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Top 100 Poems About: LYRIC

In this page, poems on / about “lyric” are listed.
  • 1.

    Music is a door,
    An escape to a different world.
    A world you make and controll in your mind.
    Music is a hero, read more »

    Cecilia Perner
  • 2.
    Music and Lyrics

    What is the music?
    The music is blood
    Flowing endlessly
    The music is the blood read more »

    Ashley Storey
  • 3.
    Lyrics to Never Say Never-The Fray

    The Fray — Never Say Never lyrics

    Send 'Never Say Never' Ringtone to Cell Phone read more »

    Lilyann Monahan
  • 4.
    Mom's Cancer

    The day I found out the truth
    My mom was going to die of cancer
    It blew my heart away
    It was hard to see my dad cry all that time read more »

    Isabella Badger
  • 5.
    Listen to the Lyrics..

    Listen to the Lyrics as they lead you into Temptation..
    Listen to the Lyrics as they bring you no Salvation
    Listen to the Lyrics to show you how you're growing weak
    Listen to the Lyrics to close your vision and stare at your feet read more »

    Corey Corum
  • 6.
    Lyrics Of Life

    In the song of life, all lyrics need a melody.

    You are the lyric and you are the melody.
    You are the lyric of my heart and of my soul. read more »

    Waldon Pond Productions
  • 7.
    The Fate of a Musician

    Every day I pick up my guitar and just play
    I write my own songs with the help of friends
    We design music and lyrics we start new trends
    Acoustic guitar, electric guitar or 12 strings read more »

    Benjamin Andrew
  • 8.
    The Truth

    The teenager blasting his favourite tunes
    Drowning his thoughts and feelings
    In a muddy swamp of filthy lyrics. read more »

    Julie Fisher
  • 9.
    A Song Without Words

    You play me a song with no words-

    You make me listen to your heart, in music
    but there is an empty hole where the lyrics are left unwritten read more »

    Sherri Gagliardi
  • 10.
    The Song

    Sing me your song
    of hurt, of pain
    Read me the lyrics
    Again and again read more »

    Chelsea Pieterse
  • 11.
    Music means to me

    Music to me is an expression,
    Like a poem with a beat,
    Made to satisfy,
    Not just notes on a sheet, read more »

    Pablo Robles
  • 12.
    TAYLOR SWIFT & DEF LEPPARD When Love And Hate Collide Lyrics

    read more »

    kaurlene sheila
  • 13.
    My Lyric Bursts In Your Name

    My lyric bursts in the name of Jumoke
    From thy beauty does this amorous song arise
    Queen of the night encompassed by stars
    Your beauty suddenly blooms like a flower read more »

    Adedotun Segun
  • 14.
    for one direction only

    read more »

    Sergio rodz
  • 15.
    Street of Lyrics

    Alley of memories
    Street of lyrics
    Full from light and love
    With your feet read more »

    Milad Ghezello
  • 16.
    Social Songs

    Lyrics are harsh and filled with classical malice
    Drinking in tears dripped into its chalice
    Where logic binds it, time can’t define it
    Suicide seems suitable read more »

    Christian Connor Schwantes
  • 17.
    Beyond Kindness (2)

    Love has lost its lyrics
    Love has lost its Titanic tactics
    The writers too busy visualising the lyrics
    They are now applying laws of mechanics read more »

    chisomo kumwanje
  • 18.
    The Song called 'Philia'

    A new dawn arises;
    The traces of night vanishes...
    And through it all, through any crisis
    Friends we all still are. read more »

    Vinny Garcia
  • 19.
    I Did Me

    With my fusion of lyrics and rhythm
    There is no confusion that I’m refusing to simply be disillusioned
    With intellectual distribution
    I do not have hesitation to let you give me recognition read more »

    Lina Mthethwa
  • 20.
    The song never stops playing

    And at times of despairing hope
    I close my eyes and let the lyric play their song
    For it seems they are all left,
    That of can carry me on read more »

    Serenity Peace
  • 21.
    The music never stops playing

    And at times of despairing hope
    I close my eyes and let the lyric play their song
    For it seems they are all left,
    That of can carry me on read more »

    Serenity Peace
  • 22.

    Soulsong, given free returned unwanted
    No quietude

    Cadence, drums emptiness aloud read more »

    M.. Considine
  • 23.
    Weeping Branch

    Mist in modern discourse:
    protesting decor, Lavender Mist.
    Dismissive of mist's specifications read more »

    Marjorie Welish
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