Top 100 Poems About: MONEY

In this page, poems on / about “money” are listed.
  • 1.
    What Is The Value Of Money?

    Money we all know is a medium of exchange
    Buyers and sellers relate to each other through money
    The question here is – what is the value of money?
    Few say money is the root of all evil read more »

    Julius Babarinsa
  • 2.
    Ballade Of Worldly Wealth

    Money taketh town and wall,
    Fort and ramp without a blow;
    Money moves the merchants all,
    While the tides shall ebb and flow; read more »

    Andrew Lang
  • 3.
    Money Is The Root of All Evil

    Don't listen to a word they say,
    Money can't really be that way,
    To say money is evil surely can't be true,
    Isn't it something that we all love to use, read more »

    Nadalia Bagratuni
  • 4.
    $$$$Money Money Money$$$$

    Money Money Money
    You're just a a thing in itself
    But why is it your controlling me
    Bit by bit you consume my sanity... read more »

    Mary Joy Lumanog
  • 5.

    What For?
    Not sure read more »

    Lyn Paul
  • 6.

    Money is precious money is power
    Money is a devil cunning and evil
    Source of war destruction of nations read more »

    Saudatu Kabir
  • 7.
    Money Money Money

    But which came first?
    Money or man?
    Yes man!
    And now money rules man, doesn’t that tell you something? read more »

    Nathan Strange
  • 8.

    Money can buy costumes but not beauty
    Money can buy idols but not devotion
    Money can buy books but not wisdom and knowledge
    Money can buy bed but not rest and sleep read more »

    Green Peace
  • 9.

    Money money money
    Brighter than sunshine, sweeter than honey.

    Money money money read more »

    Narayan Chandra Samal
  • 10.

    Education is our leaders spoiled system
    they spend the money on other things that's not for education
    they raise taxes on the people that can't afford it to get more money
    and raise their own wages instead of cutting them as they should do read more »

    Irene Mary Larson
  • 11.

    Money is survival
    Money is nice
    to have
    but if your not read more »

    Bernadette Maria Thompson
  • 12.
    Is Money Worth Having?

    This is a fast and competitive world,
    Where the time is money
    And the man is in hurry,
    Oh, mad man, money is an awful bane, read more »

    Rajat Joshi
  • 13.

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  • 14.

    Oh money-tree oh money-tree
    Oh leprechaun were are thee
    I only see mountains of unpaid bills
    No extra's to satisfy my thrills read more »

    Bojoura Stolz
  • 15.

    Money for......................... needs.
    Money for......................... wants.
    Money for........................honey.
    Money read more »

    0000Verity 0000Yafuso
  • 16.

    Dedicated to user Travis Richardson and my old friends.

    I want money,
    Money to buy honey, read more »

    Shan Superguy
  • 17.

    Money does buy what we need
    money buys us shelter,
    money keeps us alive with food an water
    How would we survive with out money. read more »

    Julius Meierhofer
  • 18.

    Dollars dollars dollars dollars dollars dollars
    Money is life money is life money is life.
    Dollars make the world spin
    Money creates the world money creates the world. read more »

    Carl The LLama
  • 19.

    MONEY DOESN'T BUY A WIFE read more »

  • 20.
    Love and Money

    When love encounter money or money is corrupted by love,
    or love decreases the value of money. The money will slowly destroy love,
    words of love can cloud one judgement; love weakens the value of money,
    The sweet moon can also be moved once. read more »

    qin xing
  • 21.

    Hurry is the word I hate
    hasten I dislike
    everyone is always running, is this our fate read more »

    Sylvia Frances Chan
  • 22.
    The Difference of How Rich, Middle and Poor Class Handle Money Problems

    All of us had different money problems whether you belong to the poor, middle and rich class people, the only difference is the way how we dealt with it.

    Poor class people usually thinks that they are victims of money problem. They blame the government, their parents, their neighbor, business owners, as well as God for having that kind of life. Their excuses is bigger than their dream and goal in life.They usually think that if they have a lot of money their problems will be solve, what they don’t realize is that the attitude towards money problem is the problem. Their attitude creates their money problem. They see money problem as problem only. The only thing that the poor increases is their financial problem and not their financial IQ. read more »

    orous glam
  • 23.

    I was five when mam left us
    But before she passed away
    She gave me a ten pound note
    For a coat on a rainy day read more »

    Mark Hope
  • 24.
    Money Fever!

    There's a great disease spreading
    It's coming to us
    That's where it's heading read more »

    Bradley Dean
  • 25.

    Warning, you should not trust me
    I will still the key to you heart
    And tare it apart
    All you know is not all you know read more »

    Deng Deng Akuien
  • 26.
    Private Money

    Dynasty private banks hate the State
    Dynasty private money hate the fate
    we all were told,
    The world sold all gold. Honey, honey read more »

    Vladimir Funduc
  • 27.
    Money O! Money

    Money, money and money,
    The world runs after money;
    Some die ‘cause of money,
    And some die for money. read more »

    Nilesh Roy
  • 28.

    Divides People
    With Different Status
    Some enjoy life and some beg for read more »

    Jerry Won
  • 29.
    Always Money

    Armed with a dollar sign,
    Sugar daddies are dancing a jig-saw dance,
    Stamping the sweet sixteens down to thirteen,
    Blinding them with a pound sign, read more »

    Taurai, George Pfumbi
  • 30.
    Chase the money, let the money don’t chase you

    Wrongly said by some one, don’t chase the money
    Dumbly accepted by many, let the money chase us
    Open your eyes and make your way, out of the traditional way
    Kick out the advices, dig out your dreams read more »

    Shivakumara swamy
  • 31.
    Money makes the world go round.

    Honesty becomes corruption
    Loyalty is near it extinction
    Though peculiar it may sound
    Money makes the world go round. read more »

    Tanvi Rattan
  • 32.
    M.O.E. (Money Over Everything)

    I really could careless
    about anyone or anything else
    As long as I keep my head focused
    I'm sure that I won't fail read more »

    Apollo Chandler
  • 33.
    A College Going Daughter's Prayer

    Lord put money in my bank
    And I shall call and earnestly thank
    Ma who pestered Pa to bend
    To her whims and bitterly end read more »

    Ravinder Malhotra
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