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Top 100 Poems About: MOTHER

In this page, poems on / about “mother” are listed.
  • 1.
    A True Mother's Love

    A mother's love is consistent
    and patient, it will never fade.
    A mother's love is warm and
    compassionate, even in the read more »

    Patarica D. Nunn
  • 2.
    What a mother should be

    A mother is the one who loves you
    A mother puts no drug above you
    A mother will never make you cry
    A mother will never make you want to die read more »

    carlisa smith
  • 3.
    Mother and Daughter Love

    Mother and daughter love can be so fun...
    A mother should love her daughter at all time
    A mother have connection with her daughter
    A daughter should love there mother with in and with out read more »

    valentine white
  • 4.
    The Mother

    The Mother That Loves
    The Mother That Cares
    The Mother That Helps
    The Mother That Worries read more »

    Nesmah Elsayed
  • 5.

    A mother's love, a Mother's care,
    A mother's sigh, a Mother's prayer
    A Mother's work, and Mother's day,
    Leaves little time for any play. read more »

    Calvin M. Lake
  • 6.
    a mother is...

    a mother is loving,
    she stays up all night with
    your sicknesses coughing and howling
    patting you back, comforting read more »

    S.M. Riggin
  • 7.
    A Daughter's Wish

    A Daughter’s Wish

    I wish I had a mother,
    That would love me the way she should. read more »

    A.M. Belsey
  • 8.
    A Mother

    A mother is more than just a woman
    A mother is more than just a wife
    A mother has brought to this world a new born
    A mother has brought to this world life read more »

    devon da poet
  • 9.
    Mother's Love

    There are times when only a Mother's love
    Can understand our tears,
    Can soothe our disappointments
    And calm all of our fears. read more »

    Michael Olakunle Adesanya
  • 10.
    A Mothers Love

    A mothers love is everlasting, forever
    A mother and her child will always be together
    A mothers love for her child through the smiles and the tears
    Will stay strong for years and years read more »

    Natasha Potter
  • 11.
    My Real Goddess

    Today my mother
    Came to my house
    With lots of blessing
    And full of good wishing read more »

    Dr. P. K. Verma
  • 12.
    When A Mother Cries

    When a mother cries,
    Her tears stab at her daughter's heart
    As they plummet to the floor read more »

    Portia Lane
  • 13.
    Goodbye Mother Dear

    Mother, mother, mother dear,
    Can you hold me close, can you hold me near?
    Mother, mother, oh mother dear,
    Will you listen, listen to my words of fear? read more »

    Morney Wilson
  • 14.
    Don’t Give Up in Protecting the Mother Earth

    Don’t Give Up in Protecting the Mother Earth
    My son… Look at how you managed
    To protect the Mother Earth in the past
    When you were younger read more »

    Frederick Kambemba Yamusangie
  • 15.

    Mother, I miss you. I still call your name.
    Since you've been gone, I'm not the same.

    Mother, I need you here with me read more »

    Rene' Bennett
  • 16.

    Mother mother is right here
    Mother mother is in my ear
    Mother mother is right there
    Mother mother is everywhere read more »

    Kimoni White
  • 17.
    I Like My Mother

    There's candy
    Good dreams read more »

  • 18.
    Mother Mother Mother..............! ! !

    mother mother mother
    who she is i wonder
    just a woman or god sent saviour
    her heart is like a river read more »

    Nomula Avinash
  • 19.
    A Mother's Tears

    A mother's tears flow at the birth of her child.
    A mother's tears flow at the death of her child.
    A mother's tears are a cloak of protection saturating her offspring, from the crown of their head continuously to the soles of their feet.
    A mother's tears reach the highest mountain and go down in the lowest valley. read more »

    Sarah A. Bell
  • 20.

    Mother is strong
    Mother is love
    Mother is caring
    Mother is the rock read more »

    Tyler Walker
  • 21.
    A Mothers Love

    A mothers love is never ending
    It never judge ‘s
    It never discriminates
    Its always there read more »

    Stephanie Conners
  • 22.
    Mother Earth

    Mother earth our mother earth
    she is the one who gave us birth
    the tree, soils, mountains and hills
    All are one by one getting killed read more »

    Amelia Cruise
  • 23.

