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Top 100 Poems About: LOVE

In this page, poems on / about “love” are listed.
  • 1.
    Love Is...

    Love is...

    Love is feeling cold in the back of vans read more »

    Adrian Henri
  • 2.

    I can never get my mind off her,
    I wonder if she'd mind if i'd,
    make her my own,
    and never let her go, read more »

    Jordan Moore
  • 3.

    What is love, Love can't see you but you can't see it
    Love is a sneaky thing I guess sort of slick

    Love can hurt and Love can heal read more »

    Daniel Chapman
  • 4.
    love is in my thought

    Love is blind
    Love is eyed
    Love is sweet
    Love is bitter read more »

    rajnish jena
  • 5.

    I am so in love
    In love with Joy
    In love with happiness
    In love with anger read more »

    Sheikh Hina Yasmeen
  • 6.


    TO BE IN LOVE read more »

    lerato shuping
  • 7.
    Forsaking My Love

    I hate you
    I wish to tear you away from me
    This tumor that clings to my chest
    The thing that makes me ache read more »

    Michael Silver
  • 8.
    20 Things I Love about Him

    I love the way he laughs
    I love the way he’s kind
    I love the way he smiles
    I love the way he cares read more »

    Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer
  • 9.
    Your Love Knots

    Your love
    are tied
    around read more »

    Heather burns
  • 10.
    The Love Poem

    Love is understanding
    Love is compromise
    Love is generosity
    Love is sacrifice read more »

    Brian Dorn
  • 11.
    Love is It

    Love is unpredictable Love is uncontainable
    Love is reliable Love is infallible

    Love is right Love is wrong read more »

    Paul LaFalce
  • 12.
    Love you love!

    Love u love for the love you gave
    love u love for the love time we had
    love u love for our lovely fights
    love u love for always getting right read more »

    Chitresh Jhawar
  • 13.

    Love is not

    Love... read more »

    otteri selvakumar
  • 14.
    Faces of Love

    Love here, love there
    Love springs everywhere
    Love thrills, love excites
    Love enchants and delights read more »

    Jemarie Ragudo
  • 15.
    My Meaning of Love

    Love is unpredictable Love is uncontainable
    Love is reliable Love is infallible

    Love is right Love is wrong read more »

    Lexer Hernandez
  • 16.
    On Valentines Day

    On Valentines Day

    Love is a tingling in your heart
    That never stops read more »

    Anirban Dasgupta
  • 17.
    Love Me

    Love me for real
    Love me pass the sex appeal
    Love me just like you love yourself
    Love me until you have nothing else read more »

    Keosta Reid
  • 18.

    Love is a Beautiful Sweet Feeling
    Love is Caring and Sharing
    Love is Forever, True Happiness
    Love is Sunshine, Rain; Rainbow read more »

    Manjeshwari P MYSORE
  • 19.
    my thought is love

    User Rating:

    9.1 /10
    (7 votes) read more »

    mariena soares
  • 20.

    Love is
    love that
    love would
    love to read more »

    Robert Mestre
  • 21.
    Love In My Eyes

    Love is kind
    Love is patient
    Love is strong
    Love is. read more »

    Kelly Persinger
  • 22.
    Love Me

    Love me when I'm happy
    Love me when I'm sad
    Love me when I'm hurt
    Love me when I'm mad read more »

    Haley Nicole
  • 23.

    Love to me my Kingdom is
    Love to me is what love does
    Love to me is conquering one self
    Love is but today what tomorrow will be read more »

    Jacqueline P. Adams
  • 24.
    Love to Love

    Love to love,
    Love to be loved.
    Love a person,
    Love a person inside and out. read more »

    Heather Wojciechowski
  • 25.
    My Love For You

    My love for you is never ending like the love we make
    My love for you is a passion that we both give in take
    My love for you will last even after my time has past
    My love for you is like your face its a beautiful thing read more »

    Johnica Barrow
  • 26.
    My Idea Of Love

    Love is pure and sacred
    Love is truth and everything good
    Love is selfless and undemanding; giving and not expecting in return read more »

    Tulika Jain
  • 27.
    my love

    my love, my love
    is this love
    you beat me black and blue
    you cliped my wings so icant fly read more »

    Ember isaq
  • 28.
    Love Is Just A Four Letter Word

    love is just a four letter word
    no one knows what love is
    you can argue all yo want about being in love
    even grown ups dont know what love is read more »

    Danielle Smtih
  • 29.
    He loves me, He loves me not

    He loves me,
    he loves me not

    Like a fairy tale read more »

    Bailey Logan
  • 30.
    LOVE IS.............................

