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Top 100 Poems About: MARRIAGE

In this page, poems on / about “marriage” are listed.
  • 1.
    A marriage of two

    A marriage of two
    is for love that is true

    A marriage of two read more »

    Sylvia Chidi
  • 2.
    Marriage A-La-Mode

    Why should a foolish marriage vow,
    Which long ago was made,
    Oblige us to each other now
    When passion is decay'd? read more »

    John Dryden
  • 3.
    A marriage of two is for love that is true...

    A marriage of two is for love that is true
    A marriage of two is always something new read more »

    Shashidhar Kumar
  • 4.
    (Why Sex Before Marriage?)

    Marriage sanctifies sex,
    sex consummates marriage.
    But why prefer sex before marriage,
    is there one or more reasons to consider? read more »

    Marvin Brato Sr
  • 5.
    A Marriage Of Two Is For Love That Is True

    A marriage of two is for love that is true
    A marriage of two is always something new
    A marriage of two happens sometimes out of the blue read more »

    Bikramjyoti Kashyop
  • 6.
    As We Become One

    For my wife Brenda

    The time has come for us to stand before God
    And unite as husband and wife read more »

    Dayle Gaylin
  • 7.
    Marriage & Love

    Love spoke to marriage,
    “It is I who come first.”
    For which marriage replied,
    “It is for me you come.” read more »

    Santhosh Vijayakumar
  • 8.
    Why Marriage?

    Because, I have found that one person in a million,
    that one person, who I love to the depth of my being,
    and who loves me more,
    Because, I have found that soul mate, read more »

    Donald Teale
  • 9.
    A Good Marriage

    A good marriage is made of equal respect
    And the ability to communicate
    You have to be able to talk to each other
    You have to be able to relate read more »

    Dianna Nally
  • 10.

    Marriage is the joining of two bodies and two minds
    Past mistakes are unwanted and better left behind
    From this day forth you must take care of each other
    You’ll learn to draw strength each day from one another read more »

    Donna McCord
  • 11.
    The Mystery Of Marriage

    Marriage is an incomprehensible mystery,
    a hidden truth kept secret from the foundation of the world.
    It cannot be discovered by intelligence or insight,
    but made explainatory by revelation. read more »

    Valentine Mbagu
  • 12.
    On Marriage.

    Marriage is a gamble!
    Marriage is a punishment;
    Marriage is an evil that
    Most can’t but accept. read more »

    Azriel Dreams
  • 13.
    Marriage and Love

    Marriage gives life to love and love gives life to marriage.

    In marriage, love means:
    To know in your heart you were meant only for each-other. read more »

    Dennisa Davidson
  • 14.
    What those marriage worth, I am already yours

    What those marriage worth, I am already yours
    We have marriage by heart not by rituals.
    Our marriage is pious then those done by priests
    And those other who are eyeing are big fool read more »

    Sambidhan Acharya
  • 15.
    Marriage Mission

    Countless couple cut communication
    Communication cut, cripples courtship
    Continuous communication creates;
    Captivating colourful courtship read more »

    Cephas Rotimi Oluwaseyitan
  • 16.
    The word “Divorce” never exists

    Divorce … Divorce…
    Think that there is such thing never exist

    -o- read more »

    Bhavani Polimetla
  • 17.
    Love You To Death

    Marriage isn't always black and white
    It is on this subject I feel I must write
    Sometimes it's black and blue
    Like it was that night read more »

    Dyna Misery
  • 18.
    The Story of Marriage

    The union of two living creatures
    never ever be said and done
    As things come and things gone
    the world values it by any measures read more »

    Anggie Servian
  • 19.
    A Marriage Made In Heaven

    When God brings together,
    Two people in a marriage,
    He encourages,
    Many things along the way. read more »

    Tameeka Smith
  • 20.
    Oh what a gift

    A union initiated
    By father
    Of heavens above read more »

    Michael Wamalwa
  • 21.
    Gay Marriage

    Why do you say that marriage is for
    The straight, but not the gay?
    You give 'domestic partnerships'
    And assume it's all okay read more »

    Audrey Draven
  • 22.
    Love, Luck, and Lies

    How grand it is to be earnest,
    To win the heart of one’s beloved.
    Having the love of such a beauty
    And even her hand in marriage. read more »

    Sesame Cha
  • 23.
    a Happy ending

    raised by wrong
    strengthened by lies
    toughened by stares
    from hateful eyes read more »

    Rudi de Beer
  • 24.
    Happy 4th Year Anniversary

    Happy 4th Year Wedding Anniversary
    To my dearest loving husband Ranny. read more »

    Rochelle Dionisio
  • 25.

    The song says: "Love and Marriage"
    Go together like horse and carriage
    But, that is in the very beginning
    When there is time and reason to sing read more »

    Marshall Hahn
  • 26.

    Love is marriage
    Marriage is friendship forever
    Friend ship forever is being with that person along time
    Love to Marriage to Friendship forever is everything to me read more »

    Kylie Jordan
  • 27.

    Marriage of two minds
    Unites two ideas.
    Both agree and disagree,
    Yet each remains itself. read more »

    Jennifer Katz
  • 28.

    Take the marriage vows and keep together
    Through the changing fortunes of your life.
    Resolve to take the ups and downs whatever
    And walk into the future - man and wife! read more »

    Terence Jacob
  • 29.
    The Real Facts On Marriage -I

    Before Marriage:
    Marriage is a chance,
    Invented by a Priest,
    A, Satirist social reformer, read more »

    Nash Thomas
  • 30.

    face cap
    on a t shirt
    saving his jacket
    for winter days read more »

    Anthony Nwosu
  • 31.

    Terrifying, beautiful
    Wishing, waiting, kissing
    Chocolates, dating, marriage, growing read more »

    Alyssa Lynn
  • 32.

    Tis a new season
    and new a chapter
    cause after the marriage
    its the morning after. read more »

    Corey Campbell
  • 33.
    Your Love

    read more »

    Maureen Furigay
  • 34.
    its our wedding day

    It's your Wedding Day So perfect and fine,
    One man to stand by a woman's side;
    One woman to cherish being the bride.
    The love between partners comes shining through read more »

    simon jones
  • 35.
    The tears that fall

    I have no more tears to cry…
    I’m all cried out and dry…
    The fears of marriage bestow upon me…
    I don’t feel like marriage is free… read more »

    Kimberly Groff
  • 36.
    love-Abuse Diamonte

    Pink, Red
    Caring, Sharing, Hugging
    Engagement, Marriage, Assault, Violence read more »

    Kenneth Pye
  • 37.
    My Steps Are Steady

    Above the bustle of the valley,
    Above the bustle of the valley
    Comfortable and secure
    ---in our joy one with the other read more »

    Wilson Ogg
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