    Mother, can you hear me?
    Mother, screaming out in agony
    Mother, I just want you to come home and scream out to me read more »

    Ahtivah Lawton
  • 24.

    Mother, Mother, Mother
    Who she is I wonder
    Just a women or god sent savior
    Her heart is like a river read more »

    Tejas raj
  • 25.

    A Mother's Love,

    for her child, is something that can't be understood. read more »

    Black Love
  • 26.

    Mothers Day is a time set aside
    To honor everyone's mother
    A day that will always bring
    Much love from son and daughter read more »

    Harold F. Gregg, Jr
  • 27.
    May Mother Be...

    May mother be felt like a love garden
    My mother feels me just like fragile flowers

    May mother be just like a huge sky read more »

    Shub Noor
  • 28.

    A child always knows the times of a Mothers prayers.
    For the prayers of a Mother are always known in the
    heart of a child, Although a Mothers heart is many
    times broken and bruised, yet it never fails. For read more »

    Charles E. Chancellor
  • 29.
    Mother's Love

    Mother's Love
    mother's Love carry a child to term
    When Mother's Labor of Love holding the child in her arms
    Mother's Loved raise the child teach the child of Love read more »

    Rhonda Bowdidge
  • 30.
    Being A Mother Means

    Being a mother means when you pray for your children God will hear
    Being a mother means that you can give a hug when they are near
    Being a mother means endless chores
    But always with love and it should be something we adore read more »

    Zelda Gerkin
  • 31.
    mother death

    Death is inevitable
    to every body born
    death comes read more »

    Suguna Prasad Kalvala
  • 32.
    Happy Mother's Day

    You are the light of the day as you are my
    mothers sake, let's wish us a Happy Birthday and
    Happy Mothers Day. So come out and say yea cause
    its Mothers Day. Mothers Day is here once a year and read more »

    Crystal A. Bogacki
  • 33.
    Where Has My Mother Gone?

    Where has my mother gone? I haven't heard from her,
    no letters and no phone calls,
    When autumn winds begin to blow,
    I think of her even more, read more »

    Fusayo Butko
  • 34.

    To day is mothers day
    All days are mothers days
    Dawn is mother
    Evening is mother read more »

    satheesh kumar
  • 35.
    A mother's love

    A mother’s love is sweeter
    than honey from the honeycomb.

    It is more beautiful than read more »

    Alexandra Yeboah
  • 36.

    Mukthi as the end; you are at the front.
    O mother O mother all are on the run.

    Renunciation as the means; all else are only dreams. read more »

    S. Ashok Kumar
  • 37.

    Mother I ask for your love
    I miss our travels and talks
    I miss our times
    All I ask is for us to be friends read more »

    Ayce Nole
  • 38.
    Mother I Live

    Mother I live standing tall.
    Mother I live with love flowing.
    Mother I live with strength.
    Mother I live proud. read more »

    katt lang
  • 39.
    A Mother

    A mother forgives the wrong.
    A mother forgets transgressions.
    A mother is always there.
    A mother always watches out for her young. read more »

    Natasha Norville
  • 40.
    A Mothers Love

    There are times when only a Mother's love
    Can understand our tears,
    Can soothe our disappoints
    And calm all of our fears. read more »

    Carter Williams
  • 41.
    Mother, O Mother

    Mother O Mother, You Are Great
    Mother O Mother you are great,
    All the problems solve in any state,
    Still we find there is no hate, read more »

    Prakash Joshi
  • 42.
    Butterfly (Children's Poem)

    Mother wants to catch a beautiful butterfly
    To put on in my pink dress
    And bring me to stroll down the street read more »

    Hsiu Lee
  • 43.