    Love is desire,
    Love is on fire,
    Love is my word,
    Love is to hold, read more »

    Gianni Pintus
  • 31.
    If Love

    If love could be another word,
    If love always is true,
    If love’s all the world’s about,
    Then Honey, love is you. read more »

    Christian Eliab Ratnam
  • 32.
    All Love Is Love

    Love the sound of lifted laughter
    Love the thought of ever after
    Love is love, all love is love read more »

    Susan Lacovara
  • 33.

    Love me in the morning
    Love me in the day
    Love i hope you never leave me
    Love i hope your eyes wont stray read more »

    Karryne King
  • 34.
    What Is Love?

    Love is amazing
    Love is baffling
    Love can be an awesome thing

    Love is false read more »

    Tim Holmes Jr
  • 35.
    Love Is...

    Love is fear, fear is weakness
    Love is pain and leaves me speechless
    Love is happiness, love is sadness
    Love starts out simple then turns to madness read more »

    Jack Abdallah
  • 36.
    What Is Love?

    Love is true love is blind
    Love is magical but really hard to find
    Love is wonderful love is bliss
    But can you tell by his touch or kiss? read more »

    lou lou
  • 37.

    Love is like a rainbow, so bright and happy
    Love is like a rain storm, so dark and sad
    Love is a word
    Love Is a way you feel read more »

    Amy Byrd
  • 38.
    What I love about you

    I love the way you hold me tight
    I love the way it feels so right
    I love the way you read my eyes
    I love the way you're jealous of other guys read more »

    Sou Meads
  • 39.
    forbidden love

    I think of you all day long
    But I know I shouldn’t
    I think of you all the time
    But I know I shouldn’t read more »

    Tessa Monaghan
  • 40.
    love is...

    love is happy,
    love is kind,
    love is special,
    in my mind, read more »

    Ella Kenrick
  • 41.
    What Is Love?

    Love makes you happy
    Love makes you sad
    Love makes you laugh
    Love makes you cry read more »

    Tolga Yildiz
  • 42.
    Then I love you

    If seeing the beauty of life through your eyes
    Is love
    Then I love you
    If needing you and wanting you read more »

    Neo Molefe Wa Peloeahae Peloeahae
  • 43.
    Love Me Not 06

    Love me not as thou would love the moon and stars
    Love me not as thou would love an immortal godess

    Love me as thou would love a mystery, a shadow read more »

    Kira Bloom
  • 44.
    I want to love

    want to love with someone
    who could understand me read more »

    samina gaffar
  • 45.
    Meaning Of Love

    Love is good
    Love is bad
    Love is truth
    Love is bad read more »

    Ehyndero Dhan
  • 46.
    Love is not loving

    love is not a loving thing
    love is something from me to you
    love does not hurt nor does it sting
    love is something that keeps me true read more »

    Layla mohammed
  • 47.
    Spelling LOVE

    love you hey
    love you from my heart
    love you in my soul
    love you lead my mind read more »

    Ange de Lune
  • 48.

    I love you like I love my son

    I love you like I love my little brother read more »

    tree Ryd
  • 49.

    LOVE, , ,

  • 50.
    What is Love

    Love is understanding,
    Love is generosity,
    Love is sacrifice,
    Love is solution, read more »

    Rajan Manandhar
  • 51.
    love love love

    love... read more »

    viper hyper
  • 52.
    MY LOVE TODAY? ؟ ؟ ؟

    My love you must to know today your love make me crazy

    I love you love nobody love you AS me my love read more »

    Faisal Talhah
  • 53.
    Love Is

    Love it sees
    Love it hears
    Love it feels
    For those in tears read more »

    Sandra Hillawi
  • 54.
    I Love You

    I love you

    I love you for being my friend read more »

    Mowie DeCorp
  • 55.
    I am seeking that “titled”, LOVE…

    I am seeking that SWEET LOVE, STAND UP FOR LOVE type of love, LOVERS & FRIENDS kind of love, that Trick love the kids love.
    I stare in your brown eyes and wish I had that SEXY LOVE, LOVE IN A SPECIAL WAY love, HATE THAT I LOVE YOU love.
    I want to be able to question myself and ask if this COULD BE LOVE.
    I wanna make him scream and shout, that’s not a problem because MY LOVE IS LIKE WOAH, my LOVE IS INCREDIBLE, my LOVE DON’T LOVE NOBODY else except for him because ALL I WANT IS his LOVE. I bet he will never experience A LOVE LIKE THIS BEFORE. read more »

    EnVY Aaa
  • 56.
    Without Love

    Love is forever
    but without love we wouldnt be together
    Love is right
    but without love no one can fight read more »

    skylar mckeown
  • 57.
    a love poem

    It is better to have loved and died
    Than to survive
    To carry the burden of love alone read more »

    Rob W. Hansen
  • 58.
    ever fallen in love with someone (lyrics)

    You spurn my natural emotions
    You make me feel like dirt
    And I'm hurt
    And if I start a commotion read more »

    Satan's Sibling
  • 59.
    What Is Love?

