Top 100 Poems About: LUST

In this page, poems on / about “lust” are listed.
  • 1.

    Lust is what I speak tonight,
    Lust is what I see tonight,
    Lust is what I feel tonight,
    And I Lust You. read more »

    Aparna Chatterjee
  • 2.
    i want you

    i know i can't have you,
    i know it's absolutely impossible,
    yet the collision of your lips,
    makes it so hard to me. read more »

    don't ever ask
  • 3.

    Lust destroyed my love
    Lust pushed away my one
    Lust made me weak
    Lust took the one love read more »

    Joy O'Pateng
  • 4.
    Love and Lust

    Love is something devine
    falls from the heaven to earth
    It expects nothing for it but
    It renders everything to others including itself read more »

  • 5.
    The Lust We Fought For

    The lust we fought for in now just a pile of ash.
    The lust we fought for was a lie to it's very last.
    The lust we fought for burns in my memory every night.
    The kust we fought for wasn't worth it's own right. read more »

    Erin Grantham
  • 6.

    What is life without love?
    What is love without lust?
    What is lust without loss? read more »

    Ashley Breding
  • 7.
    Eyes are the window to the soul

    Eyes are the windows to the soul
    Throughout my life I’ve been told
    To see into anothers heart
    Eyes are the place to start read more »

    vern eaker
  • 8.

    The heavens may forget
    that lovers sit on idle haunches
    waiting for the stars to fall
    for lust to make manifest. read more »

    Michael Ardizzone
  • 9.

    read more »

    Daniel Fils
  • 10.
    Lust We Make

    With-in my mind
    I make the scenario,
    this dance of devious temptation.
    thus, I then lust for you. read more »

    Dom Wisperez
  • 11.
    human or not (vampire)

    My heart is hollow
    Like the beat of a drum
    My skin is pale
    Like the color white read more »

    emoly core
  • 12.
    The Cycle

    i say
    pain is pleasure
    and pleasure is the pain
    because no matter what read more »

    ale cng
  • 13.
    My Lust.

    My lust for you is like a fire
    All it does is burn
    It burns everything in sight
    My lust for you is intense read more »

    kaitlinn sendar
  • 14.
    Love or Lust

    Preoccupied with sexual notions
    Centered on one major outlet
    Including in a meaningless act
    Lust read more »

    Runako Aaron
  • 15.

    Today i realised
    lust is not lust
    i must not be fussed with lust
    because i have a big bust read more »

    Yonder Burgen
  • 16.
    Possession of Desire

    i am in so much blood filled
    state of lust, robust lust
    taking over me
    each inch of skin it tingles read more »

    Bonnie Cote
  • 17.
    Angel Dust

    Angel wings, Angel dust
    They call it love, Maybe it’s lust

    She doesn’t know read more »

    Amanda Burke
  • 18.
    Torture of Freedom

    Freedom is just
    A word a thing
    People say
    Freedom is a thing read more »

    Tommy D'Attore
  • 19.
    In Touch

    A kiss on the lips
    a stroke of the hand
    fantasies played out as sigh's of exstacy burst into the air
    desires and exspectations meet wiht unimangnable plesure, read more »

    Nakesha Banks
  • 20.
    Quicksand of Lust

    Walking through the jungle
    All of the sudden, you’re stuck
    With him
    Such a happy occasion read more »

    Salimah Davis
  • 21.
    vampires die for you

    In the valley,
    before i lay
    someone come
    and kill me now read more »

    Halloween Nightmare
  • 22.

    i lust for you,
    at night,
    i can smell you,
    from far or near, read more »

    abbii dawns
  • 23.

    love is something devine
    it falls from the heaven to earth
    it expects nothing for it but
    it renders everything 2 others including itself read more »

    koneko 4 life
  • 24.
    A lustful kiss

    This sonnet never w's it created to woo a maid
    But to let out the shame of lust and how it's paid.
    How great and small fall under its spell nev'r to rise!
    And as the urge to do and be done rise - so the price. read more »

    Meshack Dasco
  • 25.
    Is it love or lust

    Is it love or lust
    I can not say
    Is it love or lust
    I think of her everyday read more »

    Adam Wilson
  • 26.
    Lust for life

    Wearisome trudge our life though
    In years galore,
    Dying- -a difficult song to sing
    When lust for life appears read more »

  • 27.


    my bloodlust is unquenchable
    My rage is unstable read more »

    Donatello Gray
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