    Beatriz Adriana Flores
  • 44.
    My Mama, My Lovely Mother

    When at infancy, I wee inside her food
    She never stop eating
    my mama, my lovely mother
    When am ill and sad, healthy and happy, read more »

    Michael Odor
  • 45.
    Oh! My Mother

    Mother, Mother oh! my mother
    You give me lots of love
    And I love you as you love
    You are sweet read more »

    Parul Naveen
  • 46.
    My Mother

    My mother is like the sun
    Warm and loving
    My mother is like a lion
    Brave and courageous read more »

    Leah Bonnett
  • 47.
    Mother Sky Cries

    Mother sky cries when the leaves turn from green to gold
    Mother sky cries when the leaves die and the weather turns cold
    Mother sky cries when the earth turns warm and the body sweats
    Mother sky cries and leaves the heart scorned and the skin wet read more »

    Anthony Martello
  • 48.
    A Poem For My Mother

    I need a mother who loves me, who understands me and is there for me
    A shoulder to cry on, someone to rely on
    But now I am older I can see you will never be
    the things I need you to be. read more »

    mis understood
  • 49.

    Mother, mother, mother.
    There is non like you so i cant chose another.

    Am the happiest child on earth when i sense your presence. read more »

    Gbeti gaius Kafui
  • 50.
    My Mother

    The person whom I wonder
    Is just a woman and nothing other
    Her love is just like a giant river
    Very smooth and always together read more »

    Sanket Mohapatra
  • 51.
    Mother Of Democracy - Cory Aquino (English)

    A Mother so True
    A Mother of Virtue
    A Mother of Country
    A Mother of Democracy read more »

    Dennis Vincent Guillermo
  • 52.
    A Mother's Lap

    Thousands lie buried in the lap of Mother,
    The Mother, who hitherto, sustained her progenies,
    Went berserk, for suffocated was She now,
    By the tall jungles of concrete and steel. read more »

    Raj Rajesh
  • 53.
    MY Mother Love

    MY Mother Love
    by: Mina Mae Tarr
    MY Mother love can understand our tears,
    She can soothe my disappointments read more »

    mina tarr
  • 54.
    New Dawn for Africa

    Mother Africa
    Mother of Plenty
    Countable in number, countless in population
    Crown with nature's endowment read more »

    Emmanuel Uchechukwu
  • 55.
    The Best Mother

    Oh how good my mother is

    She taught me a lot of things read more »

    Georianne May Salicio
  • 56.
    Mother why do you hate me so?

    a mother supports a child and her dreams
    a mother tells you right from wrong
    a mother provides for you
    a mother listens to her child every problem read more »

    shakeydra pinner
  • 57.
    Mother Of Us All

    Mother of the long silences
    That pinned us to our chairs,
    Where were you in your body
    If not here with us? read more »

    Anil Karki
  • 58.
    8 lies of a mother


    This story begins when I was a child: I was born
    poor. Often we hadn’t enough to eat. Whenever read more »

    kate innocent
  • 59.

    Mother I know you love me, I know that to be true
    but sit down mother and ill tell you what else you do
    Mother you always loved me wether I'd done wrong or right
    And mother I shur am glad you were their to chase the bogeyman away at night read more »

    Ted Carlson
  • 60.
    Queen Mother

    Saturday, October 1,2011 - 8: 07AM

    Oh! Mother read more »

    Julius Odunusi
  • 61.

    Nurol Amin

    Mayer Shaman not of equal wealth, read more »

    Mother Nurol Amin
  • 62.

    Who goes hungry to make you full
    Who makes you feel beautiful
    No one but mother
    Who sheds a tear when you cry read more »

    palak bubna
  • 63.
    Left Alone In Ocean Of Catastophes

    Whats this suddern feeling of
    death i feel whats this pain
    im experiencing from my
    mothers stomach read more »

    Themba PoetSphe Zondo
  • 64.
    What is a Mother?

    read more »

    Princess Domo
  • 65.
    Mother day

    My mother poem
    Created by: Rong Lin
    My dearest mother
    You are far away from me read more »

    rong lin
  • 66.

    This is to a mother like you there is simply no other, a mother who's there for you from beginning to end, a mothers hands who soothes you when you're crying, a mother who trust you, a mother who loves you, a mother who guides you though your tough times, a mother who sacrifices for you, that same mother read more »

    zakiya morgan
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