Top 100 Poems About: MOON

In this page, poems on / about “moon” are listed.
  • 1.
    Alone And Drinking Under The Moon

    Amongst the flowers I
    am alone with my pot of wine
    drinking by myself; then lifting
    my cup I asked the moon read more »

    Li Po
  • 2.
    Under The Harvest Moon

    Under the harvest moon,
    When the soft silver
    Drips shimmering
    Over the garden nights, read more »

    Carl Sandburg
  • 3.
    Child Moon

    The child's wonder
    At the old moon
    Comes back nightly.
    She points her finger read more »

    Carl Sandburg
  • 4.
    A Poplar And The Moon

    There stood a Poplar, tall and straight;
    The fair, round Moon, uprisen late,
    Made the long shadow on the grass
    A ghostly bridge ’twixt heaven and me. read more »

    Siegfried Sassoon
  • 5.
    The Moon

    Time wears her not; she doth his chariot guide;
    Mortality below her orb is placed.
    --Raleigh read more »

    Henry David Thoreau
  • 6.
    Early Moon

    THE BABY moon, a canoe, a silver papoose canoe, sails and sails in the Indian west.
    A ring of silver foxes, a mist of silver foxes, sit and sit around the Indian moon.
    One yellow star for a runner, and rows of blue stars for more runners, keep a line of watchers. read more »

    Carl Sandburg
  • 7.
    The Moon And Sea

    Whilst the moon decks herself in Neptune's glass
    And ponders over her image in the sea,
    Her cloudy locks smoothing from off her face
    That she may all as bright as beauty be; read more »

    George Darley
  • 8.
    The Freedom Of The Moon

    I've tried the new moon tilted in the air
    Above a hazy tree-and-farmhouse cluster
    As you might try a jewel in your hair. read more »

    Robert Frost
  • 9.
    To The Moon

    Art thou pale for weariness
    Of climbing heaven and gazing on the earth,
    Wandering companionless
    Among the stars that have a different birth, - read more »

    Percy Bysshe Shelley
  • 10.
    The Moon Is Up

    The moon is up, the stars are bright.
    the wind is fresh and free!
    We're out to seek the gold tonight
    across the silver sea! read more »

    Alfred Noyes
  • 11.
    The Moon

    Thy beauty haunts me heart and soul,
    Oh, thou fair Moon, so close and bright;
    Thy beauty makes me like the child
    That cries aloud to own thy light: read more »

    William Henry Davies
  • 12.
    Mrs Moon

    Mrs Moon
    sitting up in the sky
    little old lady
    rock-a-bye read more »

    Roger McGough
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