world was my enemy
    And nothing seemed to be my destiny read more »

    Shannon Martin
  • 37.

    Lost to kindness, lost to love,
    Lost in the sky, tweet, like a new-born dove,
    Lost in a place I don't know well, read more »

    ganda 123
  • 38.
    The Long Tour

    Found a lot to drink-
    Found a lot to smoke-
    Found a lot to pop-
    and only a year to go. read more »

    John W. (Coyote) Fox
  • 39.

    lost in a world with no one to listen
    thought we were forever thats what
    you had me thinking
    hate to see the world through your eyes read more »

    deshae davis
  • 40.

    I'm lost in this scary world,
    I'm lost of all kinds.
    Lost to those always there,
    they don't get me but they still care. read more »

    Emma Holt
  • 41.
    All Is Lost.

    As rain starts glistening
    All is lost.
    As blood spills from the veins of those who are unsuspecting
    All is lost. read more »

    Rikku Finry
  • 42.
    Love 101

    EYES CRY read more »

    Basil James Ronzitti
  • 43.
    Lost Angel

    Lost angel you left me
    Lost angel I'm on my own
    Lost angel it hurt me
    Lost angel I'm so scared read more »

    Darren Unger
  • 44.
    Never Forgotten

    As we look
    To the sky
    we feel you near
    guiding us read more »

    Kelsey Decker
  • 45.
    Tree of No Light Life

    Tree of night.
    Tree of fright.
    See as this tree has, lost the need to fight. read more »

    daryl widder
  • 46.
    were lost in a world

    were lost in a world were we cannit brake free
    were lost in a world were there is just know me
    were lost in a world were there is pain and sorrow
    were lost in a world were there is know tomorrow read more »

    Jessica Rutherford
  • 47.

    read more »

    Bhavna Bhaskar
  • 48.

    I am lost
    I am lost with you
    I am lost without you
    I am lost when i talk to you read more »

    katelyn moore
  • 49.
    A Lost Day

    Lost is the day in which you have not found fulfillment in any area: work, private, or social.

    Lost is the day in which you have not found a reason to smile: not about others, and not about yourself. read more »

    Joan Marques
  • 50.
    Lost myself in my Reflection

    Who is this girl
    This reflection I see
    For this is not me
    What have I done read more »

    Ashley Jamie
  • 51.
    Depressed Angel

    Losing the fight, losing the strength
    Caving to that old hurt knife
    Losing the love, losing the passion
    Losing the purpose of life read more »

    Annika Hodges
  • 52.
    lost pt 2

    Lost in thought
    Lost in pain
    Lost in fear
    That I can never retain read more »

    Mario Tz.
  • 53.
    The Skies Healed Me

    Lost for words
    Lost in thoughts
    Lost beyond read more »

    LongJohn Abah
  • 54.
    Without a Trace

    I am lost for words and
    Don’t know what to say
    Everything seems so confusing
    I am so confused, I don’t even read more »

    Gracian Balendran
  • 55.

    lost within
    the darkness
    lost beneath
    the light read more »

    Lince Wiens
  • 56.
    Friends Forever

    It has been a month
    since I haven't seen U
    7th January 2012
    That was Saturday Evening read more »

    Ravi Rai
  • 57.
    Lost My Childhood

    Yes i lost my childhood.
    And it will never return.
    I lost the innocient life
    which i used to live. read more »

    James yardy
  • 58.
    A Lost Coin

    A lost coin in the mist of the cloud

    Thrown into the shadow of the crowds read more »

  • 59.
    The Lost Heart

    I lost my heart, to a lost world, to lost cause
    Not knowing the lost cause - of - this lost world.
    But it’s not this lost world that is the cause - but the lost cause
    Looking for the world without it’s lost cause - read more »

    Mike Quick
  • 60.
    lost boy eyes

    eyes of the lost boy
    who's vision is unclear
    eyes of the lost boy
    who walks in fear read more »

    chris moreno
  • 61.
    The Lost Ones

    Where do the lost ones go
    Where can their souls find their peace
    Swinging on a rope to and fro
    Why is it them who seek release read more »

    Nic Cross
  • 62.
    I'd Lose It All

    I'm not one to lose,
    nor am i one to give in,
    but for you id give it all,
    id lose everything for you, read more »

    Jakob Joseph
  • 63.
    Madame de la Lumiére Lune

    My heart is lost, I lost it to
    Madame de la lumiére lune,
    She stole it ‘neath of yonder Yew,
    My heart is lost, I lost it to read more »

    Martin King
  • 64.

    Lost in thoughts
    Lost in me you read more »

    A. J. Simiema
  • 65.
    Sea Rock

    I m a 'sea rock' in the shore of life, hit by ten thousand tides a day. But u r the only tide that knock the heart of this rock. I lost my heart, I lost my mind, I lost completely myself to u in my first ever ? ? ? ? ? read more »

    Gopala Sharma Akshintala
  • 66.
    I am LOST

    I am lost without my life
    I am lost widthout you

    I am lost in the world of fears read more »

    I m a ROCKSTAR
  • 67.

    The lost
    By: Jonathan Fields

    The lost read more »

    jonathan fields
  • 68.
    Lose my train of thought

    When you kiss me the way you do
    I lose all train of thought
    When your fingers are intertwined with mine
    I lose all train of thought read more »

    Joseph Hampton
  • 69.
    Things I Have Lost

    During my life I've lost many things...

    I've lost my teddy bear read more »

    Lydia Shivley
  • 70.
    Lost In A Storm

    Lost in a storm,
    In a storm of
    Hatred read more »

    Alatyana Sanchez
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