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Top 100 Poems About: MOON

In this page, poems on / about “moon” are listed.
  • 1.
    Ars Poetica

    A poem should be palpable and mute
    As a globed fruit

    Dumb read more »

    Archibald MacLeish
  • 2.
    The New Moon

    What have you got in your knapsack fair,
    White moon, bright moon, pearling the air,
    Spinning your bobbins and fabrics free,
    Fleet moon, sweet moon, in to the sea? read more »

    Zora Bernice May Cross
  • 3.
    Teach Me O Moon

    Teach me O moon to be just like you
    Teach me O moon to glow brightly as you do
    To glow so strongly more than any shiny star
    Teach me O moon to be so beautiful as you are read more »

    Jawad Al Harake
  • 4.
    Night Thoughts

    The moon shines so brightly besides my bed,
    As ground frost I mistook its reflection,
    To the moon I lifted my eyes ahead,
    Hopelessly homesick as I bowed my head, read more »

    Li Bai
  • 5.
    Lost without a moon

    Where has this moon gone?
    the moon that used to brighten up
    the night sky,
    And the moon that used to shine read more »

    Oscar Aceves
  • 6.
    Moon After Day

    Moon shed a tear
    Moon give me fear
    Moon light my way
    Moon after day read more »

    Akia Snow
  • 7.
    Now I See You, as The Blue Moon

    Now I see you full, my love
    As the moon, the Blue moon,
    I thought, I did see you;
    It was the moon, the Gibbous moon. read more »

    Anees Rahman
  • 8.
    For moon

    Moon are
    clouds.... read more »

    poet selvakumar
  • 9.
    Dark Dark Moon......

    Dark dark moon
    Dark dark moon
    No no no no no, don't show me your face...! read more »

    Rowving Smith
  • 10.
    your sun an moon

    read more »

    mr. romantic
  • 11.
    Blue Moon

    Blossoming from the rock
    A soul of a desperate lock
    Becomes one with the blue moon read more »

    Dustin Bennefield
  • 12.
    Tale of Two Stars

    The mind of Sun smiles from the centre
    The mind of Moon beams from the corner: they seek
    Body to put on the Beam Bang to ensure a universality…
    Moon says to Sun “you are hot” And Sun says read more »

    Gabriel Eshun
  • 13.
    The moon weeps

    The moon weeps
    Without a warning
    In the ebony night
    When it becomes lonesome read more »

    Mitchell Greenwood
  • 14.
    I am a star because of you so far

    I am a star
    Larger than the moon
    Size cannot be seen
    I’m because of so far read more »

    Udaya R. Tennakoon
  • 15.
    Legend of the Moon People

    Two moons circle
    a remote garden planet
    The moon spirits become restless
    and go down to walk the garden path read more »

    e.e. wilholt
  • 16.
    I love you to the moon and back

    I love you to the moon and back
    Till the end of the universe
    I love you to the moon and back
    Much more than sand in the desert read more »

    Petai Jirakongpipat
  • 17.
    Moon Moon

    When Moon Moon says
    In case of me
    To be a quite poet is possible
    In addition, I have to be a cool. read more »

    manir hossain
  • 18.
    The Sun and the Moon

    By: Poet Keri
    September 29,2008
    Age 11 read more »

    The Poet Keri
  • 19.
    I Sea The Moon And The Moon Sees Me

    The graveyard watch on a squid ink sea

    I see the moon and the moon sees me read more »

    Anthony Burge
  • 20.
    Man In The Moon

    Moon in your splendor,
    Shine your light on me,
    Blue moon, half moon,
    Makes no difference, read more »

    Melba Durham
  • 21.

    Triplet coyotes
    From the day of their birth
    Desired the moon
    And all it was worth read more »

    Brandon McConnell
  • 22.
    My Valentine Moon

    Moon hide in eclipse,
    but you always in light.
    Moon changes every day,
    but you always same for me. read more »

    Ankit Verma
  • 23.

    the moon the moon
    shining brightly in a pool of water
    the moon the moon
    glistening so brightly on the ground read more »

    olivia freitas
  • 24.
    Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

    The silver moon is set
    in harvests unseen, the pleiades
    rush home across half the night
    though the night is never spent read more »

    Seshat Nibada
  • 25.

    the moon what a beautiful moon
    moon.when the moon come's to
    the sky every child cries
    she says i want the moon the read more »