    What is love? love is the first feeling
    you feel before all the bad stuff gets
    in the way. love is when someone hurts you
    and you don't yell at them because you read more »

    sara stout
  • 60.
    love angel

    Oh love
    Fly beside me
    Oh love read more »

    khoirun niam
  • 61.
    J-Love In Our Ages Love In Stages

    In the first month
    Love was tentative
    Love was laughter
    Love was ecstasy read more »

    Marjorie DeBol DeFazio
  • 62.
    i love love

    I love love
    i love the facts that i love you
    i love that i love you
    i love saying i love you read more »

    phiwokuhle prideworth
  • 63.

    Love me in the morning
    Love me in the day
    Love i hope you never leave me
    Love i hope your eyes wont stray read more »

    jaclyn zweydorff
  • 64.
    So That all we hear is the chirp of a lonely bird

    Some Crazy thing inside told me money is what anyone would want
    Or some Material thing you could easily flaunt
    But inside an emotionless place
    I found something money could never replace read more »

    Yaritza Florencio
  • 65.
    love is....

    love is a great
    love is special
    love is a commitment read more »

    albert fernandez
  • 66.
    Love in my point of view

    Love is a mystery leaving no clue
    Love is saying I love you
    Love is looking at your loved one without saying a word and enjoy it
    Love is rare read more »

    betty ling
  • 67.
    Sweetest Lovely Love

    I love you
    Is love
    In glorious ascension read more »

    Uchechukwu Agodom
  • 68.
    The Four Letter Magical Word

    Love happens like a pouring rainstorm in a hot summer
    Love happens like hitting a jackpot
    Love happens more dramatically than movies
    Love can happen even in the most secluded places of Gauntanamo Bay read more »

    Anoop Nair
  • 69.
    Fooled by love

    Love is pain; i loved love but love didn't love me
    love told me what i wanted to hear but never
    what i needed to hear
    ever since i told love i love him and more read more »

    symeerah morton
  • 70.

    La la……la la… lalallala……..

    I love my Papa, read more »

  • 71.
    Love Can Be

    Love is love can be,
    What you've never had before

    Love is love can be, read more »

    April Morris
  • 72.

    Love is compassion
    Love is gain
    Love is not resentful
    Love is insane read more »

    Autumn somebody
  • 73.
    Love Is

    Love is a sweet thing
    Love can feel like bliss
    Love has a scent of flowers
    We see hearts everywhere read more »

    Lauren Thompson
  • 74.
    love is what love is

    Love Is What Love Is...

    love is giving read more »

    christina willer
  • 75.
    I love you more.

    I love you more than Winter snow
    I love you more than early Spring
    I love you more than Summer's glow
    I love you more than anything read more »

    Peter K Mullins
  • 76.
    She Loved Him, He Loved Her

    They meet on a day like no other
    she loved him, he loved her
    After that day she never thought about another
    she loved him, he loved her read more »

    Nakesha Banks
  • 77.
    Love in My Eyes

    Love is kind
    Love is patient
    Love is strong
    Love is. read more »

    krystal faith
  • 78.
    what is love


    brads brads
  • 79.
    Love Me Like I Love Everything I Do

    Love me like I love bathing under the glorious sun
    Love me like I love dreaming inside of heaven’s arm
    Love me like I love crying in the mourning rain
    Love me like I love sitting on top of a mountain read more »

    Alexander Foald
  • 80.
    Love Is

    Love Is...
    Love is sitting around waiting on you for hours
    Love is that 'hello kiss' that didn't need flowers
    Love is asking me, babe sooo leh meh hear d plan read more »

    Mariposa Mariposa
  • 81.
    Love Hurts

    Love hurts,
    When you can't be with the one you love,
    Love hurts,
    When the one you love is with someone else, read more »

    Shanice A. Rodriguez
  • 82.

    The things people do for love
    The things love does to people
    The people who love things
    The things people love read more »

    Jenim Dibie
  • 83.
    Love is

    Love is quick Love is long
    Love is what we have it'll never be wrong
    Love is powerful Love is sweet
    Love is that connection when our lips meet read more »

    Zane Lewis
  • 84.

