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Top 100 Poems About: MIRROR

In this page, poems on / about “mirror” are listed.
  • 1.
    Déja Vu

    Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
    Surly you do lie.
    Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
    We don’t see eye to eye. read more »

  • 2.
    Mirror, Mirror

    Mirror, Mirror on the wall
    Will i take that fall
    Should i try or would it b better 2 say good-bye
    Mirror, Mirror on the wall read more »

    Wendy A. Bartko
  • 3.
    Broken Mirror

    My reflection stares back from the broken mirror
    Distorted pieces staring from shards of broken mirror

    Wondering where these false images come from read more »

    Tiffany Green
  • 4.
    The girl in the mirror

    She's the girl in the mirror
    The girl in the glass
    She is just trying to last
    She's the girl in the mirror read more »

    Lillie Ellis
  • 5.
    broken images, distorted views

    Every mirror tells a tale,
    My mirror is a memory I do not wish to tell

    Eery reflection has a story yet to be told, read more »

    Phil Whittaker
  • 6.

    Wind blow
    Blow me far away
    Away from my grief read more »

    Barbara Attaway
  • 7.
    Innocent Mirror

    Look into your mirror
    And tell me what you see
    Is it really you?
    Or someone you cannot be read more »

    Mehreen Mujeeb
  • 8.
    Mirror Mirror On the Wall

    Mirror Mirror
    On the wall
    I’m telling you my secrets
    Once and for all read more »

    Helena Alvarez
  • 9.

    This cold winter night is mirroring my heart,
    restless deadlocked in a foreign life
    ignoring people, looking for prickling suspense,
    to escape this falsehood read more »

    Chiara Bogner
  • 10.

    Look in the mirror
    what do you see?
    Is anything clearer
    in your reverie? read more »

    Analla Maple
  • 11.

    I speak to myself in the mirror
    The mirror speaks to me alone
    is that realy you mirror, or is it just me alone read more »

    Pieter Engelbrecht
  • 12.
    Mirror, Mirror on the wall

    Mirror, Mirror on the wall
    Why can't I be the smartest of all

    Mirror, Mirror on the wall read more »

    Jose Valencia
  • 13.
    Reflections In The Mirror

    When you look in the mirror
    Do you see only yourself?
    Could the reflection be your soul,
    Staring yoack in the face? read more »

    Lee Linc Stallings
  • 14.
    Mirror Mirror

    Mirror, Mirror on the wall.
    I’m sick of your deceit.
    Mirror, Mirror on the wall.
    I think you’ve tried to cheat. read more »

    Camilla Ghosh
  • 15.
    Girl in the Mirror

    There's a girl in the mirror
    I wonder who she is
    Sometimes I think I know her
    Sometimes I really wish I did read more »

    Jose Rodrigo Arango Suaza
  • 16.
    Mirror, Mirror

    Mirror, Mirror, on my wall,
    i just want to thin, pretty and tall.

    Mirror, Mirror, if i change my hair, read more »

    Emily Millyard
  • 17.

    I look in my mirror and what do I see?
    A young child at play
    so happy and gay
    looking at me read more »

    George Bernard Hough
  • 18.

    When young woman look in mirror
    She see a beautiful girl
    When young man look in mirror
    He see lots of moving parts read more »

    Awsome Wells Dickenson
  • 19.
    The Man in the Mirror

    Mirror Mirror on the wall,
    You knock me down but still I crawl
    I gaze into your empty light
    Dark is day and day is night read more »

    Dougie Fresh
  • 20.
    Forever Sixteen

    Forever Sixteen
    I look in the mirror and all I see
    Is this girl looking back at me
    I know what she feels read more »

    Lori Marrs
  • 21.
    Mirror Say Mirror See

    Mirror say Mirror see

    Tell me what you see in me? read more »

    Amber Griggs
  • 22.

    Mirror Mirror, who am I?
    who I was, is who I miss
    like I'm gone in some life beyond
    and a ghost roams an empty world read more »

    Pam mpita
  • 23.
    In this mirror

    In this mirror I see a girl who crys, I see a girl filled with lies.
    In this mirror I see a girl who hides her fears, in this mirror I see a girl who wipes away her tears.
    I see a gilr who bows to her knees. I see a girls who hates what she sees.
    In this mirror I see a girl who wants to be set free. read more »

    Olivia Riggan
  • 24.
    Snow White

    Mirror mirror on the wall
    Who's the Fairest of them all
    Hair black as ebony, skin white as snow
    Lips red as blood, and inner beauty shows read more »

    Genny Thomas
  • 25.
    Man in the Mirror

    Mirror Mirror on the wall,
    You knock me down but still I crawl
    I gaze into your empty light
    Dark is day and day is night read more »

    dougie's fresh
  • 26.