    Neha Srinivas
  • 26.
    Moon light

    It bright like the morning sun above the sky shine like the bright diamond
    Steering at my window like a mirrow sleep left my eyes in no time like a shadow
    Silence rule over the night like queen of ferry
    Earing the sound of the cricket and birds outside I can hear my brother snor so loud read more »

    Emmanuel chibuike
  • 27.
    Howling At The Moon

    As I howl at the moon
    I think of my true love
    This moon I'm howling at has been in my heart for a long time
    This moon is a Goddess and will be in my heart for eternity read more »

    Tyler Anhorn
  • 28.
    Red Moon

    Look up
    Look in the sky
    Tonight just look up
    Look up way in the sky read more »

    Albert Oktovianus
  • 29.


    the moon
    crying read more »

    Jacques du Lumerie
  • 30.
    Moon Dreams

    The pale moon dreams
    Of being noticed.
    The bright moon dreams
    Of being heard. read more »

    Tricia Cwx
  • 31.
    Beauty of The Moon

    Running along the mountains
    Feeling the air rush through me
    Feel the earth under my paws
    Running through the forest at night read more »

    Vianca Borrero
  • 32.
    The Moon To The Sun

    Everyone says the sun is the most beautiful thing
    Well, look at the moon read more »

    hannah babcock
  • 33.

    See the moon
    Hear the moon read more »

    Sally Ann Scheib
  • 34.
    Moon Landing

    When I first saw you
    That night I was running
    You blasted me away
    Onto the moon landing read more »

    Christian Guild
  • 35.
    Suicide Moon

    Golden curls rest on her pillow
    Tom Toad gets a kiss on the nose
    Mother’s curls are kept away
    With satin bows that glow read more »

    Carolyn Michael
  • 36.
    Sun Rise The Mood Fall

    sun rise each morring your a wake each moring
    the moon fall dialy but when it become mide night
    the moon rise and the sun fall
    when moon rise it set a upon your face read more »

    julisw kelley
  • 37.
    Seven Deadly Sins: Envy

    The sun gazed in silence upon the silver moon,
    Jealous and angry that the moon shone every night.
    In silent envy, she impatiently waits
    For the moon to move, and for it to be her turn to emerge. read more »

    Katie Jensen
  • 38.

    read more »

    Coco Silver
  • 39.
    The Moon and the Nomad

    t is a long night.
    The vehicles zoom on the highway,
    Leaves ruffle,
    The moon is veiled by pollutants. read more »

    susmita biswas
  • 40.
    New Moon

    You are my moom
    The brighest thing at night
    My eyes could barely stay open
    with one look at you read more »

    Danny Smith
  • 41.

    Grooms, blooms, rooms,
    And magic looms-
    Gazing at the moon,
    Lovers sit and spoon. No more moon mysteries, read more »

    Jean Miles
  • 42.
    Bow To The Moon

    I will stand forever firm
    Upon two feet, upon ground
    In praise of Lady Moon,
    Sister of Mother Earth read more »

    Laura Russell
  • 43.
    The Moon

    As i look out above
    I see the moon shinnying bright
    I cant help but stare
    What beauty the moon brings us read more »

    Emily price
  • 44.
    All Moons

    All sorts of moons are
    running clockwise laps
    around the celestial track
    tonight, panting in the cold. read more »

    Christopher Apfelbach
  • 45.
    Is it The Child of Moon

    Is it the child of moon
    Is it a beautiful lot of flower
    Is it the honey filled in the flower
    Or is it the moon-light of a full-moon-night read more »

    Irayimman Thampi
  • 46.
    Full Moon

    Night cheers
    With glittering light of moon.
    Entire sky is reddish
    For her golden light. read more »

    M S Ahas
  • 47.
    Once In A Blue Moon

    She sits up and stares at the sky above
    A blue moon shines as she falls in love
    Gazing at the beauty of this blue moon
    A quiet night with only a crickets tune read more »

    Brandon Delgado
  • 48.
    The Moon Of Old

    I stare up at the Moon tonight.
    The hazy eerie Moon tonight.
    I stare up at the Moon tonight.
    The hazy Moon of old. read more »

    Sofia Vigo
  • 49.

    read more »

    alexis stanfield
  • 50.


    The moon so often applied as a metaphor
    in a poem that murmurs of Love and Desire. read more »

    Garry Burdick
  • 51.
    January Full Moon

    Aquamarine sky afternoon
    I sip tea and wait for Her to rise.
    She, the one my ancestors called
    Old Moon read more »

    Susan Gabriel
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