Top 100 Poems About: METAPHOR

In this page, poems on / about “metaphor” are listed.
  • 1.
    Being Metaphor

    As Ombudsman
    "being metaphor" bypasses
    the limbic system
    with its in-built trigger-reaction read more »

    Mary Angela Nangini
  • 2.
    Bitter Metaphor

    He never framed my picture.
    It was kept inside a drawer.
    Hidden away-
    from the world. read more »

    Rebecca Randle
  • 3.
    Life Metaphor

    Life is like a neverending highway embedded with speed bumps
    and stop signs.
    I drive my car and it leads me into the unknown.
    Impricating me with sharp curves and steep hills, making read more »

    konkista Drake
  • 4.
    Choose Your Own Metaphor

    Come down from your kingdom
    just for one day
    we'd like you to visit us
    we invite you to play read more »

    Sean Furlong
  • 5.
    Prison As Metaphor

    The time was almost right
    for the recitation of a poem
    when the judge asked me
    if I had anything to say before sentencing. read more »

    Michael Philips
  • 6.
    Life-A Metaphor (5-5-05)

    life is a cold, numbened crypt.
    Silent and Dark;
    filled with Meaningless Thoughts;
    filled with Empty Graves. read more »

    Kayla Jarnac
  • 7.
    ! Metaphor

    A pretty girl
    is like a simile
    and vice-a-versa
    so I'd say read more »

    Michael Shepherd
  • 8.

    What be metaphor?
    If not a way to help explore

    Wonders of Collective Mind read more »

    Ray Lucero
  • 9.
    Running Up A Hill (A Metaphor For Life)

    I suppose that life is
    A little bit like running up a hill.
    You don’t know why you’re
    Running up a hill, read more »

    Charlie F. Kane
  • 10.
    Metaphor Poem- Bear

    Fall is graceful and mysterious.
    It sneaks up on you like a crisp chill. read more »

    Chantelle Clark
  • 11.
    Trapped Soul Metaphor

    My soul keeps secrets only known to me, it cannot abandon me. Its a hidden area that noone can see, but for me. read more »

    Chantelle Clark
  • 12.

    The saving grace
    Of metaphor
    Allowing free intepretation
    To the reader's experience read more »

    Barbara Elizabeth Mercer
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