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Top 100 Poems About: METAPHOR

In this page, poems on / about “metaphor” are listed.
  • 1.

    'For i am a Metaphor

    For i am free as a bird read more »

    kottrell johnson
  • 2.

    The beauty of butter flies
    The freshness of flowers
    In you alone lies
    The passionate powers read more »

    akram saqib
  • 3.
    Bitter Metaphor

    He never framed my picture.
    It was kept inside a drawer.
    Hidden away-
    from the world. read more »

    Rebecca Randle
  • 4.
    Is letting go a metaphor?

    what is letting go -
    letting go of grief?
    the serenity of letting go?
    (must be a bad metaphor) read more »

    Terri Turrell
  • 5.
    *The Korpurut Jungle ~ a collection of poems

    ~a book
    a survival guide
    a collection of poems
    and anything conceivable read more »

    The Corporate Champs
  • 6.
    Poet You're Suffering from 'Metaphor'

    The Doctor checked my vitals and the Neurosurgeon too
    The Nurses checked my blood pressure until my arm went blue
    Then the Doctor told me something I had never heard before
    She said; "Poet, you're suffering from Metaphor, read more »

    Cecelia GrantPeters
  • 7.

    Autumn passed away
    Reflecting in the grimy facades
    Faces melts down
    And self's unsheltered read more »

    Syed Peerzada Aurangzeb
  • 8.
    Write Me a Metaphor

    These words are just pressed thoughts
    upon a page, fragile like crumbling leaves,
    golden on the ground and vulnerable;
    stepped on so easily and disregarded, read more »

    Laala Kashef Alghata
  • 9.
    A Recitation

    My love you are a poem with its own description:
    The assonance of your whispers,
    The rhyme in scripted in your voice,
    The themes that outline your body, read more »

    Peter Gumbo
  • 10.
    Sidewalk at Night

    Fear is a place we go
    when we don't know
    fear is the man
    in the shadows read more »

    Ray Katherine
  • 11.
    A Poet's Fear

    Fear of expressing what my heart feels

    Dread of dead metaphors read more »

    Marc O'Maolain
  • 12.
    Recipe for a Poem

    Weigh a few words of two or more
    Add breaking lines to tease
    Stir in a message or metaphor
    Plus a rhythm that rhymes with ease read more »

    John Silkstone
  • 13.
    The Autumn of Metaphors

    The ladder leans on our wall
    we clamber rather than fall
    as snakes to the pit
    we flit read more »

    William Pryor
  • 14.
    Behind the door

    What is behind
    That solid door?
    Is it your fears
    Or something more? read more »

    Byron Mihailides
  • 15.

    Passing showers of images
    Splashing similes
    Landing in little lakes of
    Metaphors read more »

    Kay Bressner
  • 16.
    We're ALL mad here

    I've created a wonderland
    An entirely new rapture
    I'm recreating past metaphors
    To permanent words read more »

    Riley Houser
  • 17.
    A Smoke

    Cool air
    Enchanting darkness
    So quiet
    The usual ruckus is gone read more »

    Dana Lamb
  • 18.

    I begin with metaphors
    What kind of metaphors is waiting for today
    I eat up some metaphpr to het rid of my desire
    What kind of metaphor can go to endless mountain and rivers read more »

    Kyungdae Min
  • 19.
    Being Metaphor

    As Ombudsman
    "being metaphor" bypasses
    the limbic system
    with its in-built trigger-reaction read more »

    Mary Angela Nangini
  • 20.
    Who I Am

    my smile is wide as all outside
    when I laugh the stars do too
    sweet lips and curves as good as hers
    I am me and I am you read more »

    remi morton
  • 21.
    Carry On Larkin/g

    They **** you up those scribes of old.
    Who pilfered hard, then pilfered more,
    Until there were no thoughts untold
    And everything was “heard before” read more »

    David Rudd Mitchell
  • 22.

    dusty brains mingle under
    metaphors of green youth
    budding flowers of our time
    burst forth from gnarled read more »

    Reginald Bryant Scott
  • 23.


    The moon so often applied as a metaphor
    in a poem that murmurs of Love and Desire. read more »

    Garry Burdick
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