Top 100 Poems About: MAGIC

In this page, poems on / about “magic” are listed.
  • 1.
    Love And Black Magic

    To the woods, to the woods is the wizard gone;
    In his grotto the maiden sits alone.
    She gazes up with a weary smile
    At the rafter-hanging crocodile, read more »

    Robert Graves
  • 2.

    We passed old farmer Boothby in the field.
    Rugged and straight he stood; his body steeled
    With stubbornness and age. We met his eyes read more »

    Louis Untermeyer
  • 3.
    Magic Of Love

    'Love is like Magic and it always will be,
    For Love still remains Life's Sweet Mystery!
    Love works in ways that are wondrous and strange read more »

    Helen Steiner Rice
  • 4.
    New Magic

    At last I know—it’s on old ivory jars,
    Glassed with old miniatures and garnered once with musk. read more »

    Kenneth Slessor
  • 5.
    Cat Scat

    I am watching Cleo listening, our cat
    listening to Mozart's Magic Flute. What
    can she be hearing? What
    can the air carry into her ears like that, read more »

    Eamon Grennan
  • 6.


    OUT of the dusky chamber of the brain
    Flows the imperial will through dream on dream: read more »

    George William Russell
  • 7.
    Natural Magic

    WE air tired who follow after
    Phantasy and truth that flies:
    You with only look and laughter read more »

    George William Russell
  • 8.
    Frost Magic


    Now, in the moonrise, from a wintry sky,
    The frost has come to charm with elfin might read more »

    Duncan Campbell Scott
  • 9.
    The Magic Wand

    As an April garden
    Breathes the scent of rain -
    Rain that calls her treasures read more »

    Ada Cambridge
  • 10.
    The Magic Cup

    THE worst of ills, with jealousy compared,
    Are trifling torments ev'ry where declared.

    IMAGINE, to yourself a silly fool, read more »

    Jean De La Fontaine
  • 11.
    The Magic Net

    Do I see a contest yonder?
    See I miracles or pastimes?
    Beauteous urchins, five in number,
    'Gainst five sisters fair contending,-- read more »

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • 12.
    The Pupil In Magic

    I AM now,--what joy to hear it!--
    Of the old magician rid;
    And henceforth shall ev'ry spirit
    Do whate'er by me is bid; read more »

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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