    Love is not a toy
    Love is not a game
    Love is not something you can just throw away
    Love is a feeling you should cherrish read more »

    Jaime Reyes
  • 85.
    Love, really

    Love is always
    wondering if
    Love has given
    you the syph read more »

    K.E. Ryansburg
  • 86.
    Love Is

    Love is hot like the Arizona desert
    Love is strange not depending on the weather
    Love is pure as that very first day
    Love is many things when you make it that way read more »

    Murphy Payne
  • 87.
    love makes you strong or weak

    what is love many people say I love you but what is really love.
    love make you feel great
    love make you smile, but what is love without feeling it.
    love makes you fly so high but what is love when makes you fall. love makes you strong but at the same time makes you weak. love but not too much beause if you love your feelings might be hurt but if you dont love you never know what is love. read more »

    Gabriel Tajonar
  • 88.
    My meaning of love

    love is when you love eachother,
    love is when you never say 'its over',
    love is when you own her heart,
    love has no ending just a start, read more »

    Jocsan Urrutia
  • 89.
    Broken Heart

    Oh Broken Heart
    Pulsating with blood
    Pulsating with pain
    Day after day no remedy found read more »

    George Ifeanyi
  • 90.
    I Love You Still

    I loved you when you didn't.
    I loved you when you cried,
    I loved you when you took those pills,
    I loved you when you almost died. read more »

    Kayte Stacy
  • 91.

    Love is eyeless
    Love is observed
    Love is bitter
    Love is nasty read more »

    pride nkhumise
  • 92.
    <3 Love <3

    Love is good,

    Love is bad, read more »

    mikki love
  • 93.
    Loving love

    loving you loving me
    loving all love to see
    loving this loving that
    loving love without regret read more »

    Evert Romkes
  • 94.
    I love you [so cliche but smiley]

    i love the way you talk
    i love the way you walk
    i love the way you balk
    at the idea of hurting me read more »

    katey farmer
  • 95.
    Love Presentation

    Love is good and Love is bad
    Love is happy sometimes sad
    Love is nothing Love is all
    but into Love we always fall read more »

    Stoyan D'Alessandro
  • 96.


    LOVE IS KIND read more »

    mayamu jabateh
  • 97.
    I Love That I Love You

    I love that you are here with me
    I love that we are still friends
    I love when we talk you always smile
    I love that you’re alive read more »

    Katie Countryman
  • 98.
    Love Starts With

    Love does not start with an I
    Nor does it start with a You
    Love is neither a demise
    But Love is neither a truth read more »

    Kgomotso G Daweti
  • 99.
    i love it

    I love it when you kiss my lips
    i love it when you hug my hips
    i love it when you take me there
    i love it when you pull my hair read more »

    young loreen
  • 100.

    If I die I die in love
    If I fly I fly with love
    Love is the foundation of my life
    The pillar of my life read more »

    Collins Onyedikachukwu Levi
  • 101.

    Love, Love, Love
    and Love.
    Love is,
    Novel and Novel read more »

    S.m jafrul Hasan
  • 102.
    Love Me Is All I Ask

    Love Me Is All I Ask

    Love me is all I ask,
    Love me is all I Seek, read more »

    Cute Faces International
  • 103.
    Love and Love

    Love Love and Love
    Like Hatred is Blind
    To even have a peep
    At the Glow of your Love read more »

    Sentamu Aziz
  • 104.
    The Horses are Coming

    Lynette was a beautiful baby
    A true joy to her ma and pa
    Free from original sin she was
    The whole family was in awe read more »

    Atty Davis
  • 105.
    What is to Love?

    to love is to hate,
    to hate is to anger,
    im lost in myself,
    never feeling love, read more »

    andrew william
  • 106.
    Love is True

    Love knows no age,

    nor looks, read more »

    Mehan Warnson
  • 107.
    Love Is What! ! ! !

    Love is what
    love is cool

    Love never ends read more »

    Krystyna Mansfeild
  • 108.

    Love makes you feel warm inside
    Love is always by your side
    Love it’s the work of cupid
    Love is so strong, its stupid read more »

    James Mos
  • 109.
    Oh, My Love!

    Would you wait me, love?
    Oh love, would you look for me?
    Love, could you cry for me?
    Would you love me, love? read more »

    Catia Brinca
  • 110.
    love as it is poem

    Love as it is read more »

    neelam khan
  • 111.

    Love is like dream that will never be deleted of the memory,
    Love is like wine that leaves you dizzy,
    Love is like the sun that burns you,
    Love is like the sea that feeds you, read more »

    patricia schiavi
  • 112.

    love cares not for my health
    love gives me pain on the inside
    love burns my stomach and cools my heart read more »

    Cheyenne Price
  • 113.
    my love

    My Love is sweet
    My Love is nice
    My Love is joy
    My Love is kind read more »

    Francell Dillard
  • 114.
    what is love?

    love is like a flower
    love is like a power
    love is beautiful
    love is painful read more »

    uncleby unclebie
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