    There are Mirrors and there are Soul Mirrors! !

    We see the mirror every day
    Reflecting the Physicality of the countenance read more »

    Reena Puri
  • 27.

    Who’s that girl in the mirror?
    The one trying to look pretty,
    The one that's trying to hide the guilt and pain,
    Who’s that girl in the mirror? read more »

    Tiff Murphy
  • 28.
    Pain is Beauty...

    Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Who's the fairest of them all?
    Just as normal the mirror replied,
    'You are most beautiful, read more »

    Carmen Roebuck
  • 29.
    Disappeared Reflection

    Mirror mirror,
    Where did I go, am I so changed?
    I used to see in my reflection many things,
    None so bad as what I see now, read more »

    Deana Smith
  • 30.
    The Guy in The Mirror

    Who is this guy in the mirror?
    Why is he looking at me?
    Why is he staring at me?
    Why is he ogling at me? read more »

    Sheikh Ahmed Tijan Bah
  • 31.
    To Live (exist) : The love/hate relationships people share with mirrors

    The first time he saw a mirror,
    he was minutes old in a hospital.
    Already getting used to the warmth of his blanket away from his mother,
    his toothless grins and coos of his reflection meant nothing, read more »

    Kristion Robideaux
  • 32.
    The Mirror

    The Mirror

    The sun slowly fades,
    Shattered glass lies in my room… read more »

    Roshni Ali
  • 33.
    Mirror, mirror

    Mirror, mirror
    Cracked on my wall
    Dirt is my story teller
    Why must you tell my pain? read more »

    Abby Christeen Whaley
  • 34.
    Mirror, Mirror

    Mirror, mirror
    That I see
    Show me what I wish to be.
    A world not dark, read more »

    Jason Hedrick
  • 35.
    A Reflection on Reflection

    Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,
    May I ask you to be true?
    Can these plated images of me
    Unveil, though slightly, read more »

    Claudia Moline
  • 36.

    its like a big picture
    they can show you things read more »

    Brittany Buffington
  • 37.

    Mirror, Mirror on the ceiling
    Tell me what you are revealing
    A past that I have been concealing
    Or the truth I have not been seeing read more »

    Ann Cassie
  • 38.
    Mirror Mirror On The Wall

    Mirror mirror on the wall,
    Why cant I see myself at all

    A lifeless reflection, read more »

    Mandi Hinderson
  • 39.

    Mirror mirror
    On the wall
    Who's the fairest of them all read more »

    Sabrina McIntyre
  • 40.

    Shadows greet
    nightfall…...............still Sunrise, sunset….......still
    Clouds hovering....still
    Mirror image....still read more »

    John Anthony Gallagher
  • 41.
    Mirror of life

    The two faced mirror of life

    Why do you deceive me and make me look pretty read more »

    Doris Dzameshie
  • 42.
    Mirror on the wall

    mirror on the wall
    Stares at me
    The figure
    Weep into me read more »

    Michael Sisemore
  • 43.

    It shines like the sun,
    Solid alike water,
    Breaks like a heartbreak,
    Guess it what? read more »

    Aravind Suresh
  • 44.

    I was sweet sixteen,
    When I got a mirror.
    He gave it to me,
    Best birthday gift ever. read more »

    ada niranjala
  • 45.

    The mirror shows me up for what I am
    But also fuels my pretensions, many a time
    When I stutter and stumble
    It appears to relish, chuckle read more »

    Subra Iyer
  • 46.
    The Mirror

    That girl in the mirror, who only I can see,
    That girl in the mirror, who is she to me?
    That girl in the mirror, with golden locks and silver chains,
    That girl in the mirror, is she a prisoner full of hate? read more »

    Alex Vargas
  • 47.
    Magic Mirror

    mirror mirror on the wall
    tell me something i don't know
    mirror mirror on the wall
    give me some response at all read more »

    Anon E Mouse
  • 48.

    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    can't you show me tall and slim?
    Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
    Must, look so bloody grim? read more »

    amira ismail
  • 49.

    Password forever
    demeanor restored
    trains and planes read more »

    Jason Leigh
  • 50.
    Walking Past My Mirror

    Walking past my mirror watching my life past by
    And all i have to say is why
    Sometimes i want to laugh, most of the time i want to cry
    I see you looking in my mirror and it makes me want to die read more »

    shateeka williams
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