Top 100 Poems About: MAGIC

In this page, poems on / about “magic” are listed.
  • 1.

    You have magic in your finger tips,
    Magic in your eye.
    Magic in the arms that hold
    And tell me not to cry. read more »

    Grace V. Tidrow
  • 2.
    My Father Is A Retired Magician

    my father is a retired magician
    which accounts for my irregular behavior
    everythin comes outta magic hats
    or bottles wit no bottoms & parakeets read more »

    Ntozake Shange
  • 3.
    Magic Always

    There's magic when we hold hands
    When you slip your fingers into mine
    The memory always lingers read more »

    Emmanuel Emesakoru
  • 4.
    Just A Kiss

    It was just a Kiss
    A harmless little Kiss
    But it was so tender & so sweet
    I completely succumbed read more »

    Millennium Rose
  • 5.

    if i could wish upon a star
    i wish i had a magic car
    a magic car to take me places
    a magic car to see different faces read more »

    joanna xxx
  • 6.
    magic called a kiss

    kiss kiss kiss
    a magical thing
    kiss kiss kiss
    only me read more »

    clair macintosh
  • 7.

    sometimes you may forget
    sometimes people may forget
    how nuture have a power
    how the words have amagic read more »

    yusra ghassan
  • 8.
    The Magic Of A Poem

    I haven't written for ages
    And now I'm feeling blue
    It is for this reason, pen to paper
    That I am returning to you. read more »

    Innocent Once
  • 9.

    I wish I had a magic horse
    To fly me to the land
    Where Crackin's play
    And Witches stay read more »

    James R. Alderson
  • 10.
    Love Is Like Magic

    Love is....
    Love is like Magic
    Sometimes Magic Be an illusion read more »

  • 11.
    Love Something Hard To Understand

    Life is hard and love comes with it
    Love brings joy and love can heal
    I am hurt and love is what I need
    Love is magic that can do all kind of stuff read more »

    wenhao wang
  • 12.
    From the darkness

    From the darkness it comes
    Into the darkness it goes
    mystical magic is the thing it shows read more »

    Shina Blackwood
  • 13.
    The magic forest

    At the Bois de Boulogne lies magic
    Magic that cannot be evitable
    Magic that lures people into the evergreen forest
    In the forest, soft earth is like a comfy bed read more »

    Jay Haa
  • 14.
    Magic At My House

    In the closet there is a pair of shoes

    The stay in the box kind of shoes. read more »

    Gabrielle Shutt
  • 15.
    Your magic’s work’n on me

    You know darling,
    So full of missing you right now
    I just had to fill up my eyes with your beauty today
    So I could make it thru somehow read more »

    Gene Gamble
  • 16.
    Still Believe In Magic

    I still believe in magic
    But people didn't believe it anymore
    They are basing in the new technologies
    That the world has invented for read more »

    Courtney Elfa Alaban
  • 17.

    Magic is lost in 21st century
    Maybe there were magic before
    Maybe during the ancient times magic was once common
    But no one believes in magic now read more »

    Custous Angelus
  • 18.
    'The Magic'

    the magic comes
    then drifts away
    never to return again read more »

    Gen Smith
  • 19.
    Magic Man

    I'm looking for the magic man
    the one who'll solve my troubles
    the one who'll take me by the hand
    and help me look through the rubble read more »

    Lala Singer
  • 20.
    Magic Well

    Magic well, Magic well, Magic well
    Curiouslly u walk toward me with a coin dangling in thy hand
    cast a coin upon me and make a wish for a coin gives birth to a dream of wish
    look upon me with thy reflection on my face and cast your coin and let out your wish for u never know when it come 2 pass read more »

    Paul World
  • 21.

    Grooms, blooms, rooms,
    And magic looms-
    Gazing at the moon,
    Lovers sit and spoon. No more moon mysteries, read more »

    Jean Miles
  • 22.
    Rare & Distinctive Gemstones

    The magic of diamonds
    The magic of love
    The gems of romance
    The gems of intimacy read more »

    Daphne Mia Bell
  • 23.
    Magic Sprinkles

    Magic Sprinkles in the air...dream of angels everywhere...
    Dream of all those girls and boys...playing with their favorite toys...

    Close your eyes...dream a dream...of angels on their magic beam... read more »

    Carmella Opie
  • 24.
    Black Magic

    Black magic
    what is it really?
    It is a trick
    Meant for the mind read more »

    Natalia Nolte
  • 25.


    I sat there in the shadow
    Not knowing what to do read more »

    James Espinosa Sr.
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