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Top 100 Poems About: MEMORY

In this page, poems on / about “memory” are listed.
  • 1.
    Loss of memory

    I thank the loss of my memory
    Of those days when I had not a friend
    I am thankful to the memory
    Of those great moments when we are together read more »

    hariharans sundaram
  • 2.

    In my own remembering,
    I can see so many things.
    Days of bliss were much too brief.
    Longer nights of pain and grief. read more »

    David SmithWhite
  • 3.


    You walked in to my life,
    But just like that, read more »

    Nicole Edwards
  • 4.

    Memories last forever
    never do they die
    true friends stick together
    and never say goodbye read more »

    whitney trott
  • 5.
    Memory of You

    you've been gone for quite some time
    but the memory of you still lives on read more »

    Heather Huff
  • 6.

    Memories of the past
    memories of the present
    memories for the past
    memories for the present read more »

    Tiana AllSmiles
  • 7.

    Memories go through my head
    Memories that end up dead,
    Memories of you
    Memories that are true, read more »

    Anonymous Retard
  • 8.

    A Memory is one,
    One that lasts forever,
    A Memory is one,
    One to treasure forever, read more »

    Justin John Gibson
  • 9.
    Puzzles of Memories

    Everyday memories are made
    Every second, every minute, every hour
    Memories of happiness
    Memories of sadness read more »

    Edward Lim
  • 10.
    Chain Of Broken Memories

    There's this chain tied to me
    A chain of broken memories
    memories of love and hate,
    memories I can't replace, read more »

    Matthew Petranovich
  • 11.
    Strolling down memory lane

    Strolling down memory lane
    Where the colors begin to fade.
    Strolling down memory lane
    Is where I want you to come along. read more »

    taran burke
  • 12.
    Trvelling down the memory lane

    Travelling down the memory lane
    is not all black 'n white.
    Travelling down the memory lane
    is not all lacking light. read more »

    Spandan Bhattacharyya
  • 13.
    In Memory of...

    memory floats in oblivion
    trying to grasp the meaning
    memory slowly floating away
    when there is nothing to hold read more »

    K.. K..
  • 14.
    A Crimson Sky

    might i make mention,
    of a looming crimson sky
    this moment now fleeting
    and will quickly pass you by read more »

    M Rene Riel
  • 15.

    Time goes by,
    Things change, read more »

    Amandeep Singh
  • 16.

    Every night, I go to bed,
    Memories pass through my head.
    Memories that ended up, DEAD.
    Memories that were so very true. read more »

    Fatima Latif
  • 17.
    Taking a Walk on Memory Lane

    Taking a walk on memory lane
    isn’t all that gray.
    Taking a walk on memory lane
    I see the sunrays. read more »

    Lost Sierra
  • 18.
    I'm memories addicted

    Memories are my only reason to live...
    Memories are the only thing that you give …
    Tell me when I can be delivered from this hallucination …
    Even I run away, I return to the same station... read more »

    Hope Light
  • 19.
    Thoughts on a memory

    There is so little I can say,

    and yet so much thought read more »

    Ranger Lady
  • 20.

    I'm in love with a memory that won't slip out of my fingers
    Its hard to let something go after so long
    Every piece to the story starts out great
    But ends with pure chaos read more »

    Dane Dino
  • 21.

    Memories are
    questions Marks read more »

    Ralph J. Silverman
  • 22.
    Your Birth

    In Memory of Sunny Days,
    In Memory of Cloudy Days,
    In Memory of Imaginative Days,
    In Memory of Bright Nights, read more »

    Rasul Raessi
  • 23.
    Wounded By Destiny

    Wounded by destiny, I struggle,
    For a life, I thought never existed,
    A life without his touch,
    A life without his shine, read more »

    Dakshu Chadha
  • 24.
    Down The Memory Lane

    Memory, the priceless precious possession
    Sweet sour however, does grip us into fascination

    Times of yore every so often it brings us back read more »

    madhulita das
  • 25.
    Sitting By The Fire

    Sitting by the fire
    Watching the flames
    Of the dying embers
    That burn so slow read more »

    Rayan Ali
  • 26.

    Memories stay they never fade
    The memories I hate the most
    Are memories of you
    Memories of having loved you read more »

    Erica Santana
  • 27.

    Memories are like minnows
    Small and vague as they float by
    Only catching bits and pieces
    In an ocean of thought and mind read more »

    Jes Sommer
  • 28.

    u cant take my memories away
    those are mine forever

    you can beat me down read more »

    Freya Jones
  • 29.

    Memories hurts my heart when
    I think of you Oh how sweet it was
    The memories of so long ago make me cry
    I cannot understand read more »

    Johncy Sara George
  • 30.

    Memories are pictures
    Memories are thoughts
    Memories are things
    we can't stop... read more »

    gabriela ruiz
  • 31.
    Memories of You

    The memories of you,
    I will keep,
    I’ll keep them forever
    Forever, the memories of you read more »

    Mai Xiong yang
  • 32.
    Drowning in the Past

    Walking though the hallway of my mind
    Looking at everything I’ve left behind
    All The ghosts that refused to die
    And the lingering question of Why? read more »

    Olivia Elise Braun
  • 33.
    Memories of you......

    memories of you
    memories of you I'll always have
    memories i love the most read more »

    Ashley A.S
  • 34.
    Nostalgic Memories

    Whenever I hum a tune
    It always remind me of the memories that we used to create
    Although probably it was forgotten by us
    Yet it preserves in our hearts read more »

    Yozora Saegusa
  • 35.
    memories that hurt

    Memories that hurt
    Memories are meant to be joyful
    When you think of that person
    you love read more »

    obed obser
  • 36.

    Remember the pain
    Do you remember the cause
    The uneven balance you left
    Remember the promises read more »

    darlpande aly
  • 37.
    Memories Of You

    Memories To Love
    Memories To Hate
    Memories To Cherish read more »

    Rupa Rani Kudumula
  • 38.
    Darker Memories

    Memories take some sharp turn,
    Memories are no fun,
    Memories turn ur eyes wet, read more »

    Abhijeet Kadam
  • 39.
    Memories are fading....

    Memories are dissolving...
    fading fast
    How shall I live
    without these? read more »

    Subhagata Chattopadhyay
  • 40.

    Memory anything can be
    Sweet or bitter.
    Can it make me hopeful?
    Memory anything can be read more »

    Koyes Ahmed
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