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Top 100 Poems About: MENTOR

In this page, poems on / about “mentor” are listed.
  • 1.

    dedicated to all teachers by profession

    as Mentor
    let the mentor gives an advice read more »

    Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan
  • 2.
    Farewell, My Friends, Adieu

    I hate to say good-bye
    Yet we have to say farewell
    For we shall meet again
    That I can foretell read more »

    Verona Valentine
  • 3.

    Remember where you came from.
    Remember where you have been.
    Remember whom you have encountered.
    Remember whom you have known, read more »

    Michelle Chargualaf
  • 4.
    the real wife

    Teaches her children to love and serve God always
    Honors her husband and loves him sacrificially
    Engages in learning activities that promote holiness in her
    marriage read more »

    mona joseph
  • 5.
    Our Angel

    The world lost an Angel
    She walked beside you
    And you never knew
    She lived next to you
    And you never knew read more »

    Wendy Cox
  • 6.
    892. I am blessed to have you

    This poem is dedicated to someone whom I value, trust and respect immensely..

    a soft voice
    thats what you are read more »

    V.. F..
  • 7.

    Unrealized directions
    Unexpressed dreams
    Untested wishes
    Hope is the future read more »

    Milena Celap
  • 8.
    Idaho Dawn/ The Death of Ernest Hemingway

    On that quiet dawn in Idaho
    did you remember Montparnasse,
    the cheery banter at the Dome,
    good bread smells, spattering read more »

    John C Bird
  • 9.
    We Are the Seniors

    I am not a good poet for seniors
    My peers, observations I have
    Seniors are recycled teenagers
    Very big portion of well behaved read more »

    Dr. Mel R. Santos
  • 10.
    To My Teacher

    To my teacher who’s noble worth I do escrue,
    Such honour worthy men bestow,
    To learning, and desire for truth.
    To noble thought, and knowledge to impart, read more »

    Daphne Grant
  • 11.

    Forced by the mentors of madness
    to walk the nerve-taut tightrope of the mind,
    I find its centre, stand
    ceaselessly watching my watchers. read more »

    Pauline Fayne
  • 12.
    A Cat Called 'Society'

    A bucketful of mutiny and I can argue myself to sleep
    You my love can be dirty, you my love can be sweet
    You my love can be faithful, you my love can be closed
    You my love can be homespun read more »

    Neil Solan
  • 13.
    Thank god for being there

    Above me you are there
    To look after my welfare

    What ever comes my way read more »

    Deepa Kochhar
  • 14.
    My Mentor

    My mentor
    It's a new beginning I can feel the thrill 
    The purpose to rise higher with a steel will
    Each day i look forward to with sleepless night read more »

    Rima Sharda
  • 15.

    My inability to put feelings into words
    leave me feeling helpless and frustrated.
    I have an endless scope of thoughts, but
    lack the capacity to speak them into words. read more »

    Ronel O'Reilly
  • 16.
    Haranji Yakubu

    H onest in wording like bird of jove
    in hospitality is cloud
    A nd gorgeous steps makes advices right read more »

    Ibrahim Lawal Soro
  • 17.
    An Angel

    Once there was a boy
    To the world he seemed like a toy
    Different he was
    Problems he had rough read more »

    Akshat Bharti
  • 18.
    Prima Donna

    Prima donna
    Fund a mentor
    Bizarre beauty
    Conceited cutie. read more »

    Bruno A. Okall
  • 19.
    Damascus Road

    Lord, let Your Light erase from sullen skies,
    The dark aurora of diaspora.
    O that the veil be lifted from men’s eyes!
    The ectoplasm of the ego’s aura, read more »

    Peter Eliastam
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